Phone app functionality on web

Phone app functionality on web

It would be nice to have the phone app functionality on the web site somewhere under "My Tesla." Right now my car is charging (possibly against the rules here) in an electrical outlet in the parking deck I use and it would be nice to be able to check occasionally to see if it still charging without having to whip out the phone.

TomasT | July 25, 2013


Carefree | July 25, 2013

Install "Bluestacks" and your wish shall be granted - as long as you are using a PC - I don't think it works on Apple products.

earlyretirement | July 25, 2013

That Bluestacks looks cool! That's for that tip. Even though it says only for PC, shouldn't it work on your Mac if you have Parallels loaded on your Mac?

Has anyone tried using this on their Mac?

Joe H. | July 25, 2013

Make an app/website:

Once my car is ready I will definitely be writing custom apps.