Options opinions, please.

Options opinions, please.

I am a few days away from pulling the trigger but am still mulling over some of the (very expensive) options. Would love your opinions.

Here is what I am leaning toward:
1. P85+ (agonizing over the "+" due to uncertainty over 21" rims and LA's plentiful potholes)
2. Grey w/Black Leather and Obeche matte. Anyone seen that interior combo?
3. Silver rims (thought the grey turbines might clash with the grey exterior)
4. Tech package. Can't imagine not having this.
5. Pano roof
6. Parking sensors
7. Parcel shelf

I am undecided or leaning against:
- Ultra Hifi sound (not an XM lover but appreciate good fidelity)
- Alcantara (would probably go for it if I wasn't getting the pano)
- Premium interior lighting
- Rear spoiler

Definite no:
- kiddie seats
- subzero pkg
- fog lights
- extended leather

I think it must be hard to go too wrong as I haven't read a lot of "if I had to do it all over again" posts here, but any input is most appreciated on the options and color combo. Thanks in advance.

cloroxbb | August 19, 2013

I like it. Myself, I would not get P85+ because I don't care for the 21" rims and the extra tire wear.

amirm | August 19, 2013

I have a pretty barebones MS60 and last week got a P85+ loaner, so I had a chance to compare.

While I always had fast cars (last was Audi RS6), I wad surprised that after driving the loaner (amazing performance) I am entirely happy with my 60 performance. The loaner with 21 tires was noticeably noisier.

If I had to do it all over again, I would get the MS85 but not bother with the P.

I did not get the Tech Package which I regret.

I have the standard audio but unhappy enough that I am doing the Reus aftermarket upgrade next week for more than $3k. It's very subjective but certainly lower quality than my RS6 audio.

Pano roof I doubt with all the reported issues with it.

Joe H. | August 19, 2013

From what I've read, get everything you've listed 1 - 7. With the new audio package price I would recommend just going aftermarket at a later time. I personally maxed out a 60kw except rear seats and superchargers (southern VA doesn't have many SC options.). My daily commute is only 13.8 miles round trip so I had no excuse to upgrade to 85. If I could afford a P85+ on the other hand I would have taken it.

Dramsey | August 19, 2013

@ amirm: How did you score an RS6? They've never been sold in this country...

RD7 | August 19, 2013

See my new post on my P85 vs P85+ first impressions today. I would certainly go for the P at least - you will not be disappointed by the acceleration - it's like the Rockin' Roller Coaster in Vegas.

Having the extra range in the 85kwh battery makes a big difference in trip flexibility. I have needed the full range on more than one occasion. Really depends on your access to charging infrastructure and the time you have to dedicate to charging while traveling. For me, very few local charging options.

I have a strong preference for silver over grey wheels - this seems to be a generational thing from what I have observed. That said, I have seen grey wheels on a grey car and it does look good. I have red with silver wheels and black leather, BTW, and very happy with the combination.

Tech - no question.

Parcel shelf is a good idea to keep things secure. Less of an issue if you add window tint, but I am happy I got both.

With the black interior the lighting is kind of required IMHO. It's really dark in there at night and the accent lighting not only creates a cool, hip feeling, it is functional to boot!

I am happy with the pano roof. For me, being able to leave the roof vented is a must here in AZ for those times I don't have the range to leave the AC on while parked. Also driving at up to 55 mph or so with the roof fully open is a pleasant, convertible-like experience.

michael1800 | August 19, 2013

Know the + requires special 21" wheels and extra wear like Cloro stated. Better handling, but more bumpy ride (and the $$ for tires every 10k or so--estimate, email ownership or sales to get estimated number).

Go tech and pano (no issues with mine...I love it to death in FL)
The spoiler seems like a waste to me...mine doesn't feel floaty at 70+mph. YMMV

Lighting is neat...but having it, I realize I could live without and probably not notice.

The upgraded sound is nice. You know your audio tastes better than anyone else though. If you always install an aftermarket in your cars, you probably will here too. I went from a quality $7k system in a different car to the upgraded package in this one and am still very happy.

Moonlightmile | August 19, 2013

I ordered grey with the grey rims

Looked killer in the Newport Showroom

amirm | August 19, 2013


1000 2003 RS6 cars were imported to US. It was only done one year (I think they are planning it again).

thunderbeagle | August 22, 2013

Any other opinions on the Gray with gray wheels combo? Or anything else in my list? Thanks to those who have replied

redacted | August 22, 2013

I'm one to avoid hassle and expense after the initial sale (hint: don't get a lawn sprinkler system). That's why I didn't order the +, too much of both with tires that wear out and cost a fortune. I realize that some people have great success with them, but I read too many complaints to get them.

