Planning first trip between Boston and Albany.

Planning first trip between Boston and Albany.

Anyone care to offer help finding charging facilities along this route?

J.T. | April 11, 2014

Red Rover | April 11, 2014

Helping my Dad out here. He needs to find a charging station between Boston and Albany, NY so to attend a wedding. Best bet seems to be plugshare. We also tried which listed AAA as having a charging station for members in Springfield, MA (level 1 and 2). Holiday Inn in Albany has a 120v if they stay there. Hard to know how best to help him. Any guidance/suggestions would be greatly appreciated?

Bighorn | April 11, 2014

It's 168 miles, so he shouldn't need a charge until he arrives. Colonie Center is scheduled to get a supercharger, but I don't know the timeframe of the buildout or your dad's trip. Several folks here have Albany connections, so hopefully one will chime in with a better Level 2 option.

tes-s | April 11, 2014
notice | April 11, 2014

Boston to Albany is only 170 miles or so - on a full charge (with an S85/P85 anyway) it's a no-brainer one-way in even the worse cold/wind conditions on a full charge, and as it is finally turning to spring here in the Boston area, you could probably do it on a 90% charge but I would go full to avoid any unpleasant surprises. There's a public charger not far off the Lee exit (near the MA/NY line, find it on Plug Share or possibly Charge Point) that I've made note of as a bail-out in case something goes wrong, but shouldn't be necessary.

So all you really need is a way to get charged in Albany. There are several level 2 chargers on the ChargePoint network there (you need to be a member but charging is generally free).

I usually go from Concord MA to Saratoga Springs NY by way of Albany - in the cold/wind it's just a little to tight so I instead go Route 2 out to 91 and cut across Vermont which is much shorter. But Albany would be a snap. I'm looking forward to them installing a Super Charger there (was on their "coming soon" map), and that will make my life easier.

It's easy, don't worry!

SergeyS | April 11, 2014


I have made it once. We traveled from Toronto to Boston (Lowel area) through Albany. The Best Western 68 Amp charger is nice and stable.

Please note that Boston to Albany road is uphill, so you will use much more energy. Power consumption was around 265 Wh/Km, 38 kilometers (23 miles) remained when we arrived :) Starting point was Boston downtown.


Red Rover | April 12, 2014

Thanks to all for your thoughts. It happens that my daughter, who we are going to visit, has been thinking about reinstating a kiln in her garage which would require installing a 220V circuit. She has suggested that we might split the cost and put in a NEMA 14-50 outlet along with an outlet for the kiln. That would certainly ease any range concerns and probably promote more visits. We have a son living in CN and maybe I can get him interested in pottery as well!!

Red Rover | April 12, 2014

Sorry, that should have CT, i have no idea where CN might be.

Brian H | April 13, 2014

Southeast of Siberia, I believe. ;)

tes-s | April 13, 2014

You should be able to put in a single outlet that would work for the kiln as well as the Tesla. I think a kiln would have a 6-30 or 6-50 plug, if it is not wired in so you might need a different adapter. Unless of course you want to run the kiln and charge the Tesla at the same time.

Dripps | April 13, 2014

I was taking the trip from Northern NJ to Albany fairly regularly to visit my dad in the hospital. I found a charge point plug in a SUNY parking lot less than a mile walk to the hospital. It was free and convenient. I'd plug in there when I arrived and by the time it was starting to get dark I was fully charged and ready for the trip home.

Red Rover | April 13, 2014

Thanks for that information. I'm betting when the Tesla is there no one will be thinking about pottery!

kenj | April 13, 2014 or the app.

In Albany, Holiday Inn express also has a charepoint - just make sure to reserve.

Stayed at Embassy Suites by the Desmond Hotel - also Chargepoint - also free! None were level 2.

The Colonie SC should be close to ready -- especially if they are using the "self-contained" SC model.

That is in addition to the 2 chargers at the SUNY.

Red Rover | May 11, 2014

With the Albany SC open now and it turns out to be only 10.1 miles from the wedding site, I think I have a pretty good shot at making things work. Thanks to all. Over and out.