Ordered 12/3; delivery 12/24!

Ordered 12/3; delivery 12/24!

Whoa! That was fast! We ordered our new MS Long Range on the 3rd, hoping for delivery by the 31st. Got our VIN and assigned delivery date today! Such a lovely gift to ourselves on Christmas Eve!

tes-s | December 20, 2019

Congratulations! Delivery DATE is 12/24. Let us know when you take delivery. :)

bishoppeak | December 20, 2019

They're always motivated at the end of the quarter

Mathew98 | December 20, 2019

Third time is the charm, right before the fat dude slide down the chimney...

EVRider | December 21, 2019

Are you getting an inventory car or are they building it?

Mathew98 | December 21, 2019

She's trading in an X for a new Raven.

jojim | December 21, 2019

@EVRider we ordered a new MS ‘raven.’ So, it was built over the past couple of weeks. We are super excited! I dislocated my shoulder a couple of days ago, so I won’t be actually driving yet, but I’m happy to be a passenger in this gorgeous vehicle!

jojim | December 21, 2019

@EVRider we ordered a new MS ‘raven.’ So, it was built over the past couple of weeks. We are super excited! I dislocated my shoulder a couple of days ago, so I won’t be actually driving yet, but I’m happy to be a passenger in this gorgeous vehicle!

reed_lewis | December 21, 2019

It probably was an inventory car. But you get a tax credit which is great.

EVRider | December 22, 2019

@jojim: Every Model S built since late April is a Raven, so that doesn’t mean it was built recently.

jojim | December 22, 2019

I suppose it could have been sitting around in inventory, but I didn’t actually go online and buy from ‘inventory’ cars. I guess I will be able to tell by how many miles are on it when I take delivery.

jojim | December 23, 2019

Woohoo! Our Tesla service center called yesterday afternoon to ask if we wanted to take delivery sooner than the 24th. We took delivery of our brand new MS yesterday, the 22nd of December, just 19 days after ordering! 5 miles on the odometer. I must say this Raven rides so much smoother than our 2015 MS! And we are already discovering improvements that bring that Tesla grin back to our faces.

tes-s | December 23, 2019

Excellent! Congratulations.

EVRider | December 23, 2019

@jojim: Congratulations! Just curious, when was the car built? There’s a label with the build date on the driver’s door jamb. Inventory cars haven’t necessary been driven before, they might have just been on a showroom floor for example. If you ordered on 12/3 and received the car yesterday, there’s no way it was custom built for you — it takes longer than that. With only 5 miles on the odometer, it doesn’t really matter.

sbeggs | December 23, 2019

Congrats, @jojim! Enjoy it!
Good luck with the shoulder, too.

ustnurse | December 23, 2019

wow that was fast, we ordered our model s on 11/17/2019 and the delivery will be on 12/29/2019. I'm amazed.

Shesmyne2 | December 23, 2019

Clearly you made the NICE list!
Happy Merry to you!

Still Grinning ;-)

jojim | December 24, 2019

Ok. I checked the sticker on the driver’s side door and it says the build date was 12/19. The Monroney sticker also says 12/19. I also know that Tesla has really done a good job of streamlining production. So I think my car really was built for us, rather than being inventory, based on the 12/19 build. Also, we live less than 2 hours from the Fremont factory, which may have helped. They have been delivering an average of 40 Teslas a day from our Rocklin service center.

cleanhp | December 24, 2019

@jojim, curious...Was your trade-in cost fairly close to a private sale? I'd be inclined to trade my 2017 75D up for a Raven if they are offering decent trade values these days. The prospect of avoiding the private-sale hassles is attractive.

Tropopause | December 24, 2019

Jojim- it's true that production is faster. I got my first 2014 S in 1.5 months. My second 2017 S in 26 days. All were end of quarter deliveries. The point is that end of quarter is fast and getting faster these days.

Additionally, all S and X come fully loaded these days; just a matter of color (exterior/interior), wheels, and software for FSD or not, and seating config for X.

Congrats on a great new car! Merry Xmas! Hope you got the 10.2 update!

jojim | December 25, 2019

Thanks for all the congratulations! We are loving this smoother ride of the Raven. And we are still discovering little improvements over our 2015 MS and our 2017 MX. so happy we did this! @cleanhp I suspect we could have done slightly better with a private sale, but the trade in process for our MX was super easy. We sold our MS to CarMax for $33k; Tesla had offered us $34k back in February under the RGV program, so I think we did pretty well with CarMax, and we managed to avoid the hassles associated with a private sale.

sentabo | December 25, 2019

Congrats, jojim. Enjoy the ride!

rxlawdude | December 25, 2019

Does the S still have Homelink? I'm not able to find any information that it's there (or that it's now a $300 post-purchase option).

jojim | December 28, 2019

@rxlawdude yes, the Raven S does have Homelink. Works great.

ja_klein | December 29, 2019

Very nice! I ordered my Model S Performance on the same day and took delivery of it on the 21st! congrats!

jojim | December 29, 2019

@ja_klein congratulations! Enjoy your new ride!

NKYTA | December 29, 2019

Welcome! Grin!!

:-) :-)

sentabo | December 29, 2019

ja_klein - Welcome to the party!