Pay Tesla to unlock self presenting doors after delivery?

Pay Tesla to unlock self presenting doors after delivery?

After having multiple loaners, the one thing I really wish I had is self presenting doors, the ability to open the driver/passenger door from the key fob, etc. I escalated this request to executives, with no luck. I find it odd that they wouldn’t want more money from me and I’m sure others for a simple pay for software update.

Would any of you pay for this option to be unlocked after delivery?

Do any of you think this might become a option?

peterlethbridge | May 16, 2018

TBH, I found the self presenting doors to be a pain after a while and can be a liability when they open on a busy road.

Vawlkus | May 16, 2018

Honestly no. It’s too much work for too small of an audience.

I don’t have them, and I wouldn’t want them even if I had the option.

COrich | May 16, 2018

Self presenting doors are only available with the PUP (Premium Upgrade Package). This has always been a bundled feature of the PUP.

reed_lewis | May 16, 2018

Is the motor mechanism even in the door when you do not have the premium upgrades?

00Tesla | May 16, 2018

I absolutly love the self presenting doors!!! Like having a chauffeur. Fantastic.
I rented a car the other day and nothing! I asked nicely... Nothing! I thought, What 3rd world fresh hell is this!!!!!

packpike | May 16, 2018

The doors are awesome! I wouldn’t go to an S because of them. It would make sense for them to do it afterwards if it’s easy, but that goes against the ‘simple model’ or bundles and no a la cart.

burdogg | May 16, 2018

reed_lewis - yes, the motor is already there. that is how the doors open and close, with that motor. Pull the inside handle, and it opens by itself after that - same motor.

The reason I see they won't a la cart it later is people will stop paying the excessive (my opinion) cost for the PUP :) Sorry but $6,000 for HEPA filter, self presenting doors, sub zero package (that used to be a la cart at $1,000) Better sound system, and last ABILITY to do XM (XM not included). $6,000 seems steep for those options :) Just my opinion, and if you are able to do HEPA a la cart (they offer) and then the doors as well, then yeah, PUP would not be bought by very many at that point.

Triggerplz | May 16, 2018

I love my self presenting doors and for those that worry it will open to traffic on a busy road simply press the top of the fob once and the door will not open when you approach

lilbean | May 16, 2018

How about not walking up to the car when traffic is going by. :)

lilbean | May 16, 2018

The auto presenting door is my favorite feature of the car.

Triggerplz | May 16, 2018

@Lilbean, In the words of Lilbean to Lilbean Ha Ha Ha

poloX | May 16, 2018

I agree with the OP, PUP is 6K but it has more than just the HEPA filter. Say the HEPA is 2K, the Sub0 is 2K, the Audio and 1K, and if they do the self present door for 1K, there will be a lot of folks wanting that features and they will be making a lot of money that they otherwise would not. I too miss it for only 4 days of using it. BOTH H/W and S/W are already there.

poloX | May 16, 2018

I agree with the OP, PUP is 6K but it has more than just the HEPA filter. Say the HEPA is 2K, the Sub0 is 2K, the Audio and 1K, and if they do the self present door for 1K, there will be a lot of folks wanting that features and they will be making a lot of money that they otherwise would not. I too miss it for only 4 days of using it. BOTH H/W and S/W are already there.

Cuttin | May 16, 2018

LOVE my auto present doors. Use them and love them many times per day.

Got a loaner without them and was really suffering!

I travel to nyc few times a month. Can't get much busier than those streets with bikes, cabs, etc flying by. It does fine. You just have to more conscious of it.

Not really rocket science!

It's not like it opens from far away, you have more than enough time to catch it and close it before the drunk cabbie rips the door off.

And of coarse you can always shut them off.

I do agree.
Stand alone upgrades should be offered.
I don't have suv zero pack, long story, but would lay to get the heated wipers. Mine kept freezing this winter.

tommyalexandersb | May 17, 2018

My point is that Tesla could make A LOT of money with literally zero hardware upgrade, they basically have to push a button to release it to owners who pay to unlock it. The cars I test drove never had this feature, or at least it wasn’t shown to me, so I stupidly passed on it. I understand not wanting to deal with any upgrades that would congest the service centers, but a software upgrade option for say $500-$1000 would make sense in my opinion. At least temporarily for those of us who regret not getting that option.

burdogg | May 17, 2018

I agree tommyalexandersb - money just sitting there ready for the taking :) I do wonder though as I mentioned - if they worry that by so doing, they will actually loose out on money as less people pay $6,000, but now only pay $1,000 :) That really is my take on why they wouldn't do it.

