Playing tunes off a USB flash drive

Playing tunes off a USB flash drive

I just got my car and have been trying everything out. I transferred my iTunes files to a USB flash drive. The files are recognized and I can play the songs but after every song I have to pick another one or the same song repeats endlessly. Is there a way to automatically advance to another song or, better yet, play a random shuffle or is that only available if using my iPod touch? Thanks.

Schlermie | May 12, 2013

I haven't had that problem. When using USB, it always plays through the tracks sequentially.

cgiGuy | May 13, 2013

I think your original library was separated into folders for artists? If you only have one song in a folder and choose "folder" play.. it's going to repeat. Try choosing the artist or song play mode.

Also, the system creates an "individual files" (or something like that) option if you have music files at the root level of the USB stick.

Brian10 | May 13, 2013

Has anyone figured out a way to get the Music App to shuffle the songs on the USB flash drive? Mine only play in alphabetical sequential order.

nvjx | May 14, 2013

If you touch the Songs menu on the left and select a song on the right it will play all the songs alphabetically from different albums. I have over 200 albums on the flash drive so it plays the songs alphabetically from different albums. This is the closest thing to shuffle in the current MS software.

bp | May 15, 2013

You can also select your favorite songs - which are put into the favorites "playlist" - but those are also played alphabetically.

The only option you might have to change sequence would be to rename the files in the alpha order you want - and then "play by folder".

There isn't a way to "shuffle" with the current software.

Velo1 | May 15, 2013

I, too, tried everything to reorganize the songs on my USB, short of renaming every song in the order I'd prefere, and finally accepted it can't be done with this version of the music app. So now I listen mostly via Bluetooth from my iPhone. It ain't the best quality, but most convenient. Patiently waiting while TM attends to higher priority items.

kevin99 | July 24, 2013

Yes I definitely need the 'Shuffle' capability. I connect a 2TB drive to the car, though I only fill about 100G of music. I don't want to listen to the music in the same order again and again. I want 'Shuffle'!

Magemarq | March 28, 2014

Just picked up my car. My Ford Fusion Hybrid had Play All Songs and then Shuffle Option. My Tesla needs Shuffle!

bp | March 29, 2014

Maybe in version 6... Version 5.x is pretty basic - no playlist support - a single favorites list - that plays songs in alpha order.

andykeller | September 5, 2014

This is a pretty old thread but it's actually the first google result for "tesla shuffle" (sounds like a dance).

I created an App to simulate shuffle and it is available at

Since I finished this App a few weeks ago, I only listen to random playlists. I mentioned this a few days ago here.

gnuite | September 5, 2014

I haven't received my car yet, but from what I've read, one problem with randomizing by folder and/or filename is that the Folder/Filename view is terribly limited compared to the other views. For example, it doesn't show album art, and I think it only shows the song title - not the artist or album.

So I wrote a bash script that renames the song-title tags instead. I plan to use the Songs view. Without a car, I can't yet confirm that it works, but my 128GB USB drive is loaded and ready to test. :)

JohnRobVA | September 5, 2014

My M85 hasn't arrived yet so I don't have any hands-on experience here, but I'm already building my music flash drive! My idea is to dump a couple of hundred singles into a folder, then just change their filenames to add a three-digit number before the title, creating a long playlist in numerical order. You can't change the order without editing the filenames, but at least you can arrange songs in the order you want without changing their titles.

andykeller | September 5, 2014

@gnuite I noticed that limitation as well and saw roughly the same post on Teslarati. I didn't want to mess with my song titles, so I'm just living with the limitation.

@ JohnRobVA That's exactly what this app does, but it also splits the files across a bunch of different folders which gives you a couple different entry points into your randomized music. You can try it on a small test folder with a few songs in it.

pramod1969 | September 10, 2014

Try the method I posted in TMC. I still use it with no problems to sync and play all my iTunes playlists in the same order.


Kimscar | September 10, 2014

For those of you using ITunes and Android this is a great way to manage you music on your Thumb Drive

Kevo | September 10, 2014

A real solution is for Tesla add a "random" or "shuffle" to the media player. A really great solution is to also add a proper playlists function! My favorites on a slow commute are totally different that on a fast commute.