Pilots buying Model S?

Pilots buying Model S?

Saw this old item from the NY Times:

I find it interesting that they note a correlation between pilots and electric vehicle ownership. I fly a '74 Commander 112 out of Oakland CA.

Question- are there any other pilots on this forum?


aviationfw | February 8, 2015

I fly a 112B Commander 1977 and an Airbus 320 on my second tesla

rk9090 | February 8, 2015

Instrument SEL, 500 hours - most of them in a SR22. Take delivery of a S85D in Late February. "Glass cockpit" in the Tesla was one of the major selling points for me.

bjorn | February 8, 2015

Private pilot in Norway
Waiting for my P85D vin 75xxx,

Pollux | February 8, 2015

> Mfox7044 | FEBRUARY 6, 2015 NEW
> Harrier pilot. Wannabee Tesla owner.

Terse, yet awesome. :-)

Lotta cool cats in this thread!


peter | February 8, 2015

previous Bonanza s35 owner
now I fly a Pipistrel Electro Taurus
S85D planned to arrive in July
Electricity rules!

dbh | February 8, 2015

Just noticed this thread. Yes - I'm a hang glider pilot of 21 years.

Fly a Wills Wing Sport 2 and an Icaro Laminar MR700. Figured out how to make my S carry gliders with the Ecohitch and roof racks so I could replace my truck with it! When I pulled up to the Supercharger in Fremont with my Sport 2 on the car, the guy charging next to me was also a hang-glider pilot (flex wing and rigid/ATOS) pilot. A couple of the employees in the main shop there had never seen anything like it and came out to take pictures.

Have posted this elsewhere, but:

dbh | February 8, 2015

Oops, I swear I put width="400" on that...typo. No edit sucks.

Brian H | February 8, 2015

600 matches column width.

michelcolman | February 8, 2015

Air France A320. No Tesla yet, waiting for a bigger battery for my Antwerp-Paris commute. 120 kWh gets my order right away. Not going to do the trip at 110 km/h (and less in winter), so 85 is not enough.

MNGreene | February 8, 2015

I thought I had responded to a pilot thread but could not find my post here. Guess what? There was another similar thread:

STEVEZ | February 8, 2015

Lifelong pilot (Comm, Inst, ASEL, AMEL, AMES, Glider), and on my third Tesla. There are so many parallels between flying gliders cross-country and planning an EV road trip; though having Superchargers everywhere will change a good way. :)

Gluaisrothai | February 8, 2015

@ aviationfw | FEBRUARY 8, 2015
>>I fly a 112B Commander 1977 and an Airbus 320 on my second tesla

Nice choice of airplane (both). Are you on the forum?

Socalphil | February 8, 2015

Getting my S85 next week. I no longer fly, but got my student license on my 16th birthday and my private on my 17th bday (Dad was a fighter pilot - Phantoms in Viet Nam)

jwhoberg | February 8, 2015

Model S owner here, and private pilot... flying the Diamond Star DA40. Glass cockpit in the air and on the ground.

Iowa92x | February 8, 2015

It is not a Pilot thing, but an income thing. Pilots tend to make decent cash, so can afford a $90k depreciating asset. Same for business owners, engineers, IT dorks, blah blah....

Captain_Zap | February 8, 2015


I don't think so. Navigation is a profession and a sport.

Mark K | February 8, 2015

My dad was a sqaudron commander in the Air Force, and then a commercial pilot, so I grew up around jets. Never certified - but had some time at the controls of light jets, and loved it.

Our two Model S's have reset my expectations for thrust. Current aircraft engine technology just doesn't excite me any more.

When Elon launches that first electric light jet, I'll buy one in heartbeat.

jim28351 | February 8, 2015

Airline Transport Pilot, A-330, B-767, B-757, B-737 etc. Retired now. Had to have a Model "S".

wayne | February 8, 2015

Airbus 135P2e. Commercial Rotary in Canada for last 30 years. P85D in 25 more sleeps!

erik | February 8, 2015

Pilot for over 10 years, flown a dozen different planes, just sold my Beech Duke, getting a SR-22 Turbo. Love my full glass cockpit Tesla Model S.

Fezzik | February 8, 2015

Wow lots of pilots. Awesome to see. I have been around airports and aircraft for 35 years. My weekends were not spent playing with friends but hanging out at metropolis (M30) or Cairo airport messing with my dad's v35a bonanza. He has his a and p. We have been all over the Bahamas, Mexico archeological tour all out west and 2-3 fly-ins a year. I wish I had time and money to get my license and maintain it but it's mostly the time I don't have at the moment. When my kids (6,5,3,1) are grown up more maybe I'll get one.

paul | February 8, 2015

Selling my SR22T for a Meridian. Keeping the S85.

lolachampcar | February 9, 2015

Irish make for some of the best passengers (it's the smile)

EchoCharlie1 | February 9, 2015

Current and rated...RV-6 "El Fuego"...all glass...grass-strip based and living the life of an aviator.

Hint: my name on this forum is also local call-sign

zsicher | February 9, 2015

Ex airline pilot got out of the professional flying industry so I could make some real money and run my company!

P85D and fly a king air for business and some pleasure. As a pilot, I wouldn't dream of a different car. Many similarities as I'm sure you all know.

rpc364 | February 9, 2015

I have a single engine license but getting the dual-motor Model S... :-)

MNGreene | February 9, 2015

@rpc - clever!

I hope you never have a one motor out situation (doubt you will).

teslaliving | February 9, 2015

Private Pilot, SEL here. Not active since I bought the farm (a real one). Someday I want to get back to it. Most of my hours in a Piper Cherokee 140.

