Parts Shortage

Parts Shortage

Back in April someone backed into my driver's side rear quarter panel, while I was in the car. She took full responsibility and my Model 3 was still drivable. Due to insurance delays, it took unil the end of May to get my car into a Tesla certified body shop. They ordered all the parts based on the pictures I sent them and got them in before my car arrived to them, but after looking over the car they knew it needed some internal brackets which are back ordered from Tesla with no ETA. So a 3 week repair could now take months, this is unacceptable! It's bad enough the closest Tesla "certified" body shop is 2 hours away from me, but now I have to wait on parts. Tesla should have gotten all this sorted out by now. I can't encourage anyone to buy a Tesla anymore if there aren't enough body shops and they can't get parts. I accepted the higher DMV fee and higher insurance rate for my Tesla, but not having parts or enough body shops makes me wonder why I bought a Tesla.

rdh37 | July 16, 2019

I made mention of this on a previous post but Tesla is not the only car company ever to go through this. Talk to people who owned an early Jag, Mini, exotic BMW back in the day etc. I know it can be rough but hang in there.

dmastro | July 16, 2019

@teslamir: Unfortunately, when shops do their estimate and initiate repairs, they still haven't taken the car apart so they haven't identified some of the underlying damage. The shop should be clear about that so as not to set unrealistic expectations.

Case in point: I had a collision in my Mustang which needed a bumper replacement. They provided an estimate for the visible repairs, but advised that once they took the parts off it would likely reveal additional damage - which it did. In my case, it took about 5 weeks for a variety of clips and components to be shipped and installed. Although I wasn't happy the repairs took so long, I understood the process (although I did check in every week to make sure things were moving as quickly as possible).

All that said, I know early on Tesla was suffering from a severe shortage of parts as (nearly) everything being produced was being used to assemble new cars. I haven't read anything recently that mentions if parts inventory is on hand and growing.

hcdavis3 | July 16, 2019

I went to a Tesla approved body shop for a tiny ding in the rear bumper. Well in excess of 2k to fix..

hcdavis3 | July 16, 2019

I went to a Tesla approved body shop for a tiny ding in the rear bumper. Well in excess of 2k to fix..

jonabramson | July 16, 2019

I've been waiting on a driver's seat replacement for 6 weeks now. Brought it into Tesla service back in March when they diagnosed it needing a new seat. Since I got my car, the seat tips a bit toward the back when I accelerate. At first, I thought it was just the acceleration pushing me into the seat. ;)

Anyway, it's almost a safety issue but the seat doesn't move that much. More bothersome than anything else for now unless it gets worst. I understand they're trying to whip these cars out at 30k a month, but they need to start up a plant to make replacement parts already.

WantMY | July 16, 2019

@hcdavis3 It is not going to end well with all of these certified shops and delays - insurance rates will skyrocket even more, bad, bad, bad

vishious911 | July 16, 2019

I'm pushed to my 3rd appointment for the glass roof replacement, from unavailability of parts. Just the scripted "We are sorry we couldn't get the parts in time. Your appointment has automatically been pushed forward 2 weeks".

I love Tesla, and the mission! Always gonna defend the company, but God, this lack of parts is so frustrating! I thought it was just the batteries that were the every piece is also a critical component?!

vmulla | July 16, 2019

Back in Aug 2018 when I was hurting for parts I was told that every single part made was a part that could be used to make another car. They were in production hell at that time. I suppose this is the same thing going on now.

- The shareholder/owners who support the company will understand that the revenue from a whole car is much better than the revenue from a spare part.
- The others who are waiting will understand - you were anxious to get your new car, someone else is waiting so a little bit of patience would help someone into a new Tesla.
- Also, you can't complain about folks complaining on the forum and then have a service complaint yourself - just email service and be calm.

teslamir | July 17, 2019

So I talked to the repair center yesterday and pinned most of the blame on them. They clearly broke the brackets when they uninstalled the existing bumper, which he agreed with and said that they're cheap $5 parts and break easily. So I asked if they knew the parts break easily and they're cheap and Tesla parts are severely delayed, why didn't he order the parts in advance? He couldn't say much to that, except for how the insurance company wouldn't cover a part if it wasn't broken first. For a $5 part, for a certified Tesla repair shop they should have anticipated this. Either way, we ended in a good place, they gave me the vehicle back with the broken brackets installed (or maybe not installed at all) and once the brackets come in they'll get them on. In the mean time, the car looks fine, apparently no risk of bumper falling off, but autopilot doesn't work - which I'm fine with.

Back just in time for Tesla to re-install the crooked Dual Motor badge they installed last time...

Janice.ribeiro | July 17, 2019

I was rear ended in mid June. My parts just came in this week. They took a month to arrive. I’m bringing my car in on Saturday and the Tesla certified body shop should have my car for 2 Weeks. I just want a dent free car again, since I only had the car for three months when I was hit.

apodbdrs | July 18, 2019

@Resist, Lesson, "Don't park where other vehicles can back into your car!" I always park well away from others, because most drivers are IDIOTS, and even with cameras and sensors they are either texting or not paying attention to driving! Sorry about your car, sell it and get a bicycle!

ODWms | July 19, 2019

With this talk about the bumper, are we all talking about the actual bumper itself, or the bumper COVER?