Order an S now, take delivery of the X when it becomes available.

Order an S now, take delivery of the X when it becomes available.

Back in the day, (September 2013) we chose to order the S rather than wait for the X, a mind blower vehicle with extraordinary capacity for people and luggage.

30k miles later the smile is still on our faces. We have learned:

1. the S is so roomy we used our Acura MDX SUV only 3 times since taking delivery of our Model S November 22, 2013.

2. The S sets us free to drive. We no longer think of fuel cost. Living in the NW means we pay 6 cents/kwh. A full charge from 10 to 265 miles costs less than 5.00 at home and nothing on the road using the supercharger network.

3. Used for business, we get the mileage deduction on our taxes, which turns the s into the least expensive car we ever owned.

4. Tesla Model S is so well built it will, assuming no accidents, be good as new 30 years from now..still non polluting with no parts needing service. We may need to replace the battery a few times between now and 2045.

5. I was hit 3 times by other drivers between 1992 and 2015, giving me every reason to believe my life would end in a car crash. Model S's have been in serious accidents. To date, no owners or passengers have been injured or killed, an unprecedented safety record. I no longer think about the possibility. Safety of the Driver and passengers is the greatest value Tesla builds into its cars.

We are glad we bought the s instead of waiting. We can buy the X when it is more readily available.

We could have waited for the 3. We would have missed out on the fun, economy, versatility and safety we enjoy everyday.

How good is the S? We bought ours when Tesla was making 500/week. Most all production cars are made 1 a minute. Tesla ramps up production as soon as they can confirm quality along with the increased rate of production. So now, making many more per month, the wait is 4 months. The S is the best production car ever built by every standard of measure.

The moral to the story? Buy your S now. There is nothing to gain by waiting. The Model X will look great in your garage next to your Model S whenever your x is delivered.

Think of will own 2 great cars with no oil stains in your garage or on your driveway, no time or money wasted at gas stations and repair shops and no unnecessary visits to emergency rooms and hospital beds because of the mistakes of other drivers.

Life is good.

PS. We do not work for Tesla or own Tesla shares. We thank Tesla Motors and its employees for the cars they build and the work they do every day to complete the companies mission: "Enable drivers to drive coast to coast for free..on sunlight".

pvetesla | April 18, 2015

I feel the same.

Truth is many of us reservation holders for the X already own an S. Can't wait to get rid of my MDX just like you should and be 100% electric.

timf2001 | April 18, 2015

It's a great idea in theory and all, but not everyone is in the position to afford two Teslas within a year. I know I'm not. If I buy a Model S, it's going to likely mean not getting a Model X since I don't want to take the depreciation hit of reselling it within the first year. Thus, I'm waiting for the Model X reveal before making any decision.

phil | April 18, 2015

Got it. Problem is, with the waiting period for the x, if its not already on order, you may be a way out. No need to wait. You will love the s. My point is you are missing out on the fun when it's yours for the having four months from now. | April 19, 2015

If you can't afford both an S and an X but need the passenger space in the X, buy the S and trade it for an X when available. That's my plan.

phil | April 19, 2015

Before the S, the MDX was the best car I owned. Compared to the S, the MDX is a slush bucket. The s makes gas engine cars ridiculous. Thousands of parts, from the transmission to the engine, drive train, differential, etc. all working together at blinding speeds just to move a car forward and backward. A ridiculous proposition on its face. The inability to keep all the parts in sync gave rise to parts houses and service stations, a lasting blight on our urban and suburban landscapes..all obsoleted by the model s. We don't need gas stations, service station, parts houses or auto dealers any more. No wonder they want to outlaw Tesla. In fact, it is the highly polluting gas engine we need to outlaw..i.e. make it a crime, with fine and time, to manufacture gas engines for anything after Jan 1, 2016. Our air will be cleaner immediately. All gas engines? Sure. Battery powered weed eaters and lawnmowers out perform their gas equivalents, just as the s outperforms gas engine cars. Wasn't it great to see the first solar powered plane take off on its maiden voyage around the world? Earth to Mr. Musk. How about a solar powered rocket to Mars? Earth to Audi, Mercedes, Ford and GM. Those cars and trucks of yours will be good vehicles when you equip them with all electric power trains ala model s. What's the holdup?

jjs | April 19, 2015

phil, phil, phil. I see you have drunk heavily of the koolaid.

phil | April 19, 2015

You are right jjl. I just cannot wrap my head or lips around that tailpipe in the garage...makes for a short lived future indeed.

vandacca | April 19, 2015

@phil, Elon has stated a number of times that solar powered rockets will never happen. Fuel-based rockets are the only way off this planet.

