Pictures from Model X showing at Santana Row

Pictures from Model X showing at Santana Row

My apologies for the poor framing, but it was my first time using my Lytro camera. The pictures aren't huge, but you can refocus them by clicking on the various parts that you want to see better (some pictures refocus better than others, so YMMV)...

stephen.kamichik | March 17, 2012

Very nice photos. Thanks.

mvbf | March 17, 2012

Thanks for the photos. I would appreciate if anyone at the event would measure the ground clearance. thanks.

mvbf | March 19, 2012

Bonnie was so kind as to get a rough ground clearance measurement for us and the number is 8.9" the same as todays Subaru Outback which has reasonable clearance imo. Assuming (I know Robert will argue with me on this point) the Model X is equivalent in price to the s for the same battery options, there is potential savings in options. With the model x one will not need to order jump seat option, panoramic roof, or air suspension if the vehicle already has reasonable clearance. That's $4500 to budget for that potentially expensive upgrade to AWD.

Ok I have walked out far enough on this thin branch of speculation this early in game. Waiting for the "constructive" criticism ie "it's a pipe dream to think one could ever get a reasonably priced model x."

Fog | January 31, 2013

it looks like the only photo of the side view camera is 15/20. I was thinking that they don't need to stick out like that and aim directly backwards. in fact, to they should be forward and be semi-recessed in the side panel, there can just be a small bump and the camera can show the back and side.

Benz | February 1, 2013

Thanks for the photo's.
The leg room for the people in the third row seems to be very little. Is that right?