@PoloX - you are high on your pricing. The Sub zero package was only $1,000 when it was available outside of the PUP - I know as I debated getting it or not when I bought.
The upgraded stereo was $1,000.
So those two together is only $2,000.
You can actually get the HEPA afterwards (or use to) and I can't remember the exact price, but I don't believe it was $2,000 (I will look to see if I can find that).
So to get to $6,000 - those doors would need to be $2,000 (unless I am wrong on HEPA filter).

But the biggest picture is this - will more people op for HEPA and Self presenting doors at say $2-3,000 and very few do the full $6,000? What pulls someone to pay the $6,000? I would bet most would say for HEPA, Self Presenting Doors, and then some for Audio. Cold package would be even less people as only certain areas really ever need that.

tommyalexandersb | May 17, 2018

I bought HEPA aftermarket the first day Tesla started offereing it, while I was still waiting for my X to be delivered. It was $750.

I wonder if they could do a limited time option to buy self presenting doors, like just for one quarter. Idk

MelaniaFromBrentwood | May 17, 2018

Today the HEPA, including installation, is around $200. Just had done on my S and X. The only thing is that they won’t add the Bioweapon button but to get the same functionality just put it on inside Air and run at full blast!! Hahahah.

Some service people refuse to install it. Keep calling and get someone who will set it up.

kenny | May 19, 2018

I also love my auto presenting doors. I'm very happy I have them and use them constantly. I've never turned them off and I don't plan to. I've driven 15k miles since December delivery so I drive a lot and never had an issue where I wished I didn't have them.

00Tesla | May 20, 2018

I take back my comment earlier!!!!
I am completely pissed at Tesla!!!!

For some reason my auto presenting driver door closed and then as I was walked forward of the car last night to go in the house, as I have done hundreds of time, the care door reopened without me noticing. And it rained all night last night and when I got to my car the interior was just soaked!!!!!!!! Water standing in the driver seat. Floors are soaking wet! Door covered in water!

I am so FREAK'N PISSED!!!!

lilbean | May 20, 2018

I always check the app to see the status of the car to make sure the doors are closed.

Coldfire73 | May 21, 2018

Strange, I've done that lots myself but the door always auto-closes when you get out of the keyfob distance. Normally it's because I've locked the car, walked inside, forgot I needed to charge it, walked to the back of the car (which auto opens the driver door) to plug it in, and then walked inside again. Was "walk away door lock" turned off?

justin.wurzburg | May 21, 2018

I'm starting to feel I was misinformed by the sales center...

The auto presenting door is part of the PUP, and that's only on the drivers door.

I was told I can open each door with the key fob without the PUP.
Double click on top for drivers, double click again for the passenger, then obviously double click the window buttons and trunk and frunk for those to open via remote too.
Is that not the case?
Do these doors not open with the fob unless you have the PUP?

burdogg | May 21, 2018

Without pup the only doors you can open withthe fob are the FWD and threw trunk

Vawlkus | May 23, 2018

Don’t forget the frunk burdogg. :P

burdogg | May 23, 2018

yeah, but I figured I was only targeting those that actually open by themselves :) The frunk still requires me to use the little muscles I have to lift it :))))

Vawlkus | May 23, 2018

Cop-out! Rationalization! You just forgot the damned thing! :D

burdogg | May 23, 2018

How could I forget that? I mean, it is lots of work for my arms to have to lift it - I mean, everything else is automated on this car - why should I be expected to lift the stupid frunk lid - way too much work, so no way to forget all those bad memories of every time I have to open it... (not to mention all the nightmares I have because of it, it keeps me up sometimes at night even! Man, I just realized how bad it is, I bet I can sue Tesla for my pain and suffering from it! :)

inconel | May 23, 2018

And at the speed I walk when I reached the frunk the safety mechanism has locked back requiring me to push the fob twice again...

burdogg | May 23, 2018

inconel - I am thinking class action lawsuit right? I mean, the pain and suffering we are having with this... :)

packpike | May 23, 2018

On a serious note, closing the frunk is a pain. I can handle the manual opening, but really do wish that the closing was ‘automated’. I usually put food in there and have to sit it down somewhere since it takes 2 hands to close the frunk. Even with 2 hands it usually takes several pushes and evokes a look occasionally in a parking lot. It just feels ‘cheap’.

burdogg | May 23, 2018

I wonder how much of that is regulations - as I know there are regulations that prevent the front hood from being automatic....

inconel | May 23, 2018

packpile the SC might be able to adjust and make it easier to close with less force. My X is quite easy to close.

justin.wurzburg | May 24, 2018

I confirmed yesterday with my Delivery Specialist that indeed only the FWD, trunk, and frunk will unlock with the key fob without the PUP. To open the driver and passenger doors will require pressing on the handle and having to wait for the door to open.

