Paint chip on ceramic coat

Paint chip on ceramic coat


Got a rock chip on my passenger door so I ordered the paint correction kit off the Tesla website. Since the car is ceramic coated is there anything I need to look out for before doing the paint touch up? I'm tempted to ask my detailer to do it at the annual ceramic maintenance coat. Has anyone used the paint correction kit on ceramic coated cars? thanks.

GoldAK47 | January 20, 2020

Simple. Clean the "ceramic" off. Use rubbing alcohol 91%, clean it heavily. Then I like to use windex.

Now its clean.

Then take your "paint correction kit" or paint in a bottle, dab it into chip. Less is more. I like to put the pain on a toothpick so I can any tiny amounts.

Anthony J. Parisio | January 20, 2020

I would say not to remove the ceramic coating. The goal is to fill in the chip, not to get paint on the existing paint. The ceramic coating may help to keep the paint in the kit from sticking to the existing paint. All you want to do is fill in the chip. Good luck

GoldAK47 | January 20, 2020

OK, my experience:
Owned body shop, and painted custom cars and insurance claims.
Trust me, you dont want anything slick near paint. The only reason it would work if you didnt, is if the ceramic coating wore off. Which, is quite possible. It rarely lasts very long on cars that are actually outdoors. If you want to coat it after touch up, then buy coating on ebay, Takes 5 minutes to do a panel. There are different grades, just research the good brands.

SbMD | January 20, 2020

I have opticoat pro+ on mine, and have used the Tesla paint product as well as Dr. Color Chip for rock chips.

I did as @AJP described above and worked well. To @Gold's point, if you don't have a good surface for the paint to bond to, it can be a problem. I would assume that the paint is chipped off, hence the need to apply touch-up, so there isn't any ceramic except perhaps immediately surrounding the chip.

Also, I have had my car for nearly five years, and coated since day 1. The coating still works great, and the car is my daily driver through harsh 4-season weather. There are ceramic products out there which don't last as long, for certain, and others that do besides opticoat, from what I can gather from other posters here.