Also, I have an electric hedge trimmer, an electric edge trimmer, electric chain saw and an electric lawn mower. One thing that hasn't gotten electrified yet is the snow blower, so once the X arrives, it will be the only reason why I need to buy gas. They haven't yet made an effective electric powered snow blower.

aesculus | April 20, 2015

I also have an MDX that I am replacing with the X. But the S does not fill the need for me of the accessibility, visibility and configuration options that the MDX has I expect of the X.

I find getting in and out of the S problematic (getting older), the visibility not very good (looking for the rear view cameras with 0 blind spots), seats not as comfortable as the MDX, the ability to configure the cargo area for putting in bikes with no racks, junk from Home Depot that is big or whatever I need the car to do that moment.

phil | April 20, 2015

Hello Vandacca. Imagine..if we stop using Gas, oil, coal and Nuclear, we may not need to leave this planet. about life in a bubble.

As to the electric snowblower.This one (and a number of others) gets good reviews: Snow Joe iON18SB Ion Cordless Single Stage Brushless Snow Blower with Rechargeable Ecosharp 40-volt Lithium-Ion Battery.

I've come to believe we don't get to choose much..we get to select from what manufacturers offer. That's why its so important to let car makers and dealers know the next car you buy will be an electric car ala Tesla. Then the Audi's, Mercedes, Ford and GM's of the world will develop all electric cars people will buy.

As to price of the Tesla.. A Chevy SUV carries a down and monthly payment similar to the Tesla..the only difference being length of contract. The buyer will be paying lease payments forever or buying a new car every 100k miles or so. With the cost of fuel, service contracts and repairs, there is no real cost of use savings driving something other than a Tesla. So, If a person is able to afford a 5000 down and 1100/month payment for a Chevy, they can most certainly afford a Tesla with no cost of use beyond the monthly payment.

vandacca | April 20, 2015

Thanks @phil for the link to the Snow Joe iON18SB. I don't consider this a snow blower, but I've been tempted to get something like this for the light snow falls in my area since its light and does a good job of clearing all the snow. However, for a serious snow fall, this Snow Joe won't cut it and I'd have to start up the gas blower.

Its too bad that rocket fuel is the only way to leave this planet, due to the physics of escaping Earth's gravity. However, if one day they manage to build a space elevator we might be able to leave this planet using renewable fuels.

But we must leave this planet, regardless if we manage to solve all of Earth's problems. Meteorites are always a threat to extinguishing all life on this planet and we have to become a multi-planetary species if we want to survive long term.

phil | April 20, 2015

Let's hope the meteorite takes out Texas and Las Vegas and leaves the rest of us alone.

So..we leave the planet for points unknown...say Mars. Will we arrive as an invading army or will we go in peace?

vandacca | April 20, 2015

The moon may be our first off-planet colony, but its more of a stepping stone to someplace more permanent like Mars. Considering that Mars is the only known planet inhabited solely by robots, we may have to take them out before settling down.

phil | April 20, 2015

Who will build the bubble? Bubbles? The bubble is one of those deals that better be right the first time. Will oxygen masks come down from the ceiling in the event of a sudden loss of pressure? At least we'll be able to start out there with solar power..unless Koch Brothers..they do have reservations already don't they..find oil on mars first..then its good old CO2 back in the bubble and its off to the next place..Krypton or Pluto, whichever comes first. | April 20, 2015

@Dan: have you considered working on a snow blower attachment for the Tesla? Or, better yet, moving to a place where snow never falls?

vandacca | April 20, 2015

@georgehawley I did once try to move to a place where the snow never falls, but it made snow boarding that much more difficult. I'll just have to wait for the Mr. Fusion Snow Blower. :)
Or a Model-X with a front-mounted snow plow...

phil | April 20, 2015

Snow Plow in Front with Trailer hitch for the 5th wheel with bike racks on the back towing 2 motorcycles and a boat..the recommended configuration for touring the Oregon Coast...You'll save some weight if the motorcycles are electric.

teslaliving | April 23, 2015

Like the OP my prior car was an Acura MDX. Handed it off to the kid at 190K miles. I was waiting for the X but after many delays and the kid's need for a car I bought the Model S 12 months ago. 30K miles later I have zero regrets, even after a particularly nasty New England winter.

I did finally put a deposit down on the X but thats for the wife. I love my S and have no desire to go back to a SUV (although her autopilot stuff will cause some envy)