Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward

Tesla is at an incredibly important juncture in its development. They have designed, engineered and begun to deliver an almost universally praised, revolutionary, landmark vehicle-- the first no-compromise EV. They have overcome manufacturing, supplier, and quality ramp-up issues, and bravely faced up the the self-serving and anti-competitive NADA.

What is the biggest thing they need to be concerned about now? Cash. Cold, hard cash. Cash to buy parts, pay their heroically hard-working people, complete the Model X, and research and develop the Gen III. Cash to repay the DOE loan, EARLY, and silent the carping critics.

All of us in this community have a huge stake in this enterprise, not just because we want to own great cars, but because we want to move our world forward to sustainable personal transportation. We are pioneers, early adopters, even zealots. Many of us are also shareholders in TSLA. But what more could we do to dramatically enhance Tesla Motor's security and momentum?

We can pay it forward.

If ten thousand of us Model S and Model X reservation holders simply sent Tesla an average of $10,000 of our due balance on our cars NOW, we would improve Tesla's cash position by ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS immediately!

I have $25,000 of our Model S due balance sitting in a bank account that I will send to Tesla without any pre-condition or quid pro quo, as soon as someone from Tesla contacts me to accept my offer and tells me how and where to send it.

I hasten to clarify that this is my own idea, not suggested, prompted, or encouraged by anyone else, especially not at Tesla. This is an attempt at grass-roots vote of confidence for a team of humans I believe are doing something critical for humanity.

Who is with me?

Vincent Argiro
Salt Spring Island, BC

mrspaghetti | October 29, 2012

Good idea. If I had the spare cash I would consider it. But I'll be financing and don't expect my car until June-ish.

I suspect that situation is common enough that it reduces your estimate of how much cash could be added to TM's ledger by half or more. But still a good idea IMO.

Captain_Zap | October 29, 2012

If I could get my VIN I could pay for the car in full in a few days. My CU said they would give us a check in when I get the VIN. My car is just a couple weeks away.

noel.smyth | October 29, 2012

actually id like to pay for the car this year but its not due to me until Feb/March.

GLO | October 29, 2012

We would love to do so as well. If I could get a VIN, I'd prepay my car now.

vouteb | October 29, 2012

what would Tesla do for us....?

DTsea | October 29, 2012

If I could legally do it (had a VIN etc) I would pay this year, so I could have the tax credit on my 2012 return. I have a Jan/Feb delivery window unfortunately. Maybe worth a call to Tesla.

Sudre_ | October 29, 2012

I would love to pay early. My car was hit a few months ago and totaled. In MO I get a sales tax credit but it will expire before I get my car. Might have to send a message myself. . . . Good idea Vincent.

Captain_Zap | October 29, 2012

Let us know how it goes Sudre_

skystream3.7 | October 29, 2012

i would do it as well

geramu | October 29, 2012

Easy there, superheroes. Tesla has plenty of cash. The latest financing round + existing balance means Tesla has enough raw funds to get by for a long time. That and the deliveries that it's making - if Tesla sells a mere 300 Model S Signatures, that's 30,000,000 of intake right off the bat.

If you really want to help Tesla, be an advocate. Join an EV club, show your friends, contact your goverments, etc. That right there means more for Tesla's future - a lot more! - than an upfront delivery of money it doesn't need.

DouglasR | October 29, 2012

DTsea +1

TikiMan | October 29, 2012

I have a better idea... Buy Tesla Stock! If all goes as planned, it should double in price the end of 2013!

BYT | October 29, 2012

I keep adding to my TSLA positions when I can. I have to pull the reigns in a bit however because my car should be ready very soon.

DTsea | October 29, 2012

Stock would be great but paying less taxes is always good! plus depending on the election results, maybe the 2013 tax year wont have the credit.

Captain_Zap | October 29, 2012

Or it could be more and instant! But I doubt the change would be immediate.

GoTeslaChicago | October 29, 2012


very close to what I was going to say.