Our Model S is here! We call him Elroy... Drove from Fremont to Santa Monica...

Our Model S is here! We call him Elroy... Drove from Fremont to Santa Monica...

Here's a link to our blog describing our trip from the factory in Fremont, CA to our home in Santa Monica, CA.

- Julie and Mike (Juke)

Brian H | April 3, 2013

Very uninteresting trip. The page is blank. >;p

negarholger | April 3, 2013

Page works fine for me. Congrats and nice trip description. Thanks.

Brian H | April 3, 2013

Bah. My fault. I use "NoScript", and sometimes forget to unblock a new site.

I'm beginning to suspect that driving a MS is actually therapeutic, physically and mentally. What say you?

negarholger | April 3, 2013

Yes, I plan to have therapy soon... going from the bay area to San Diego and back. Done that run many times over the years in the ICE, but looking forward to do it in the MS. And I will not complain about congrstions at the SC.

matsern76 | April 4, 2013

Great input and "Elroy" really suits his black colour.. ( Have ordered this myself)

Could you please give me some info regarding charging time for standard 110v outlet.?

I live in Norway and plan to use standard outlet 10A 240V

I would be grateful for some real based info regarding this issue :)


Mr. Berg

mikeflb | April 4, 2013


The car looks Blue to me, not black.

P=IV = 10a * 240V = 2.4 kW (2,400 w)
2.4 kW for 1 hr = 2.4 kWh (2,400 wh)
2,400 wh / 300wh (or so) = 8 miles per hr

you should try for more than that if possible.
Not sure about the Norway electric grid and code.
how large is your electric service?

Brian H | April 4, 2013

10 amps is very slow for an MS charger. 40-80 works better!

matsern76 | April 4, 2013

Thank you, Mike for the figures. I have the possibility to install either 16a/240 or to upgrade to 3-phase outlet. But labour costs in Norway are very high, so will be charged aprox 100 usd pr. Hour from an electrician + parts and cables.
My distance to work is 30 miles, so won't need a lot of charging on a daily basis.
Ps! The car is black/black acc. to the writer. :)

jdb | April 5, 2013

Good post, good trip. But name is wrong. In my opinion the Tesla Model S, regardless of hue, is a beautiful female.

celtrog | April 5, 2013

What a great post......
I am making te exact trip in about 5 weeks....
At first I signed up for home delivery but am changing to factory pickup
Especially after reading your post!
Will be driving Fremont to Palisades!
Any hints?
Thanks for a great pst!
BTW may tesla is Nicki.....(for obvious reasons)