P+ First deliveries

P+ First deliveries

Who is going to get the first P+'s off the line? I have an "end of line" date of May 20 with delivery shortly (5 days?) after that. Has anyone gotten delivery already or have earlier dates?

jeroens | May 12, 2013

shame :)
Do you know if Paul received his car?

paul.e.mcdaniel | May 13, 2013

Good afternoon folks.

I am sorry, I did not get a chance to update this forum. I have actually been offline since I left Los Angeles on Thursday evening to pick up the P85+ on Friday morning.

So, I did arrive there a tad bit early, presumably from all the anticipation. The Tesla employees at the delivery center were very kind to allow me into the center at 8:15 a.m. Within ten minutes, I had signed all the paperwork and was shown around my vehicle, which took another 30 minutes of time to walk me through the vehicle.

According to the folks there, mine was the one of the first P85+ they delivered, and the fellow helping me, Matt, indicated he'd driven one the previous day to the Menlo Center.

By the time I left, I did not see my dear forum mate 'eddygorsuch'. I was grinning, yes, and the rest of the tale is pure joy and an adrenaline rush like no other. Mind you, I have driven a Mercedes SLS AMG for over a year now, and have loved the way the car handles. I am no professional at handling, but from a pure purist perspective, I am thoroughly impressed with the P85% performance.

I did change the steering mode to "Sport", in order to get that robust, hard driving machine feel, and I can only say the car's been performing wonderfully well. A lot of the folks I passed on the I880 heading towards San Francisco were left in awe as I put this beast through its intended high performance driving. It handles like a baby, and responds faster that the SLS. It is surprisingly sneaky on the pick-up as it seems to request maximum performance at all times from the driver.

The turns are smooth and there's no drag or loss of control. Their is wind noise however, from the pano roof, even when closed; a whoosh that never goes away at speeds higher than 55mph.

But the joy and feedback are phenomenal.

It really is a pulse above the P85 I test drove all those months ago, even though the test drive is nothing compared to your own vehicle at your mercy.

Friends, this machine has certainly relegated my SLS to a far away dream. I drove down to L.A. on Saturday morning, stopping at Gilroy, Harris Ranch and Tejon. I recommend anyone expecting to enjoy the speeds I maintainted on the drive, roughly 90-105mph stop at all superchargers as those speeds do suck-up a lot of battery power. I took my fiancee on a spin yesterday, Sunday, and she could only describe it as a jet taking off down the runway or a roller-coaster. She is in love, and couldn't get over it.

Once again, I do apologize for the late post, but I have been tied up enjoying a wonderful dream, over-achieved.

jeroens | May 13, 2013

Thanks Paul, Much appreciated!
Sounds like a winner :)

CaliSun | May 13, 2013

Thank you Paul for taking the time out of the driver's seat to update us! I'm moving from a C63 to the P+ and was eager to hear the thoughts of a new owner. I've driven the SLS at the AMG day so for you to say it beats it that handily it really sets my mind at ease over the choice.

SamO | May 13, 2013

Great description Paul. Congrats!

Perhaps your pano needs to be shimmed. Apparently that creates a slightly tighter seal and reduces wind noise at 100mph ;-)

What kind of wh/m were you getting at those high speeds?

KOL2000 | May 13, 2013


Thank you Paul I need to change my pants now.

This is going to be a long 10 days for me...

Six | May 13, 2013

Just a very quick note to say I picked up my performance plus in Seattle on Saturday the 11th. Apparently the first performance plus in the Seattle area.

Unfortunately I will not be much help in giving feedback on how much improvement the plus package brings to the Tesla Model S. My only previous experience with a Tesla was a 40 minute test drive. Nor have I regularly driven high performance cars in the past. So all I can say is it drives wonderfully, up and down the hills outside of Seattle it feels like it is on rails. There is something amazing about accelerating up a steep hill and getting to 50 in just a few seconds.

mherzog57 | May 13, 2013

Has anybody confirmed better acceleration numbers yet?

GeirT | May 14, 2013

Can someone post pictures of the different rear tire sizes?