Overheating Console

Overheating Console

UK Model 3 screen appears to overheat with random activity appearing whilst driving. Is this a fault or just overheating? Will a heat shield cure?

vmulla | May 28, 2020

What console?

NorthValley | May 28, 2020 the post...he's talking about screen

nick.owen85 | May 28, 2020

yes, the screen which is a computer console effectively | May 28, 2020

@nick.owen85 - The screen should work fine even on hot days. First, when it next occurs, try a bug report. Use the voice button and say "Bug report - screen going screwy". Then schedule an appointment to have it fixed.

lbowroom | May 28, 2020

It's a fault, should be able to operate driving through death valley with the AC off. Why do think it's heat related?

Frank99 | May 28, 2020

As a Model 3 owner in Phoenix, AZ, USA, where summer temperatures routinely reach 45C, and occasionally breach 50C, I’ll say that I’ve never seen the screen misbehave, even in the days before cabin overheat protection when I’d get into a car whose interior was over 65C. If yours is doing anything weird, a service center visit should straighten it right out.

spuzzz123 | May 28, 2020

There were some early complaints about “phantom touches” on the display screen causing what may be described as random activity, but those complaints does way down after the next release.

Tronguy | May 28, 2020

Model S's had some trouble with the screens, built into the dashboard, acquiring funny colors, probably due to overheating. Last I heard that was sorted. And I've half-guessed that one of the reasons that the M3 screen is out and kind of suspended in mid air might be to get better cooling. But I agree with the others around here that if the OP's screen is showing signs of overheating in England, take it into a Service Center and get it checked.