PeterPlt | March 1, 2015

Airplanes (ATP), Helicopters (Comm) and Gliders (PVT). I worked for 4 different OEMs, so got to fly lots of different aircraft on other people's nickels. Then I started a consulting practice and have owned two planes since (both over the fence now). A B55 Baron and an SR22. I had single engine outs in a helo (induced by ground fire on my first flight in RVN), a light plane (there IS a wheat field in south Georgia) and a light twin. First two were very exciting. The third was a non-event on downwind at ATL. One engine failure in my first car (Austin Healey 100-6, my fault). I ordered my S85D yesterday, not for the redundancy, but for the performance. ;-)

My observation of this forum: There are a lot of similarities between Cirrus and Tesla owners. Lots of loyalty to the founder, the product and the experience. I'm tickled to be part of the family!

lolachampcar | March 1, 2015

Tail wheels fly off of farms :)

gcgraf | March 1, 2015

F-16 and F-4 pilot approx 2,000 hrs in Air Force fighters. Retired in 2009. Waiting for delivery of my S85D this week I hope

FlyA4 | March 1, 2015

Flew A-4s in the Marine Corps 85-96 (active and reserve) Airline pilot 90-present (727 L1011 MD-88/90 737 757 767 A320. Building an RV-7 hope to fly that in about 5-8 years.

Absolutely love my P85D. I can't imagine going back to gas, although I still have 2 other cars that are ICE. Love to go fast and can't wait to have an autopilot in my car!!!!

What a great car and company! Hope they get to the half a million sales a year point. Then more and more people will know what we already do.....

cjw | March 1, 2015

I'm a pilot and both of our planes have G1000 avionics. As airplane owners we're always looking for everything that the Tesla offers as a car - speed, comfort & efficiency. So it was a very natural fit for us and the logical choice for us to buy a Tesla.

My wife and I have both remarked how the Tesla Model S is our "glass cockpit car" and our Cirrus SR22 Turbo equivalent for the road. It was even more amusing for us when Autopilot was the name given to the Tesla navigation & driver-assistance technologies. We thought that was pretty appropriate. :)

We're also absolutely hooked on our P85D. The greatest car we've ever driven. It's a lot of fun to fly but we only do that about a half dozen times a month and the Tesla is something we get to enjoy every single day.

mbrent | March 1, 2015

Pilot for 20+ years, and I have a S85 scheduled for delivery next month. The aircraft in my garage is a TBW FireFly 77, thus my pilot's certificate has a limitation on the back of "limited to hot air balloons with airborne heater."

portia | March 1, 2015

so all you pilots do you agree with my husband (he is, but I am not a pilot) that Tesla should put an air speed indicator on the car? is this feature on the wishlist floating around the forum somewhere?

aviationfw | March 1, 2015

I was at one stage a member of under aviationfw, but I have not renewed my membership in a cole of years.

bayrowet | March 1, 2015

Dehavilland Beaver on floats

Robinson r44


PeterPlt | March 2, 2015

@bayrowet, you ROCK! What a great toy chest. ;-)

@Portia, Airspeed? Nope. Angle of Attack Indicator? maybe.

Brian H | March 3, 2015

A pitot tube would actually be very useful to estimate drag, since it's the main resistance at speed.

PeterPlt | March 3, 2015

Brain, I will speak from ignorance and logic (sounds like Hangar Flying 101 to me).

It seems to me that in Kansas, where the wind is often strong and the ground is frequently flat, an airspeed indicator could be fun because most other variables are more constant. Where there are rolling hills and squirrely winds (much of what's East of The Big Muddy) I would look for energy consumption rate for a given speed. I assume that is what we see on the Kw flow number, right? I'm not being silly or snide. I am coming at this as an order holder who is not an EV geek. I bought the car because a brief demo convinced me the S85D is my next quantum leap in ground transport. IMHO, any ICE vehicle is crude by comparison. It just feels right! ;-)

I fully expect this car will be what I want and it will reveal, with time and use, so much more value than I anticipated. So esteemed veterans, what am I missing? What were your biggest "Ah ha's!"?

viper2c2 | March 9, 2015

Former Air Force fighter pilot. I have a Roadster and now a P85D--both red.

Brian H | March 10, 2015

Were your fighters red? ;P

martin.janssen | March 10, 2015

I'm a skydiver. Does that count? I fly my own body... and usually climb to FL130 in a Cessna Grand Caravan or Pilatus Porter. Way more take offs than landings though.

ParklandFLMike | March 10, 2015

I got my pilots license in 1988, then a week later did my first skydive, never flew again after that. Decided it was more fun to jump out of them than to fly them. 350 jumps later, I quit skydiving, and took up hang gliding. Flying for hours at a time catching thermals was more thrilling than 60 seconds of freefall.

dbh | March 10, 2015

Nice, several hang glider pilots, which is pretty amazing given the tiny size of the sport. Free flight FTW.

Dwatson102 | March 11, 2015

1700 hour Mooney driver. Not currently flying.

chisholm320 | March 11, 2015

Fly a Cherokee 180 and 6x ( all glass ) up and down the East Coast of US and Canada.

Awaiting delivery of an 85D in May. It can't come soon enough.

PHXeV8tr | March 11, 2015

767 Pilot, S85 delivery next week. Can't wait.

Red Sage ca us | March 11, 2015

Someone here since commented thge build quality of the Tesla Model S reminded him of private planes he had piloted. Do other pilots concur with that assessment? Basically that the heft, sound, and construction materials seem to be to aeronautics standards...

coastergallery | March 12, 2015

I am a A-320 pilot for one of the world's largest airlines. I also have a CFI, CFII, and MEI certificate. ATP, with Commercial ASEL and ASES ratings. I haven't added up my logbook in a year, but I am around 13,000 hours.

Proud Tesla owner since October 2014. 4,500 miles without a single issue. And I am glad that there is a new Supercharger close to DEN airport!