For people with May- June delivery

For people with May- June delivery

I still have my Tesla page as "Confirmed and in factory production queue"

I understand from the forums that this may not change even after delivery for many people. Just curious if it has for any one.

NumberOne | April 5, 2016

And there goes the duplicate again. It must be my mouse.

jwh8000 | April 5, 2016

@drajaydas, I called the SC a couple of days ago and was told still not in production. I told them I was in Florida and wouldn't be back until the first week of May and they told me that it would likely be May when my X is delivered. I have to get my charging station set up at home as soon as I get there.

drajaydas | April 12, 2016

Got a mail from Tesla stating"your model X delivery is coming up soon". I am pretty sure it's a mass email. No way they can deliver my X late April if it hasn't even gone into production as of yet | April 12, 2016

Got the same "exciting" email today. Meaningless.

aljjr2 | April 12, 2016

Got a call from my DS here in Atlanta. My Model X arrived today. MyTesla page never changed with status or specific date. Still says April, Early May Delivery. DS confirmed last week my X was finished production. It took less than a week to arrive, so must still be delivery by truck. VIN - 31xx, P90D, Midnight Silver, Black Onyx 22 Rims, Premium Interior and 6 seat with Hi Fi and Towing package. Pick up Tuesday 4/19 at 11 by my choice due to schedule.

jwh8000 | April 12, 2016

same here with the email, got it today vin 4299

Triggerplz | April 12, 2016

@Drajaydas u got that right it was mass mail I got the same email and it didn't even have my name on it

RiyazMomin | April 12, 2016

@aljjr2 - Congratulations!! Post the pictures.

It is indeed mass email - I got it too. But I believe it has been sent to those selected few whose MX is ready to enter production. My DS had contacted me a week ago indicating that MX is on schedule and should be entering production any day. I am hopeful that I will get my MX by end of April.

socalsam | April 13, 2016

I got the same email. Except I'm the one who is always reaching out to my DS. He has never been proactive and reached out to me. And every time I email (about twice a month) asking for an update, I get the same bs canned response from him. Polite but full of crap. The end is near however. Need to sell my baseball card collection to pay for this. Anyone want a Jose Canseco mint card? :)

drajaydas | April 13, 2016

Tell me about it. I call and leave voicemail. I don't hear back. I send an email saying"hey. . Follow up email to my voicemail" and I get a response back. Guess they must be busy.

SJVCommish | April 13, 2016

I received a call from my DS on 4/11 telling me my car is enroute to the SC in West Palm Beach FL and should be arriving end of this week. Was told it should be ready for pickup late next week or next weekend. VIN 32XX. 90D with all upgrades except winter package and towing; 20" wheels 7 seat, Obsidian black with tan leather

SJVCommish | April 13, 2016

Forgot to add that MY Tesla page still shows delivery window of April-early May.

aesculus | April 13, 2016

My Tesla page never changed it's status. It went from Pre Production to nothing after delivery. :-)

CarlE_P439 | April 13, 2016

VIN 3991; says "April/ Early May." Reached out to our DS; have not heard anything. Only asking for 5 seats ;)

NumberOne | April 13, 2016

Never got the e-mail, but spoke to a DS today and leaned that my car is 'good to go'. Not sure where it is, so he is checking tomorrow and will get back to both my local DES and me. Seems that April is a good possibility for me, but I do not expect the estimated delivery on 'My Tesla' to change.

vperl | April 13, 2016

Great to hear the movement in production is gaining the next 5 thousand mx ought be done by end of May , a great thing.

NumberOne | April 13, 2016

Learned and leaned have such different meanings... Funny how I proof read my posts and never notice typos until after I posted. Thankfully you all can read between the letters...

eddiemoy | April 13, 2016

have the same in production queue as everyone here, but i called sales today and they told me it is at end of production. but when i asked my ds, he said my MX is scheduled to enter production sometime this week. conflicting info.

rdainer | April 13, 2016

Wait so I can bother an entirely different set of people? Not just my DS but tesla sales??? This opens up an entirely new avenue of me obsessing

teslamotors | April 13, 2016

I wish I didn't know that - I just shot off an email to the NA Sales folks since I assume my DS is busy actually delivering vehicles rather than responding to questions about delivery dates.

