P100D Without Ludicrous

P100D Without Ludicrous

I have a P100D without Ludicrous and am wondering how big of a difference it would be with the ludicrous software. Has anyone tested with and without to see what the differences are? Just curious.

raffidesigns | September 20, 2019

Ludicrous is undescribable. Imagine buying a product where the spec sheet is beast, but when you get the product its locked. The main difference between Ludicrous and Non-Ludicrous is the instant pickup. Stepping on it with Ludicrous mode is like your in a rocket ship. Your entire body goes into shock. Non-Ludicrous is the same as a base model.

Silver2K | September 20, 2019

Actually, non-ludicrous car that have insane plus are very powerful also. It seems the OP is insane plus mode.

The difference is much more noticable in mid-range than in take-off. The 0-60 is 1/2 second quicker compared to quickest insane plus.

Silver2K | September 20, 2019


ToddR | September 20, 2019

Thanks for the feedback. Feel like I’m missing out... unfortunately, they won’t let me upgrade to ludicrous after taking delivery. Insane + is very fast. Can only imagine what ludicrous feels like.

2015P90DI | September 20, 2019

I had Insane mode on my prior car. Was able to upgrade it later for $5,000 (3+ years ago). I was more than happy with the Insane mode. I got Ludicrous at a $5,000 discount, so was borderline on regretting it. If I had it to do over again, I would have saved the $5,000. There's a difference, but Insane mode still gives you a huge thrill off the line, which is what most care about anyway. It's what most passengers are shocked by. Got the same satisfaction in that respect and same responses from passengers. Yes, Ludicrous is quicker, but both plant the brains in the back of our head. I wouldn't feel bad about it. I wised up all together on my most recent car and chose range over acceleration. 370 vs 345. And 3.7 sec 0-60 is still WAY more than I ever need or use.

All depends on what you'd want it for. If it's just the thrill of the off the line acceleration. you already have it with just Insane mode. If you have another need for needing the extra 3-4 th's of 0-60 time, then Ludicrous provides that, but if just for the feel of it and to "wow" your passengers, you're not missing anything.

2015P90DI | September 20, 2019

Plus, in the real world, there's probably not another car on the road that would beat you off the line. Other "super cars" may report quicker 0-60 times, but that's in perfect scenarios. The Tesla is capable of it's performance on the street. Most other super cars will just light up the tires or be bogged down by traction control. So, the only race you'd lose from a stop light would be to a Ludicrous mode Tesla. No need to be racing another Tesla. It's all about making those $200,000+ car owners feel like they wasted their money! :-)

ToddR | September 21, 2019

Very true!!!!