Pictures of parking sensors

Pictures of parking sensors

The Norwegian EV forum showing parking sensors on EU cars in Norway.,8405.15.html

elguapo | July 6, 2013

It won't work for us in the US can you just post the photo here? Thanks.

cfOH | July 6, 2013

So what's the reason they're available in Europe and not in North America?

AmpedRealtor | July 6, 2013

Yes, you'd have to ask yourself why they are introducing several new features for the EU market - including heated 2nd row seats and an enhanced "cold weather" package - that is also not available here in the US. You would think that features would hit here first, then make it abroad.

hsadler | July 6, 2013

Some items are required in some countries.

But second row heated seats ??? I dunno..

hsadler | July 6, 2013

Sorry. Should be

required BY some countries

AmpedRealtor | July 6, 2013

I guess what's good for Norway isn't good enough for Buffalo, NY when it comes to cold comfort? And as far as needing parking sensors because of the small, crowded streets in the EU… anyone been to San Francisco lately? So while I understand that different regions will get different features based on the individual needs of those regions, parking sensors and a robust cold comfort package are both needed in the US.

NomoDinos | July 6, 2013

@ Amped Realtor - Yeah, I completely agree. Those parking sensors would be more comforting with a soon-to-be walking baby girl. Of course it's no replacement for vigilance, but I like as many redundancies as possible. One of my collegues hit a dog while reversing with his back-up camera because it was walking right across at just the wrong height.

CalabasasKid | July 6, 2013

My bet is that the bumbers on US cars need to get re-certified by the Feds now that they've been drilled for the sensors.

markapeterman | July 6, 2013

I though Elon was working on a system that didn't require the ugly circles on the bumper - maybe that is coming soon for US, but they had to rush it with the cicles for Europe?

AmpedRealtor | July 6, 2013

The EU cars are rolling off the same line in Fremont, CA as the US cars. So they can just as easily incorporate parking sensors into US vehicles assuming they have all the regulatory approvals.

elguapo | July 6, 2013

@P85_Norway Thanks for posting. Elon has said they're coming to the US in some form. Waiting for them isn't that bad considering how long most of us waited for the car.

Brian H | July 6, 2013

None of your links are accessible from North America.

ian | July 6, 2013

Works fine for me Brian. Maybe it's just Canada? Or maybe it's just you? ;-)

I have no doubt they'll get these goodies on US spec cars. When? No idea.


NilsG | July 6, 2013

Looks like the first cars have actually arrived in Oslo, Norway, and are being readied for delivery to some lucky people. Now we will finally start to see these magnificent machines out and about here! I guess the Norwegian forums will start glowing with reports from new owners... :-)

cx872 | July 6, 2013

Brian H
I live in bay area California and use AT&T, all the link and pic works fine no problem.

Brian H | July 6, 2013

Yeah, I now get photobucket pix; when they were first posted I got a Norwegian error page.

Bighorn | July 6, 2013

Norwegian site works for me.

olanmills | July 6, 2013

Yup, parking sensors are still super ugly.

Yes, you'd have to ask yourself why they are introducing several new features for the EU market

You know, it has been over a year since they designed the US car. It's not unthinkable that they could add some stuff for the EU version. Also, adding the same features to the US car may not be simple as there are certifications, regulations, etc.

Brian H | July 7, 2013