Opti-Coat Pro also available in Europe!

Opti-Coat Pro also available in Europe!

With this post we want to let you know that Opti-Coat Pro is available in Europe.
The reason for this post is that our application centers get questions about if they apply the real (USA) Opti-Coat Pro.

At this moment we´re working very hard on a page on which they all will be mentioned.
In the meantime you can contact us to be sure if you´re about to do business with one of our Application Centers.
We only select the best detailers to become one of our Application Center.

In this post we´ll give the location for our current and official AC´s

Finland : Jyväskylä

Luxembourg : Oetrange

Netherlands : Berkel en Rodenrijs, Bruchterveld, Hengelo (Ov), Oss, Valkenburg, Zaandam , Zevenbergen

UK : Oxfordshire, Sherdington Cheltenham

Slovakia : Krupina, Trnava

For more information about the AC's or the Opti-Coat Pro you can contact us by email or give us a call +31 (0) 74 357 7679

Optimum Car Car... | October 3, 2013

We’ve forgot to mention our AC in Umeå, Sweden

Brian H | October 3, 2013

You're gonna need one in Norway, stat!

Optimum Car Car... | October 4, 2013

We're working very hard to spread the Application network, the main issue is the we will only work with the best detailers.
If we would just sell the Opti-Coat Pro to anyone who doesn’t have the standard and expertise we ask from them than that would result in disappointed customers.

If there is a detailer anywhere in Europe who is allowed to do this application, then you can count on it that your is in the right hands.
Always ask for the warranty pack, if they can’t deliver this then please contact us.
I really hope you understand and respect our philosophy, because we’re car enthusiasts ourselves and we don’t want anyone to ruin them.

With the Opti-Coat Pro application it will all come down to the proper and specialized prep work.
I know it’s a long trip, but we’ve got a Tesla S planned from Norway for the end of November, maybe this could work for you also?
It’s a good trip to test the car properly, and the Netherlands are pleasant to stay, can’t promise more sunshine than you’ll will have in Norway though ;-)

mathiasc | December 15, 2013

Stockholm, Sweden? Umeå is very far away from Stovckholm area so you need a detailer in stockholm. also where the majority of people live in the country or close to. ;-)

bengt | January 27, 2014

Good news for Swedish Tesla owners! You can have your car OptiCoat Pro protected in Stockholm. Contact Johan Rosenberg at