I suspect this has been talked to death, but didn't find it on the pages I checked and I don't think we have search button. What is the deal with blocking Pandora on Tesla. The web browser lets me log in but wont show the music. All i get is blue Pandora welcome screen. The slacker algorithm is terrible and stations I create don't stay on topic, they wander away - similar to creating a Luciano Pavarotti station of Opera and having Luke Brian come up every 4th song - nothing wrong with Luke, but he is not Italian opera! This doesn't happen with Pandora (or Apple Music or Tidal for example). Any ideas?

hammer @OR-US | April 9, 2018

It's not being "blocked" it's just that the browser is old and also doesn't have any audio or video codecs installed.

EVRider | April 9, 2018

@miguel: See this article for tips on searching the forum and other useful info:

The only way to listen to Pandora in the car today is to stream it from your phone via Bluetooth.

Rocky_H | April 9, 2018

Yeah, I dearly wish. I have some great Pandora stations I've been using for years that I have very well dialed in.

sentabo | April 9, 2018

Yeah, unfortunately like EVRider said you have to stream through your phone to use Pandora. Maybe that will change someday?

miguel.alemany | April 10, 2018

Thanks to all!

avesraggiana | April 10, 2018

@Miguel.alemany. I know exactly what you mean, and it's frustrating enough for me to feel like sticking the heel of my shoe through the centre MCU.

Anybody who was young and in love in the late 80s and digging R&B music would well remember Taja Sevelle and "Love Is Contagious." So now "Love Is Contagious Radio" regularly loops tracks to include obscure hits by Bing Crosby, and Fred Astaire as well as song selections from the original live Broadway cast of "My Fair Lady," as well selections from even more obscure artists and ever more obscure songs. And it plays these same selections over, and over and over again.

What the Hell is going on?!

avesraggiana | April 10, 2018

What the Hell is going on, with Slacker Radio, that is.

FreddyC10 | December 7, 2018

avesraggiana, you know, if you hit the thumbs down on a song you don't like, it won't play again. the more you hit the thumbs up and down on songs, the more the playlist will be to your liking. Just a thought.