P100DL upgrade from a P90D?

P100DL upgrade from a P90D?

Anyone know if the $20K quoted to upgrade a P90 to a P100 includes ludicrous? From the new car config page, it's only possible to config a P100DL, not a P100D as the L is included by default, so I wonder if the $20K includes the L.

rent-a-tesla_ch | August 25, 2016

I dont know the details, but so fare I understand ist that just a elektronikel extra setup. So if you change the howl battry + Elektronik you should be able to deside the options as well. I don't see why this should be a problem. (Political maby?)

hami05 | August 25, 2016

@Darth, from what I've seen, I think that currently it's only possible to upgrade from P90DL to P100DL. If you don't already have ludicrous on your P90D, you will have to first buy ludicrous for 10k and then get the 100kwh battery for an extra 20k. It'll run you 30k total that way. Not entirely sure on this though, so if you're interested, I suggest you contact your service center.

Jean PierreD | August 25, 2016

the 20,000 (for existing cars) does NOT include the purchase of ludicrious
for cars not yet delivered, 20,000 is split in 10,000 for ludicrious and 10,000 for 100Kw

laura.berry | September 6, 2016

If you currently have a P90D on order and want to upgrade to the P100DL contact your DS ASAP. My Model X is now in transit to me but when we heard about the 100 we contacted our DS that same day to 1) see if it was possible to upgrade since I did not order the L initially and 2) if so how much would it cost. Our interest is purely for range as we live and travel in an area that doesn't yet have many SuperChargers. It took about two days but we finally learned that we can upgrade. However, my car was in production that week and too far along to do the upgrade. Since we had expressed the interest so quickly and timing wise it was not possible on Tesla's end, we will be allowed to upgrade later. We were told it will probably be December or possibly January. We'll get a call to take the car to our service center where we will upgrade to a P100DL. We will pay the $10,000 for the 100 upgrade and the $10,000 for the L upgrade. We will not be charged for the recycling of the 90 battery though. Hope that helps.

eric.zucker | September 6, 2016

I confirm, similar story for me. $10k upgrade, likely in Jan.
My brothers' X is delivered end of this month with the 100 kWh battery already.

bak_phy | September 7, 2016

@Luara. So Tesla is selling you a 100kWh battery for $10k?? The 90 kWh battery must have some significant value for them or they couldn't do this. The $10k "recycling" fee is clearly not that at all.

eric.zucker | September 7, 2016

@bak_phy: no. Tesla allows you to upgrade to the larger battery paying only the difference in list price. I'm sure they make a nice margin on it too.

The extra $10k is certainly for testing and reconditioning the 90kWh battery. Time is money.

eharden007 | September 7, 2016

I wonder if I could take one of those 90kwh batteries and put it in my new 75D coming next month?

speyerj | September 7, 2016

I spoke with my SC and he confirms that yes, moving from a P90D to a P100DL will be $10k to move from P90D--P90DL and then $20k to move from P90DL-->P100DL

carlk | September 7, 2016


That sounds like an idea. Tesla said the 90 kWh battery will be recycled. They could split the difference and sell it to you as a $5K upgrade. The only problem is they are not taking any in yet.

lilbean | September 8, 2016

Does recycle mean getting a used battery at full price? Does anyone know what is involved in the process? Thanks.

bak_phy | September 8, 2016

I'd be more than a bit peeved if they resold a used 90 kWh battery to me as a 90 kWh battery. Everything that I've read would indicate that the battery can't simply be reconditioned to be like new.
I guess they could replace somebodies broken battery through their warranty though.

speyerj | September 8, 2016

They have a facility for recycling the battery and reclaiming as much of the raw components as they can which can be sold or reused in new batteries.

nathan | February 14, 2017

Turns out in the UK you can not do this. Just been told by my local Tesla garage no upgrade from 90DL to 100DL.

eric.zucker | February 14, 2017

@Nathan: Strange - I'm in Switzerland and I ordered the 100 kWh battery and have not been told anything to the contrary.

No indication yet of when the new battery pack might arrive though. Hoping before this summer! | February 14, 2017

@nathan - I think Tesla stated it was a US only upgrade. Perhaps it becomes a lot more expensive when you have to ship a 100 kWh battery to Europe and return the smaller battery pack back to Fremont. There could be odd tax issues too making it a lot more expensive.

vperl | February 14, 2017

Upgraded before car was in production November 2016 to MX P100R

Upgrade Cost $10,000.00 U.S. Dollars

Yes, it is fast

vperl | February 14, 2017

Whoops MX P100D......

zubinanary | February 15, 2017

Tesla should be announcing the P90D: to the P100D (which comes with Ludicrous). This was the $20K retrofit that was discussed in this posting

"...Existing P90D Ludicrous owners can also upgrade to a 100 kWh pack, but for $20,000, as their used 90 kWh pack will have to be recycled...."

They are trying to finalize the retrofit option, and hopes to make some sort of announcement within 8 weeks or less. Early indications is that you need the Air Suspension on the P90DL in order to quality for the retrofit, but that all speculation right now.

I'm guessing when it's announced, you will see it here ( like the current P85D Ludicrous upgrade. The P90D Ludicrous option has already been discontinued months ago as it was listed on this site as well.

Redmiata98 | February 15, 2017

IF they eventually offer the retrofit, will they also change the badging? I would think that would be included in the price along with the electronics changed. Since I do not think they had a Founders 100, anyone who upgraded their P90F would have a very unique vehicle!

eric.zucker | February 16, 2017

From what I was told, the procedure involves the battery swap, a parameter and firmware update, and new badging.

Not much needs replacing in the car itself, I read about a new, upgraded battery connector. There is no committed delivery date yet, and definitely no indication that the upgrade might be geographically restricted. Tesla is shipping parts, including battery packs, to other countries already, so shipping is not really an issue.

@zubinanary: Were there any Model X made with coil suspensions? I thought Tesla discontinued that option before any cars were made. AFAIK, all Model X have the air suspension. I may be wrong.

zubinanary | February 16, 2017

@eric.zucker. Your correct. I forgot that this was the MX forum. I have a MS P90DL so the Air Suspension was an option, but on the MX P90D/L they were included.

I'm still curious if the drive units will also get swapped. Any idea where we find the part numbers of the two drive units from our P90D/L and compare it to the P100D?

zubinanary | February 25, 2017

So this is interesting. When the initial P100D's came out, they had the P100D battery with part number 1086755-00-D. The new one from the factory are now coming with 1115548-00-D.

Anyone know what is the difference? I'm curious if the P90D/L retrofit to P100D will come with this new 111548-00-D or newer battery.

Leli001 | February 27, 2017

I did meet with a sales rep from C&D battery a little while ago and he mentioned they are now the supplier of the 12V lead acid battery. Didn't go into details but mentioned the prior battery failures were with a different supplier.
This new battery must be using their Pure Lead Paste technology which lasts much longer.

zubinanary | March 3, 2017

Hi @Lili001 - I think the conversation is regarding the actual Tesla battery pack, and not the 12V battery.

Leli001 | March 3, 2017

correct, posted it in the wrong thread