Pano roof ratio

Pano roof ratio

Anybody have an idea of the ratio of cars being ordered with the panoramic roof as opposed to the standard roof? I have a panoramic roof and I have not personally seen a Model S without it yet. Anybody?.

cfOH | August 31, 2013

At a recent meetup in Cincinnati, we had 8 Model S: 4 with pano and 4 without, IIRC. Yes, it's a lousy sample, but it's all I have. :-)

NKYTA | August 31, 2013

Put me down as no pano. I had a sunroof for 15 years in my '98 Jetta, that I never used.

Maybe I'm sun-phobic, but it's a roof, it isn't supposed to have holes in it. ;-)

riceuguy | August 31, 2013

No pano here...had sunroof or convertible for many years and rarely used them...mostly to vent a hot car, but the Tesla app is a much better way to handle that!

kWh pwr | August 31, 2013

Yeah, no pano for me on the S85 that I will (hopefully) have soon. I've had a sunroof in my 2004 Infiniti G35 sedan that I've used probably a grand total of 10 times in the past 10 years.

danej | August 31, 2013

Wish I hadn't selected the pano. It's noisy, but I understand there will be a fix for that. The sun glare is annoying, makes me want to wear a hat when I drive. I plan to black it out with limo tint soon.

elguapo | September 1, 2013

Love my pano. Rarely open, but provides the perfect amount of light when closed, not hot and gives a very open feel.

TommyBoy | September 1, 2013

Drove a pano and non-pano car. You couldn't pay me to own a non-pano car! It was completely claustrophobic to me and my wife concurred. We switched spots during one of our test drives and when I was in the back seat I was miserable in the non-pano Model S.

I never used a sunroof in either of our cars in 15 years even though they both have them but the key is that on the Model S you don't have to use it to reap the benefits, i.e. a more open and airy interior.

The Model S has a low ceiling. In my opinion it requires the pano roof if you want to breathe.

lolachampcar | September 1, 2013

Pick up MS#3 tomorrow and zero Panos so far.

TommyBoy | September 1, 2013

I'm 6'4 and 235lb. YMMV.

cfOH | September 1, 2013

My only complaint about the pano is the glare created on the touchscreen when the pano is open, at least based on my seat position.

Oh, and a slight whistle above 70mph, which I will have the service guys look at as soon as I have a good reason to call them.

JPPTM | September 1, 2013

No pano for me...I'm not really into a sunroof.

Captain_Zap | September 1, 2013

No pano here. When we were tracking the cars more closely for the first deliveries it seemed as if it was 80-90% with the pano roof option.

cwmenne | September 1, 2013

No pano here. I didn't want the risk of noise from it. All of my previous high end cars have had some noise from the sunroof, so had to eliminate the possibility with the MS as it is a very quiet car. If they offered a glass roof that didn't open, I would have jumped on that option.

Neech | September 1, 2013

Love my pano. No whistles, or noises unless it is open (natch).
Closest thing to a convertible without having a ragtop.

Robert Hodgen | September 1, 2013

Had the car a week and a half. No issues with the Pano. Opens and closes as it should and no noise at highway speeds. Heat not an issue in the Florida sun.

frankben | September 1, 2013

They have a fix for the cracking sound. My technician did it about two weeks ago and i haven't heard a crack or pop sound since.

christurbeville | September 1, 2013

Yes the creak is resolved AFAIK. They pulled the roof and sunroof and adjusted and insulated joints and bolts and reapplied the roof and re-tensioned the sunroof to reduce wind-noise as a bonus.