Ordered model 3 on 3/26/17, when can I expect to get the car?

Ordered model 3 on 3/26/17, when can I expect to get the car?

For those of you with insight, when do you think I can get the car? I live in Southern Cal.


evergreen8 | April 25, 2017

Order placed on 3/26/17. Email confirmation said after mid 2018. I read it could be 2020 before I get the car. Any thoughts?

Frank99 | April 25, 2017

It's really hard to say. If Tesla meets their goals and ships 500,000 vehicles in 2018, I'm guessing you're looking at Q4 2018, or perhaps Q1 2019. We just don't know enough - how many reservations Tesla has in hand, what percentage of those are actually going to turn into Model 3 sales, whether they can ramp up production at the rate they've set as a goal, etc.

Efontana | April 26, 2017


jwbrewer89 | April 26, 2017

None of us know for sure. We still need to see when they actually start production, ramp up rates, etc. etc. Since you reserved one a couple weeks ago, I would agree that it would probably be Q4-2018 or Q1-2019.

Caveat: What version do you want? RWD, AWD, or Performance? If you wanted a RWD Model 3, there's the potential you might get your M3 sooner... probably still late 2018. Since they're producing those first, depending on how pre-orders turn into orders you might be in a different queue.

I ordered mine on 03/31/2016 before the unveiling. But I'm planning on waiting for the AWD version which will start production after the RWD production line is up and running for a few months. So if everyone goes RWD you'll have to wait awhile. If everyone goes AWD, then it may be a shorter line. Elon has said the first year of production has been sold out. Looking at the year end financial disclosures, although NOT confirmed, based on the amount of customer reservation cash they have on hand subtracting 25,000 quarterly S/X production at $5k a piece, it looks like there are over 530,000 Model 3 reservations. Next week, we'll see Q1 numbers. Currently S/X production is sold out (or close to it) through Q2 (deliveries in June) so we should be able to do similar math.

s2rogerjackson | April 26, 2017

i ordered mine 1 april 2016 no idea when right hand drive start production, suppose its up to where you live

JuJo0 | April 26, 2017


I believe by the time orders placed by now there will be most, if not all, configurations available. So that caveat may not even apply. Same with geographical contingencies.

Tcloutier5890 | April 26, 2017

Lets see. How old are you now?

cessna182 | April 26, 2017

...old enough that I don't buy green bananas!

cessna182 | April 26, 2017

...old enough that I don't buy green bananas!

Red Sage ca us | April 26, 2017

Something tells me that ordering an all black inside & out rear wheel drive car will get one in your hands in short order.

jwbrewer89 | April 26, 2017

@JuJo0 good point. It'll be interesting to see when they reach the point where all M3 production lines can make any version. My assumption was they'd have a line for each variant.

evergreen8 | April 27, 2017

Argh. Looks like I may just get a 2017 egolf, but the time the lease is up, maybe my model 3 preorder will be ready.