People Just Love the MS

People Just Love the MS

There's a restaurant we visit often and they know us. It's no big deal -- they say hi and all that. But the first time we took the MS down there we parked it in view of the place where the hostess stands and by the time we came in, there was a crowd of managers, waitpersons (is that even a word) and other employees gathered around to talk to us about the car. Now, if the story ended there, it would be another pat yourself on the back, ain't the MS grand story -- and you can't have too many of those either. But the story continues.

We've been back twice since and each time ensued a long conversation about the car and we didn't think much of it until last night when the manager told us he had pitched the idea of chargers in front to ownership and gotten approval for three! Two in front of the door (not covered) and one in the parking garage. He told us his pitch was that if they were all about healthy and sustainable eating then they should support people who are driving non-polluting cars.

That made our evening.

tobi_ger | July 17, 2013

Did you actually get to eat something there? :)
But that's a great story and outcome, hopefully more will think the same way.

ghillair | July 17, 2013

Please share the name and location of the restaurant so others can support these forward think people.

rd2 | July 17, 2013

Great story and I agree, please share the restaurant info. They will definitely get some love from the Tesla community.

sxross | July 17, 2013

Absolutely. They're not in yet, but it's Bistro West in Carlsbad, CA. They have a hotel and higher end steakhouse in the same complex. Maybe they could host a SC out back? Kidding :)

ppape | July 17, 2013

Great story. Love to hear businesses supporting the Tesla & EV community.

We live 30 miles south of Carlsbad. Let them know the Pape's see some Bistro dining in their very near future.
I skimmed over the Menu. It looks delicious.

Thanks for posting about them. This is a good post for So. Cal thread.

J. :-)

Xerogas | July 17, 2013

Whoa, we were just there a couple months ago (before I got my Tesla). Can't wait to go back, and get some electrons for dinner :)

TeslaOR | July 17, 2013

We should start a separate thread on restaurants that have chargers out front. Really want to support these guys.

jbunn | July 17, 2013

A nice place near charging, and you have my business.

SamO | July 17, 2013

I love this place

If they add EV charging for my Tesla, it will be my go-to for road trips between LA and San Diego.

Please let them know we are all rooting for convenient charging at great restaurants.

HenryT2 | July 17, 2013

I'm moving to Carlsbad in a couple of months so probably won't need the facilities, but I'll be sure to add them to my "preferred dining" list.

Docrob | July 18, 2013

Why is the supercharger idea so bad? perfect spot almost mid way between San Diego and LA, just off the I5, meets Tesla criteria of somewhere adjacent to eat whilst charging, reward a forward thinking business. Seems ot me this would be a perfect spot for a SoCal SC.

HenryT2 | July 18, 2013

San Diego is basically the final stop before you are outside the territory that Tesla would want to cover. If you are arriving to San Diego from elsewhere, I'm not sure that putting it within 30 or 40 miles of the final destination is much help. And if you're on a trip elsewhere, I can't imagine that anyone would want to stop and top up their charge only 30 or 40 miles from home.

I think Tesla has it right to put the location in San Clemente (or thereabouts). But I think they have the right idea by putting it on the outskirts of San Diego or Orange County (and of course Camp Pendleton sits on that exact boundary).

JAFIC | July 18, 2013

lobby (what's his name again. The guy that was after Mr Musk) for a SC at this restaurant. He's receptive to ideas (ESPECIALLY from owners)

earlyretirement | July 18, 2013

Cool. I've been to Bistro West before. Did they say when they were going in?

I agree it would be cool to make a guide/thread with all the restaurants by City/State that have chargers.

sxross | July 18, 2013

They didn't say when, but 1) I'm impressed they are seeing this as an opportunity to connect with a great business demo; and 2) they evidently own quite a bit of the property at that corner, including a mini-mart and (ugh) gas station. To address the "it's near the end of the trip" comment: living here, I feel there is a lot of tourism to the area. Del Mar races alone bring people day after day during the summer. Comic-Con is a huge draw each year. And, of course, there are the golf courses (Torrey Pines, La Costa) and the beaches. The SJC Supercharger is only 40-something miles away, but this wouldn't be unprecedented. Consider Buellton and Atascadero -- pretty close. But I was just kidding about the SC :)

DigitalSavant | July 18, 2013

Really great story! It's a motivator to mention charging to every place I visit, and I'll do so when ever I come in contact with the manager or owner of a restaurant, or any other business where a charger would be nice. The only way these places will know they're desirable is if we EV drivers ask for it. Like jbunn mentioned above.. put a charger in, and you've got my business!

On a side note, I was talking with one of the Burgerville employees in Centralia, WA (location of a roadster charger), and they seemed really bummed at the fact that they were not able to be the ones to host the latest SC station. Generally speaking, I think businesses will be more than happy to put charging stations in, but only if they know they are needed! So spread the word!!