Order date to "Production is Complete - car is being prepared for pickup or delivery" message

Order date to "Production is Complete - car is being prepared for pickup or delivery" message

Placed confirmed order on 28 July. Requested delivery in September (no date specified). Today, following Tesla website updating, received "Production is complete - car is being prepared for pickup or delivery" message. My first transmitted delivery date was 9/9, soon moved to 9/12.

The reason I am posting this is because I ordered a 60kw...not a P85. The 60 is coming with MC red and a number of the usual options, so it's not a bare-bones machine. So for those wondering about production times, being bumped by performance models, delays to fulfill European backorders, here's an example of order-to-production-complete that took (assuming today's message is legit) six weeks. I did arrange financing very quickly, so that might have sped things along...I don't really know.

Pretty damn slick any way you look at it, if you ask me.

d.flinspach | September 29, 2014

Our delivery guy has spotty information on Seattle deliveries. Orders confirmed in late June/early July had delivery estimates (and eventually schedules) for September 25–28.

Now most of those deliveries are still showing “In Production” and some delivery estimates in “Late October.” My order for an S85 was confirmed July 2, and, assuming my dashboard is accurate, will have been around 15 weeks for production and delivery when it arrives. Some of us have already made a finance payment on cars we do not have.

Captain_Zap | September 29, 2014


When I got the call that my car was in Seattle, I was told that it arrived in the middle of the night a few hours earlier. That was during a manufacturing ramp up too. At times like this may not know who to call first about delivery appointments until they see the whites of the headlights because so many will be rolling in and they still need prepped.

In a nutshell, they are swamped.

julierca | September 29, 2014

I have a fancy-ish 60 on order too. Confirmed it July 6. It went out of the queue and into the building phase on Sept 20. Says it's still being built. I've been scheduled twice for delivery, only to get shot down the night before. First the 27th, and then last night got the dreaded call that it will not be ready today either. I have already paid in full. That hasn't seemed to have helped on iota.

(Cap't Zap, nice to see you on another thread. :) )

I shall (try to) wait patiently and with great control....