Planning the timing of charging a Model 3

Planning the timing of charging a Model 3

I am new to the Tesla community, but awaiting delivery of M3LR4WD this spring. Therefore I am planning my home charging solution.

Can I control a charging process from the app?

Set timer
See progress

The idea is to charge the car when the power utilization in my house is low (during the night)

Many thanks for any feedback from you experienced guys :-)

gmr6415 | January 14, 2019


ripatriot | January 14, 2019


i set my charging to start at 3am because my typical commute takes about 2 hours to recharge per day. that way when i get in the car around 5:30am the battery has been warmed up.

it would be nice to set it to finish at a specific time based on the charge rate and amount of charge needed. but if your commute is the same each day it's pretty easy to set it and forget it.

TickTock | January 14, 2019

It is somewhat limited, though, and you may want to get one of the after-market apps which give more options. I am on the EZ3 plan with my provider which gives much cheaper rates except for 3-6pm. I could not figure out how to get the cars built-in timer to accommodate that. Setting the END to 3 and START to 6 doesn't do it so I am manually managing it for now.

geirmyrold | January 14, 2019

Many thasnks for valuable feedback!

Can you also, through the app, set how much of the available kW's power should be used in the charging process?

gballant4570 | January 14, 2019

You can set the charging rate (amps) lower than the limits of your charging equipment in the car, but I don't think the app can do that.