Parts on Backorder

Parts on Backorder

Anyone else have issues waiting for parts? I simply can't be alone. I've been out of my model 3 since October 6th waiting for a quarter panel. I drove the car for 2 weeks and assumed 2 week wait time (long for any other manufacture) to get back in the car. However, 60 days later, still no part or car. unreal!!!!

burt | December 27, 2018

Yes, we having been waiting for two months for some parts needed by the body shop. This experience is enough for me to let people know that it is a great car, but.......

No_ICE | December 27, 2018

I ordered a new rear panel earlier this month. The body shop said it would take about three weeks but it arrived in 16 days. This is in Maryland so that time includes cross county shipping. I wonder if wait time is part-dependent? You would think the demand for rear panels would be greater than the demand for quarter panels but who knows.

neil.weinstock | December 27, 2018

I pray to not need any body work until (if?) Tesla straightens out its parts supply issues. This is really nuts.

hokiegir1 | December 27, 2018

I'm not even asking the status of my front end until after the new year -- which will be about 3 weeks post-incident. I had at least 4 panels with damage and a broken headlight, plus any related sensor issues --but I'm not sure how many could do with repair over replacement. And the only reason I'm even asking at 3 weeks is because they were putting "priority" status, since it happened in their lot. Otherwise, I'd be expecting late January at the earliest.

zoejohns | April 20, 2019

Has anyone had success with getting a loaner from Tesla during this parts backorder? my rental coverage is over and im without a car while tesla figures their own issues out. was about to get a new S but after this madness im looking at other manufactures. How is this okay when they are providing NO solution for their issue ????