My wife and I remember the conversation we had with the sales staff at the showroom that the fob will open all the doors and the PUP will open the drivers door hands free (plus the other features of PUP).

No where on Tesla's site under the PUP section does it mention this. The animation shows one door, it talks about one door, it doesn't even talk about the fob being able to open the extra doors.
I had no reason to doubt the sales staff.

Now as our car is nearing the end of production, it's far too late to add PUP, and they tell me they cannot do any hardware or software modifications afterwards to add the self presenting door / key fob opening for the front doors.

This sucks. I was definitely mis-informed, possibly even mislead.

The Delivery Specialist has communicated this to the supervisor at the sales center to inform their staff correctly, and he said he is looking through inventory to see if there are any Model X's configured the way ours is but with the addition of the PUP and that we can get that one and pay the difference.

lilbean | May 24, 2018

I paid extra for that feature. People should not get it for free.

justin.wurzburg | May 25, 2018

And I don't want it for free. I would've paid for the PUP at order had I been properly explained what was included. After the fact, I'd be willing to pay up to $3k for just the ability to open the doors with the fob.

lilbean | May 25, 2018

I understand. I think when the car first came out, some people were getting the feature without paying for it. I was referring to that. Sorry.

burdogg | May 25, 2018

@justin.wurzburg - Sorry that that happened to you. Hopefully they can find an inventory one for you. Is it just the desire to use the fob to open the door? or is it that you also want it to open when you walk up to it? If it is just the ability to use the fob - my personal opinion mind you - it is not that big a deal to push the handle. The door opens for you after that, just as if you had used the fob. I wouldn't pay $3k for just the ability to use the fob to open the door. Now if it is the open for you when you walk up feature, that can be a little more handy - as you may have your hands full. But if just for the fob ability - either way, you have to use your hands.

Again, the door does open for you - but you have to push on the handle and then it opens for you.

Good luck with it.

jennamarietx | June 13, 2018

I disabled my self-presenting doors the second week of ownership--got tired real quick of the doors popping open every time I would walk by the car in my garage. Use the garage as storage as well as to park the car so I am frequently going in and out during the day.

Wrb | June 19, 2018

I agree, I would pay to have this feature unlocked. I thought I read somewhere in the forum that you could pay $1000 to unlock this feature, but it seems not true. My SC didn't believe it was possible either. And if it was, surely it would show up in the My Tesla online account.

Nevertheless, I wonder if the API allows someone to write an app that would do the same thing, or at least open the doors with a button press (on the app). There may be another way to do it, such as with some kind of dongle connected to the test connector that is on all cars (sorry, I forget the name of that test connector but no doubt someone here will know it)...


Uncle Paul | June 19, 2018

Sorry, but Tesla sells some features only as part of a package. No Ala-Carte.

Maximus-X | July 21, 2018

Now that the PUP features are included in the base model X, I don’t see what they lose by letting those of us (with non PUP) willing to pay for an upgrade to self presenting doors.

tommyalexandersb | July 21, 2018

Maybe if more of us escalate this request to executives they will listen?

davidahn | July 22, 2018

I think if the price is right and there are enough "preorders", I think they might actually listen. TSLA could use the cash infusion right now as they're struggling with M3 fulfillment. I think $2K is the right price considering how big a selling point self-presenting doors were for the entire PUP.

IMO Tesla's decision to include PUP for a $3500 bump in price speaks to 1) their need for cash and 2) a high percentage of non-PUP configurations being ordered.

Redmiata98 | July 23, 2018

...or the lessened cost per vehicle caused by standardization in the manufacturing.

tonypita99 | October 24, 2019

I so would be interested in having this done by Tesla. I have 3 model X's and only one without the auto present doors and I miss not having it on that model. I dont want to have to wait for me to be out of warranty many years from now to have some aftermarket tesla software rooter change my configuration to get that feature. they open from within the car that way and do not think there is any other upgrade than software. I know its a little complicated to set up the billing and software upgrade changes, but it would be a great source of revenue for the company. perhaps one day.