papaeus | April 13, 2016

Got "the call" today...our MX90D has arrived at the Tigard SC (Portland, OR area), and will be ready for pick up middle of next week. Can't get it til Friday the 22nd due to work schedule. Not sure how I'll sleep this week... VIN 43xx, 90D in Deep Blue Metallic, 6 seats in Ultra White, Premium, AP, Winter, Towing, 72 amp, 20" silvers. Confirmed 1/19.

papaeus | April 13, 2016

Oh - MyTesla page says we're still in production queue, w/delivery slated for April-early May...we got the payment window added to our MyTesla page 2-3 days ago, & the call this afternoon. I think this will be the longest 9 days of my life!!

socalsam | April 14, 2016

Has anyone gotten a non premium car delivered yet?

drajaydas | April 14, 2016

Are they taking care of West coast first?. Haven't heard of any 90D being delivered to the east side.
Congratulations papaeus.

rdainer | April 14, 2016

I just saw a fb post of a bunch of X s being delivered in Georgia

elguapo | April 14, 2016

@eddiemoy Your DS is almost always going to underpromise and overperform. They're the ones on the front line, so they tend to be conservative so you don't get pissed off.

papaeus | April 14, 2016

@drayjaydas - thx! The Tesla grin is already prominent around here :-)
@ elguapo - that was our experience, definitely; in fact, we have heard very little from our DS, other than: an introductory email, a call narrowing our delivery window, and a call saying it's arrived, you can pick it up next week.

Sleepydoc1 | April 14, 2016

I just got word last night my 90D Vin 50xx is done and waiting to go through the seat recall or something. I'm guessing 2 weeks ( might be 3-4 weeks who knows) until it is at Rocklin 2 hours from Fremont. My delivery is "Late March to April" on my page still. Midnight silver, tan leather and premium audio with tow and AP with 20" wheels.

socalsam | April 14, 2016

Some day I'll figure out the importance of a vin. I'm 42xx p90d - no car no production. Strange to me 90ds are being produced first with much higher vins

elguapo | April 14, 2016

@socalsam We will never figure out the VIN order or delivery method. The best part is, I promise once you get your X, you won't care any more about VINs, order of production or status on MyTesla!

DarthB | April 14, 2016

Congrats @aljjr2, but your vin is 1000 spots behind me and in Atlanta. My 22xx in Fremont (P90d)'s status is still unknown. Super curious how Tesla coordinate production and delivery!

Can't wait when model 3 comes out and 30k customers wonder the timing of their deliveries!

aljjr2 | April 14, 2016

@DarthB... thanks next Tuesday can't come fast enough. I don't have any idea of the serial sequence or priority. I was vicariously watching the forums and My Tesla page to figure out the process --- to no avail. After the end of quarter push, I renewed my Financing for another 60 days, and wrote my DS to have his do a quick check. To my amazement, he informed me my Model X was BUILT. There was no status change on My Tesla page and still said April/Early May delivery with Production Que status. The DS said they would closely monitor the shipping information. A week later, I got a call -- It is here... SURPRISE, SURPRISE! My Tesla page still says April/Early May delivery and Production Que.

drajaydas | April 14, 2016

Called up Tesla sales. I was told that they do not have info about my car and asked me to contact my DS

Triggerplz | April 14, 2016

Vin 10XX P90DL and not even a Sniff of when it's coming

socalsam | April 14, 2016

Wow trigger! that sucks. I called today and was informed my car is due to be delivered by end of month. That information was gleaned after much angst and multiple contacts with different people at Tesla. Im vin 42xx. Mind-blowing you are 10xx and you have no clue when your car is coming.

