The parts backorder problem!

The parts backorder problem!

So here we go again.
Tesla Modes S parts backorder, the Bodyshop swears it will fix it as soon as rear bumper for my 2017 Model S arrives, and nobody knows when it might happen. I know, Elon acknowledges this problem and solution is: Tesla will have their own Bodyshops. I don’t know if it can help without parts. It seems to me the problem is not in the number of Bodyshops, but maybe just not enough parts for cars already built, sold and on the road. 10 weeks past, I’ve been still waiting for the plastic bumper. It is frustrating!

lilbean | June 19, 2018

Maybe they are waiting for rivets.

UL8 | June 19, 2018

Huh! They have them. They (bodyshop) need that big plastic thing called a bumper.

lilbean | June 19, 2018


Anthony J. Parisio | June 20, 2018

Ask them to find a used one online.

UL8 | June 20, 2018

Well, insurance won’t cover that.
The bottom line is:Tesla needs to step up in it’s game to provide enough parts for its cars and they care about its customers.

r.a.lee | June 20, 2018

I had an accident over memorial day weekend. Deer did not survive. Still no parts, and it will be a month once the parts arrive.

ReD eXiLe ms us | June 21, 2018

UL8: The 'problem' that Tesla faces is that the Model S has been 3-to-4 times more popular than they had expected. So 'spare parts' have always been allocated at perhaps 1/4 to 1/3 as many as have been needed, if that much. Plus, they may not have expected the percentage of drivers cracking up their cars would have been this high to begin with. It would be nice if Tesla managed to bring their allocation program to within acceptable boundaries though. It's just that with the mandate that Service Centers NOT be a 'profit center' within their business model, Tesla has much less motivation to offer spare parts to begin with, whether over-the-counter or business-to- business. The quandary of not being able/allowed to offer full Sales/Service in at least 24 States due to Franchise laws simply compounds the issue. I believe they care, but have other primary priorities in mind currently. Best of luck to you! | June 21, 2018

@UL8 - Have you contacted Tesla to see if they can expedite the part? Worth trying. Contact info and a lot more here:

rxlawdude | June 21, 2018

The other complication is the myriad parts modifications over the life of the MS - a part for a 2015 MS might be a totally different design and not compatible with another 2015 MS of a later or earlier vintage.

The redesign clearly makes any pre-2016 MS "legacy" for parts, too.

reed_lewis | June 21, 2018

@r.a.lee - I guess the deer were out in force that weekend. I hit one in CT, and he ran off. My car when in three weeks ago and they say it should be ready Monday. So just over three weeks. Most of it was waiting for the insurance company to come out and do the adjustment....

impala1ss | June 22, 2018

r.a.lee and reed_lewis - I'm very sorry for your accidents with the deer. My question is how the car performed before the crash. Were you using AP? Regardless, did the car see the deer before impact and how did the car act? Was there any automatic avoidance? Did the car automatically apply the brakes? Did it warn you and if so how far away? Thanks.

Dwhite | June 22, 2018

I was involved in a relatively minor accident on February 22nd in my 2015 Model S. Between waiting for an opening at a Tesla approved body shop (approx. 5 weeks) and parts delivery delays (12 weeks and counting) I have been without my car for 4 months today. During that 4 months I have been subjected to repeated long wait times on hold while calling to get parts ship dates from Tesla. I was on hold 30 min today only to learn that they cannot provide a firm ship date once again. I urge Elon to put Mars, Hyperloops, and other new ventures on hold until Tesla can figure out how to support their current customers and products.
To make matters much worse, the Tesla approved body shop in Boulder, CO. has left my car out in the elements which has now been seriously damaged by hail. This experience (which is far from over) has caused me to regret my decision to purchase an otherwise fine automobile.

RFD | June 22, 2018

Was really ended on Dec. 10, 2017. Original estimate was $6k. Once known parts arrived, I took it to the body shop on Jan. 8. Concealed damage upped the estimate to $27k. Still no Tesla!

barrykmd | June 22, 2018

Dwhite | June 22, 2018
I urge Elon to put Mars, Hyperloops, and other new ventures on hold until Tesla can figure out how to support their current customers and products.


zoejohns | April 20, 2019

Has anyone had success with getting a loaner from Tesla during this parts backorder? my rental coverage is over and im without a car while tesla figures their own issues out. was about to get a new S but after this madness im looking at other cars. How is this okay when they are providing NO solution for their issue ????