Photographic Fun with the Model S, aka Frunk-n-Bride and Tesla vs Edison

Photographic Fun with the Model S, aka Frunk-n-Bride and Tesla vs Edison

Hey all

Hope you enjoy two Tesla related photos I took.

The first is what we call Frunk-n-Bride. Think you can get away with asking your wife or girlfriend to get in the trunk? Well if you have a Model S, a Frunk, and have photographed your wife in her wedding dress 137 times around the world, you just might.

Check out to see the shot. It's not as exotic as most of our shots, but it's one more way to get the Tesla word out.

We also took a cool shot at a Monster Mini Golf in Edison, NJ where the custom artwork depicts Nikola Tesla battling Thomas Edison with light sabers powered by AC and DC respectively. My wife, donning her wedding dress, took Tesla's side. You can see it here:

It's the 5th shot down.

I hope you enjoy them.
Jeff Salvage

Neech | April 28, 2013

Very cool idea with the travelling wedding gown.

saroov | April 28, 2013

Great, i could believe that I see a couple just like ours and almost our story .. I was paying more attention to the second week and want to know your disappointment but it turned out to be a positive one.

I told my wife, most men like their cars and how beast a bride could show her man that she loves him for who he is other than emerging from first love? nice picture!

Brian H | April 29, 2013

"how beast a bride coult show"? Is that a Jungian slip?

campsalvage | April 29, 2013

I was wondering what he was saying as well ;)