parking sensor retrofit not ready yet but...

parking sensor retrofit not ready yet but...

I got an email from ownership experience that says they are trying to assess customer interest in this. So if you are interested let them know. Evidently they are keeping track of who responds.

Updated 10/28

If all you read is this, then know that TMC has decided not to offer this as an upgrade/retrofit. They say the cost is about $6K. I have heard all sorts of reasons for this from you have to replace the bumper to you have to replace the system console computer. Not sure what to believe except that they are not going to offer it.

AmpedRealtor | September 26, 2013

This is a dead issue. As I said, service center informed that there will be no parking sensor retrofits, period. This decision was made by Tesla over two weeks ago and the service center was communicating what they were told by corporate. So I'm not sure why we are continuing to debate something that is not going to happen at any price. Tesla told me that due to the cost, Tesla will not be offering the retrofit. That sounds pretty decisive to me. I know there are some here who won't believe anything unless it comes from Elon or one of the VPs, but my service center was very explicit about the decision that has been handed down.

And no, I would not have re-priced my vehicle to the tune of over $5,000 in order to receive a set of parking sensors that do nothing to help with my #1 issue - curbs. It's a nice "me too" feature, but it is not a safety feature. Give me side view cameras and lane keep assist, then I might be willing to spend $6,000 on something that might actually save my life instead of a scratch on my bumper.

carol.comm | September 26, 2013

When I 'switched' from my Lexus rx450h to my Model S, the warning parking sensor beep was the one feature that I sadly miss and still do. It was indispensable and I am said to have dispensed with it. Yes, please do come up with a retrofit option - badly needed.

GeekEV | September 26, 2013

> The center console is $1000...

@Thomas N - I think you're looking at the aftermarket CCI. The official Tesla center console is still listed as "coming soon" with no price listed.

Gizmotoy | September 26, 2013

@carol: I don't think even the factory sensors beep (could be rectified later in SW). I didn't notice anything on my test drives.

J.T. | September 26, 2013

@Amped Looking at recent photos of MS collisions, lane assist will be saving someone else's life, you're pretty safe in your Tesla. at any speed with any obstacle.

jandkw | September 26, 2013

I never own or drove a car that has parking sensors. My question is isn't adding the grid lines (red/yellow/green) on the backup camera which is a software enhancement, will take care of the backup? I do understand it may not help me to see the front side. I suspect the grid line is part of Tesla's future enhancement since we have a lot of request on this.

elguapo | September 26, 2013

@Amped I appreciate the response, I think the issue is others are getting completely different stories. For example, my service center just told me two days ago that no decision has been made, but they expect it will be an option, but a very expensive one.

The desire to hear it from Elon or a VP has to do with the fact that no one else seems to be have a consistent answer - as you can tell from reading this thread. If they've made up their mind, they need to communicate it - though we all know that's not their strong point.

dmoorjani | October 2, 2013

+1 for parking sensors. My 2 cents: I've ordered my Tesla with a 11+ month lead time (ordered on July 31 2013 for a July 2014 delivery) for various personal reasons. It seems reasonable to accommodate either i) no cost parking sensor inclusion (with tech package already selected) or ii) additional customer cost ($500) to add the parking sensors if it's not technically a retrofit but rather an update to an order since parts are typically ordered "just in time" and there's plenty of time left to offer the parking sensors as an option without retrofitting. I'm not breaking down the cost here or doing a profit analysis. I'm just saying it would be a nice gesture from Tesla, given our loyalty to the startup (if you can still call it a startup given the IPO and stock appreciation) and it's great product. I just don't want to re-price my vehicle for $5k+ simply to add parking sensors for an order in queue. Parking sensors are such a useful feature and some insurance to reduce bumper damage / scratches which can be expensive to repair. Furthermore, I think PS should be a standard feature with the backup camera / tech package, but worst case, I would be willing to pay $500. I really hope Tesla accommodates inclusion of PS for orders that aren't already in manufacturing or if bumpers and other parts have not already been sourced, if they are unwilling to include a retrofit for current owners.

mikefa | October 2, 2013

Parking sensors are obsolete and unnecessary if Tesla can mount more cameras to cover the front bumper distance from the curb, and replace side mirrors with cameras which would be more economical as well as reduce drag to improve range!

cj | October 4, 2013

I can't believe in today's world that they didn't come stock from the factory that way?

They should have, and I'd like them.

Brian H | October 5, 2013

The original MX prototypes had side cameras instead of mirrors, but getting approval is the problem.

pylt | October 6, 2013

thehunt | SEPTEMBER 25, 2013
How about they just sell us the parts for $500 and then we can one of the third party installers doing aftermarket installations install them. $6000 is ridiculous.


I LIKE this idea!

Sounds like a win-win. Tesla gets additional revenue, and we do our own installs. Or, for additional revenue, Tesla Service does the whole thing, but sure as heck not for $6k! There must be a third way; keep working on a solution Tesla.

Frankly, they should have come with the first car, VIN 001, but I guess they had a lot on their plates at the time so I'll cut 'em some slack. It's not like it's new technology as they were on my 2002 BMW 330i. The difference is the integration with Tesla's displays and I'm sure that took some time I guess.