What really disappointed me was that Tesla doesn't have spinning hubcaps.

Teslagator | August 22, 2013

My S85 delivers Sept 19 w leather, pano, upgraded sound, parcel shelf. Just could not bring myself to pay $3500 for essentially just a garage door opener and navigation with the Tech package. I don't use navigation on my iPhone or iPad very often but when I do it works fine so don't need it on the big screen. On the other hand I love good sound and the upgraded version did sound much better to me on test drives than the standard so I had to have it and don't think an aftermarket is needed with the upgraded and integrated offering from Tesla. Its pretty ridiculous that a dimming rear view mirror isn't standard but I am sure not paying $3500 for it and a garage door opener and seldom used nav.

Also, I did originally want air suspension to help me get over rough driveways but when I test drove a P85 with it and punched it on the freeway it seemed to torque steer the car badly so definitely decided against it, but I have been driving a BMW 335i for 6 years so maybe am used to tighter ride.

Dripps | August 22, 2013

@ E Chomp I can't imagine ordering a Tesla Model S without Tech pkg. I guess I'm a gadget kind of person but I see these features as important: Automatic keyless entry (how cool is that when the handles present themselves as you near the door), lighted door handles, power liftgate (use this all the time), love having the GPS built in but must admit I'm spoiled because I've had it in my last few cars and now use it as a crutch.

Maybe it's a good subject for another thread but I wonder how many have not ordered the tech pkg and of those, how many now regret it.

ian | August 22, 2013

It's more than likely that the air suspension had nothing to do with the unstable feeling upon acceleration. There have been multiple reports from owners that this feeling is due to loose bolts in the suspension.


Teslagator | August 22, 2013

Yeah it would be nice to have the tech pkg but things I most enjoy are torque, a quiet car with good sound, and sun and wind when I want it. I get no regular enjoyment out of opening my garage door (a 1 second button push once a day) or nav on a car screen vs an iPad (I rarely use nav). But good bass listening to rock music I use for hours on end.

shawns | August 22, 2013

I have a loaded Grey p85+ with Grey turbines. Actually had silver wheels first by accident. wasn't bad. But once the grey wheels went on I was even more in love! Perfect match for grey car. As far as clashing the wheels are virtually identical to the paint color. So it looks like it's custom or meant to be. Im 32 though in case that matters.

The tech definitely. Spoiler actually is cool but not cheap. Really like it since i added it. Pano, yes I love it. Premium audio, I got mine before the price changes but I love it. I think it's worth it. Alacantra, I have it but probably wouldn't notice if I didn't so I'd probably skip. Between + and not, I'd get the plus any day. Handling is like a sports car (maybe similar to a cts-v) when you want it to be and a luxury cruiser when you don't. The tire issue I'm sure is real but I wonder how many plus owners drive theirs a little more aggressively :)

Most important to me would be making sure I got things that can't be easily added after. A spoiler for instance can be added in like 10 mins at a service Center.

Oh regarding rear seats, if you don't order it from the factory they can't be added. I have rear seats but took them out and just store then for when I actually have a family!

RanjitC | August 22, 2013

My rears on a P85 went out at 13K miles, so the P85+ going out at 10K is not really a big deal. Just saying.

mdemetri | August 22, 2013


Regarding the grey rims, I am generally not a fan (I have silver 21' rims on my blue P85); however I have seen the grey rims on a grey car several times and they look fabulous. if you are going to get grey, IMO the best choice is to get the grey rims. for any other color, I would get the silver rims.

CalabasasKid | August 22, 2013

Parking sensors are a must have now that they're available. I agree on the tech package that the power lift gate and keyless locking are too important to skip.
I'm picking up my wife's S85 Grey on Grey with silver 21's on Sat in Van Nuys. I ordered tech, sensors, lighting, air suspension, Pano roof, fogs, and sub zero package mostly for my kids. My only wish is that I included the spoiler but $1500 is too insulting of a price for that item.

I would never get Alcantara when so little of it is used when you get the Pano roof. Same goes for the extended leather. The synthetic leather is stitched the same way and nearly indistinguishable for the $2500 premium.

Either way, I guarantee you'll be quite pleased no matter what goodies you add.