Parked Tesla looses 10 miles per day

Parked Tesla looses 10 miles per day

My Tesla Model X 75D is in a parking garage, and just lost 10 miles per day over 2 weeks (from 185 miles charged at 80% to 45 miles). The app says heating is turned off and inside temperature is 56 deg. It didn't get overly cold these past 2 weeks. Is this normal? What am I missing?

lilbean | March 12, 2019

Mine does that. Normal.

Redmiata98 | March 13, 2019

Sounds high. Review your options selected on the touchscreen. By removing most of them AND avoiding the inclination to check on the car, I experienced a loss of only 2-3 miles per day.

inconel | March 13, 2019

In cold weather mine would lose 10 miles the first day then about 6 the second day and 2 to 3 thereafter.

bp | March 18, 2019

We averaged about 7 miles of lost range per day last week when our X 100D (MCU2) was parked at an airport garage in 40-70 degree weather.

beaver | March 18, 2019

TeslaFi? Sentry mode?