T3SLA | October 6, 2013


I ordered in July. Delivery in late September. They refused to add the parking sensors for 500. Multiple people from tesla told me it would require ordering a new car and paying the higher prices. It would cost me about 10000 because I ordered the performance.

jbasso | October 7, 2013

+1 on the parking sensors
Early owners should never loose out on these. They should find some third party shops to do the work. Everyone wins then. I like the additions, but hate the idea of not being able to upgrade when you buy early. This is sending a bad message. The rear camera is lame without some tire lines which is just a software upgrade.
I am a huge supporter of Tesla but this is not making me a fan. My car is obsolete even before the next model shows up. Not cool.

J.T. | October 8, 2013

@jbasso Everything is obsolete once it comes to market. that's just the way of things.

BTW the rear camera is incredible. Try it for a while. You'll love it.

aviationfw | October 8, 2013

I have installed Curbalert (EV model) this is an aftermarket sensors that beep on approach to a front curb about 18 inches but is ajustable by owner using the push button automatic calibration on installation. Everything is hidden except the sensor of course. Price was $149 plus a saturday afternoon for me to install. It fixed the problem and has saved my front end from damage by those front parking curbs. I did have to cut a small hole in the black plastic mesh grill at the front of the car which was easy and is not noticable as it is right below the big plastic piece that pops off the front of the car. Make sure you buy the EV model not any other model as they will not turn on below 13 volts and the MS is a 12 volt system.

Bubba2000 | October 8, 2013

Tesla and Model S in particular is just at the beginning of the cycle in innovation. Besides parking sensors, they will eventually add all kinds of sensors for curb parking, lane change assist, smart cruise control, collision avoidance, etc. Mercedes S550 already offers these features. Then there is the autopilot Elon talks about. The ModelS, X, etc will have batteries good for 500 miles, AWD with dynamic control with output of >500 HP.

Do a person really want to wait for all these improvements, most of which are "wants", especially if they can afford the car easily? What? Wait till starting to wear a leg bag and after b/l catarat surgery? I got the Model S without the sensors and I would have wanted 500 mile range or least, superchargers in the interstates where I drive. I can do without the frills except for the Superchargers, which will happen soon... that is my need.

The rest is just "wants". My first car was a Dodge with a stick shift clunker. Used to park in a slope when possible so that if the battery was dead I could get it rolling and then drop the clutch. Travelled with long jumper cables, CB radio, few cans of oil, brake fluid, antifreeze, belts, spark plugs, cap, timing light, Craftsman tool box, canned food, water, etc. Back then, people were nice and always helped when stranded. While in college had no problem going on a date. These days, no chance in the average college scene.

Meanwhile, my 85P/Pano/Tech is really fun to drive!

elguapo | October 28, 2013

I just heard from ownership experience that the retrofit "solution" TM came up with was deemed far too expensive to offer, as such, TM will not offer a parking sensor retrofit now. If they can figure out how to do it in a less expensive way in the future, they may do so.

I know there were several threads on this, so it may have been reported elsewhere, but I just used volkerize to find the first thread I could.

Oh well...

2-Star | October 28, 2013

Any chance they might offer a front camera?

AmpedRealtor | October 28, 2013

My local service center told me the same about a month ago - that the decision has been made not to offer the parking sensor retrofit due to cost. Now the next question is this... can independent parts/body shops order the components separately and cobble together the same components into something that works?

privacylaw | October 28, 2013

yes interested.

Bubba2000 | October 28, 2013

Yes, interested at a reasonable price.

amish.bhatia | October 28, 2013

yes interested at a reasonable price 20534

2-Star | October 28, 2013

Not interested in sensors, but very interested in front camera.

jfewins | October 28, 2013

For those regretting not getting the sensors, don't worry too much. I had sensors in my BMW X6 which worked great, and were very accurate. These don't seem too accurate. I'm not impressed and trying to determine if they are even useful.

jreichmann | October 28, 2013

I bought my Model S three months ago because I was told if be able to retrofit the sensors on my car when it was released. Not 20 minutes ago I accidentally backed into another car because I looked forward for a second as I was backing up. Fortunately there wasn't any damage but I'm the type of driver who can really use sensors. I've had nothing but great things to say about Tesla and I've been telling anyone who'd listen about it but if they don't offer the retrofit I will feel cheated and very upset.

I've told everyone I know who owns a MS to email Tesla to insist on them offering the retrofit. If you want sensors keep sending emails!

GDH | October 28, 2013

It has to cost at least $2K to retro fit a car with sensors, if not more.

Alex K | October 28, 2013

Check out the thread New Service Center Scottsdale, AZ where @Roamer mentions that he is having the parking sensors retrofitted at the same time he is having some body work done. It doesn't sound like it will definitely will work, but he is giving it a try.

Brian H | October 29, 2013

It will be available, but only at an unreasonable price. Or SLT... >:p

polyphase | October 29, 2013

Too late for me. I just scraped up the rear bumper corner badly by backing into a car that wasn't supposed to be in my driveway. I was looking at the nav planning my route and not at the backup camera right below it. What an idiot (me). Now I have to repair two cars. Would something beep, beeping me have helped? Dunno. Deaf and dumb. | October 29, 2013

I've had front parking sensors on my car since February. It's labor intensive, but the parts are cheap. I think total cost was $100. Now these work fine, but it's not nearly as nice as the new Tesla integrated display. Anyway, I documented the entire process at:

The Tesla $500 option is a bargain, and I would have taken it over a DIY installation. I know shops have been doing them for about $1500 to $2000, and that's actually not unreasonable considering the amount of labor required.

If you really want sensors, consider doing only the front, which is a bit easier. I find the rear camera does a reasonable job of showing obstructions, and I really don't miss having rear sensors.

ThorensP | October 29, 2013

I'm interested.