Outdoor 14-50 outlet box

Outdoor 14-50 outlet box

Has anyone found a good outlet box that will accommodate the Tesla mobile charge cord, with it's large adapter plug?

Was looking for a unit like this, but depth seems inadequate:

Anyone find a good solution for outdoor (carport) locations?


herkimer | April 16, 2013
MGlasfeld | April 16, 2013


That's the very outlet I've installed for my charge cord. While you're correct that the entire head of the Tesla cord does not fit within the closed hinged door, there's enough of an over hang to keep the rain out.

More responses to this thread may follow with even better recommendations, but, the Connecticut Electric unit has been working OK for me.

Best of luck -

shop | April 16, 2013

I'd consider building a little bird house sized box with roof shingles on top to keep out the rain. You need about 4 3/4" of clearance from the plug for the Tesla adapter and cord. And then you probably should have some way of keeping the mobile adapter dry as well? I don't know if the mobile adapter is weatherproof, but thinking about it, it probably is.

MGlasfeld | April 17, 2013


I like that solution and may now undertake the same. I did a near-equivalent by installing an outdoor garden hose rack/holder above the 14-50 receptacle. It does double duty as a cable organizer and receptacle shelter. Your solution sounds more elegant, however.