I hate to say it but go over with a fine tooth comb. No doubt its been built and they found issues and are trying to fix it. sucky dude. sorry. :(

Triggerplz | April 15, 2016

@socalsam my page shows April/early May... But not a sniff of any update from my DS all he ever says is "It's Coming" 2 of my favorite words.. With a 10XX I thought I would be complaining about the doors or something by now :-)

vperl | April 15, 2016

Trigger,be happy.

jpboyerva | April 15, 2016

Vin 41xx. I got an email that explained the seat recall but said mine was not effected since it will be produced after Mar 25 or something. My DS is out of pocket till Monday 18 Apr and projected date on MY Tesla is late Apr to May. This blog is upping my expectation level. If you see a train or car carrier with White Model X s headed to Northern VA send it on through.

rdainer | April 15, 2016

@jpboyerva my VIN is super close to yours 41XX and I ordered a white X too -- in your DS Adam? At least he is very nice and responsive.

jason1466 | April 15, 2016

And one more White X in Bethesda, but using Tysons SC, DS is Nicholas. I suspect same as @jpboyerva as Nicholas is out this week. FYI, I love Silver too, but have it on both existing ICE cars, so had to change up after 11 and 21 years of Silver, chose Solid White for this decade or two.

50csjung | April 15, 2016

April 12th, picked up our Model X at the factory in Fremont , CA. Model X 90D Vin # 00186X, Pearl White, 7 seat, fully loaded. What an amazing car. Now we can accommodate all the grand children at once!

Hartked | April 15, 2016

@jpboyerva. I live in southern VA, but I'm also picking up in Tyson's corner. VIN 41xx also. My DS is out until 4/18, so we likely have the same one. . I haven't heard anything too informative from him to this point. My delivery estimate still says April-early May. If you see a blue X at the SC, let it be known

islajh | April 15, 2016

I finally get an email from my DS on Tuesday (he was out till 4/8) saying my car is on its way to my state. Then today low and behold he is out of the office till 4/20. Greeaaaat!

NumberOne | April 15, 2016

People have been complaining about communication for so long. One would think that it would not be too difficult for a DS to check on the status of your car and let you know. I read all about my car is "In Paint" or "in QC", or "En Route". They need to understand that we have waited so long, that any tidbit of information cheers us up a little. I have never been this excited about any other purchase.

People who reserved their cars more than a year after me, and who ordered pretty much the same configuration after I did, and who live in my area, have gotten more information and will likely get their cars before I do. I could have invested that deposit for 2 years and it would have made no difference. I find this highly annoying. Not the fact that I am not getting my car first, but the fact that I am getting less information is what really irks me. Maybe I will be surprised and find my X getting prepped on Sunday, although I know service is not open then. By the way, I think I too have the same DS as @jpboyerva, @Hartked, and @Jason, at Tyco Rd.

jpboyerva | April 15, 2016

Nick is my guy at Tysons. Bring on that truck full of white Model X's!

vperl | April 15, 2016

Waiting in the front of the line is great.

Next time I get in line I will allow everyone to cut in front of me.

Then I get service before them, right?

If not , why not?

jwh8000 | April 15, 2016

@drajaydas, just got an email from my DS stating my X is going into production next week. The first I've heard from him since I contacted him back in Feb. Vin number 4299, 90D, six seat, premium Chicago delivery. You should be right there with me.

rdainer | April 15, 2016

@socalsam who did you talk to to get info? I tried calling tesla sales and they just sounded ticked and referred me to my DS. :/ I don't want Toledo bugging him - I'd like to spread it around a bit ;)

NumberOne | April 15, 2016

@drainer I would save my time and energy if I were you. I called the factory delivery team, (the number on your design spec) Option 2. Left a voicemail and waited 24hrs. When I could not stand the suspense any longer, I started calling every few minutes. (Sounds like OCD behavior yet) I happened to be working on something from which I needed a break every few minutes, and since I am my own employer... Anyway, eventually someone called me back while I was trying to make yet another call. It was a short conversation, and according to the system my car was 'good to go' and he was going to check where it was. (I really want to know whether it is still at the factory or if it is 'en route') He even sent me a follow up message a few minutes later, saying as much, but that was Wednesday, and I am still waiting. I followed up with another e-mail this afternoon, figuring I gave them nearly 2 business days to get back to me. At least I now know that my own DS was out of town, so hopefully I will hear something on Monday.

Long story short, there is no one you can talk to and your place in line and VIN is completely irrelevant. Just hope for the best, and stay in touch with your DS. I hope we all have our cars by this time next month (people with stated April/Early May deliveries).

drajaydas | April 15, 2016

@jhopper, Thanks for the info man. I guess I should be calling your DS instead of mine just to hear about your car so that I know where mine is at. I left a voicemail a couple of days back and am yet to hear from mine.