People from outside the US can also sign the White House petition! I just did. I live in The Netherlands. Come on and sign it!!!

People from outside the US can also sign the White House petition! I just did. I live in The Netherlands. Come on and sign it!!!

You only have to create an account by filling your email address, first name and last name. Then you can sign the petition. Please do. Thanks.

rlarno | April 23, 2013

Ha, true! funny that.
R. L.

April 23, 2013
Signature # 4,858

Greetings from Belgium.

Brian H | April 23, 2013

It may not count towards the 100K requirement, however.

herkimer | April 23, 2013

Hasn't even reached 5% of the needed signatures in one week.
Only three weeks left. Most people don't seem to care enough to sign a petition like this, or perhaps they just don't believe it will make any difference, which could be true.

Entrenched interests with well-funded lobbyists are calling our politicians every day and offering gifts and campaign donations to vote with them and against the public interest.
This is what just took place with the gun background-check bill that won 54 of 100 votes but failed to gain a 60 vote "majority" in the Senate, even though it was supported by the vast majority of Americans, including the vast majority of responsible gun owners. There are few politicians who are able or willing to buck the tide of lobby money by powerful industry groups. Most politicians in America now are simply owned by these interests to some degree and have no desire whatsoever to represent the public good. For profiteers, short term profit is the ONLY value worth considering. And they are ready to fight to protect their profits, even if it means utter and complete hypocrisy, bold faced lies, egregious deception and manipulation, and even if, over the long term, destruction of everything that makes life possible on the earth.

Wealth was never a measure of ethics or responsibility, and right now it seems many of the wealthiest among us, especially in the fossil fuels industry, are fighting against any notion of responsibility, and ethics is always regarded relative to private interests. As long as the "ethics" amount to personal profit over every other value, our future is in question.

Runar | April 23, 2013

Signed from norway, guess we'll need the "whole world" to get the needed signatures. If they count that is?

Sudre_ | April 23, 2013

imherkimer I believe the majority of the USA population has resigned itself to the 'I can't make a difference'. The petitions that do make the count typically get nothing except a statement which reinforces those beliefs. Just like the hand gun thing that the politicians knew the majority of the population supported.