Parking Sensors and Winter - FYI

Parking Sensors and Winter - FYI

Not a complaint or gripe of any kind - informational only.

We got our first snow, around Chicago, of the season Monday and I came out of work to an Ice/snow covered front end of the car (thank you Tesla app for letting me warm the car up before leaving). The ice/snow was covering the front parking sensors and was frozen on. When I put the car in drive, the parking sensors chimed and read STOP. I silenced the chimes in the settings menu and proceeded to start the drive home. Almost immediately an error alert showed on the dashboard stating that the Parking Sensors failed and to contact Tesla Service.

Once home I parked in the garage. About 1/2 hour later I was able to wipe the remaining ice from the front of the car, but the Sensor error remained on the dash. A reboot of the touch screen cleared the error and the parking sensors are 100% again.

Posted more for information on what to expect and how to clear the error than any other reason. All cars with sensors are messed up by winter, so I figured I'd give folks a heads up.


mrrjm | November 13, 2013

I left Downers Grove and the same thing happened to me. Only the left front sensors though. After thawing in the garage everything was fine. I wish there was a way to disable the message.

dborn | November 13, 2013

Correct fix - move to a human friendly climate and leave the snow for the polar bears!!!
Spoken like a true Australian! Our temps today are 78 in Sydney - glorious!!

Captain_Zap | November 13, 2013


I'd love to meet you for a beer on your turf.