Please tell me if this idea is stupid

Please tell me if this idea is stupid

As someone who is in the automotive industry and has a good understanding of how charging systems on combustion engines work, why can the tesla not have its own internal charging system. It says on the site that for every hour the car charges, it can drive 62 miles, so I'm proposing that the car be designed with an alternator type charging system and TWO batteries each capable of going say 75 miles on a full charge. While the car is on the road it only needs to use one battery for the first 75 miles, and when that first battery depletes, the car can automatically switch the the second battery while the alternator starts charging the first. The car could then run endlessly with no need to stop and plug in... Unless I'm a moron who has no clue as to how the batteries and charging system in these cars work. Please tell me why this doesnt work.

olanmills | June 21, 2013

@RanjitC, It's because the teachers, scientists, and engineers of the world are all part of the conspiracy to prevent this technology from upsetting the status quo, so he has to make his appeal directly to the people. Obviously, one of the best places to do that is the Tesla forum since we're all poised to launch new technologies and Elon Musk reads ever post looking for new ideas to fund.

Does that make sense?

...didn't think so.

Hajihosseinlu | December 27, 2013

I would not say the idea is stupid, my friend, but it says that you could be a little confused about how electric cars work and the use of batteries.
Batteries in EVs are different with IC vehicles. In EVs, battery is the main source and that seems funny that you convert that electric energy to mechanical energy(wheels) and again transfer that to electric energy to the battery. Why somebody would do that!!?
Batteries in gasoline cars are for minor use, and they don't have much energy, that is why they could be charged from the mechanical energy of the wheels. However, in an electric car, the battery turns the wheel and the energy that goes to motors are always less that the energy coming from the battery and that would be funny if some body wants to bring back some of the energy to the battery, except for RB systems that comes from the kinetic energy that is supposed to be wasted, but we get that back to the battery.
Of course they can easily extend the range almost "unlimited" if you put as much as a big truck battery to a vehicle it even could go to Asia with one time charge except for the ocean needs to go by boat or something.
That is a very important compromise for the volume and "price" of batteries. They are the most expensive part of an electric car.
I hope that would help a little bit.

David N | December 28, 2013

Original poster means well.
Elon and his team are years ahead of anyone else, that includes other so-called experts and most certainly, forum dwellers (us).

Brian H | December 28, 2013

Nah. Run of the mill science illiteracy. Lifting yourself by your own bootstraps* is the old tyme description. Something for nothing is the classic sucker bait of scammers and fools.

*"the imagined feat of a lifting oneself off the ground by pulling on one's bootstraps. This impossible task ..."

Jewsh | December 30, 2013


"If I had a nickel....."

Indeed. If the OP truly believes his idea will work, then he's simply misinformed regarding energy conservation and friction/inefficiencies, etc.

More likely though I'm afraid is that this is a joke or a troll.

Oh well, it's enjoyable to read some of the responses either way. Be kind, everyone. :-)

PatT | December 30, 2013

Me thinks that the OP is a perfect example of why science and math should get more emphasis both in high school and post high school.

Tiebreaker | December 30, 2013

@Brian H +1

"Run of the mill science illiteracy." It is amazing how deep it runs. I followed a link from one of the similar threads to the US Patent Office: there are patents applications for things like this! Wind turbines on EVs, dynamos, etc... it is amazing that somebody will go the length without the slightest concern for basic physics.

Brian H | December 30, 2013

The patent office and lawyers parting fools from their money. Next, they sue each other for patent infringement. Go for it!

Cattledog | December 30, 2013

OK, you asked: Your idea is stupid.

cloroxbb | January 1, 2014

"Run of the mill science illiteracy"
Unfortunately, it looks like, in the U.S. At least, that it's illiteracy in EVERY subject. Nobody seems to care to be informed on the most basic of levels anymore... :(

Gearkid17 | May 17, 2015

" I could make a small electric motor run almost forever by running a car battery to it and have it turn the alternator. The Battery would constantly be getting power from the alternator and therefore continually power the motor."

I made an account so i could comment.
This is called perpetual motion. By the laws of everything its immpossible. It would be creating a "perfect" machine where you get equal or more energy out than how much you put in. This wont work no matter what. Through the motion of the car more energy is lost and transferred elsewhere. Yes if it did work it would be epic but sadly physics doesnt work like that.

Larry@SoCal | May 17, 2015

Would it help these perpetual people to think or even experiment with a bicycle? Put a motor on one wheel and a generator on the other. If they work this thing on a small enough scale might they see the folly?

vperl | May 18, 2015

Yes, stupid, thanks for asking.

Next, Weather hoaxers.

David N | May 18, 2015

"please tell me if idea stupid"
Not stupid, just doesn't work.
Don't feel bad, not a week goes by that someone doesn't post some type of "why doesn't Tesla do this".
Some of the most intelligent forward looking individuals in the world are at Tesla. Whatever is or will be asked has already been on their table. " Cutting edge" technology usually refers to those who are one step ahead of everyone else. Tesla is not one, but three steps ahead of anyone else. With multiple auto companies with nearly a hundred years of expierance of trying to be at the "cutting edge" of technology, yet none of them have anything remotely close to Tesla technology. And to top it off, Tesla technology is available to them to use. Keep studying Tesla, you'll be astonished at what you learn about them. In the meantime, understand that a transformation is happening right before us, pay attention and enjoy what's happening.

Timo | May 19, 2015

Interesting thing about Tesla is that there is nothing new in their products if you look at the individual components. They are all old and proven techs. It's how those components are put together that makes it so much better than any other.

DTsea | May 19, 2015

Timo depends on your definition of old.

Timo | May 20, 2015

Geek definition: if it is out of the lab, it's old.

DTsea | May 20, 2015

Real engineer definition: if it hasnt been used in production, its new.

vperl | May 20, 2015

Asked and answered, Yes, wildly STUPID, goes well with weather hoaxers, and cry babies that do not want anything but sliding doors.

icarlsw | June 6, 2015

So here is what you do. Cut round holes in the sides of the vehicle where you want to put your 'wind mills'. Stick the fans in the holes on the side so that they do not stick out and create drag. And, are sheltered from the wind generated by the vehicle. So it is only catching wind from the environment, not from the vehicles movement. Then you put solar panels on the roof and hood. So, if you are driving on a sunny day with a strong crosswind you could potentially drive forever. :)

vperl | June 7, 2015

I stand convinced , yes your post is Stupid.

Watt fun | June 7, 2015

No, I'm not sorry to say it; quite please in fact. Your idea is stupid. Why? as explained, basic physical laws of the universe.

Boardridersocal | June 21, 2015

Sorry kuevo you are dealing with idiots. Your idea is absolutely plausible and can be done. The reason why this isn't out is because there is no money in it for the power company and oil companies. For the other retards that responded go back to school. First he said to have two batteries one which is charged and one that is not. While in motion an alternator can charge the other battery WHILE in MOtION. Yes this would deplete the charged battery but not by much, you would lose 50 miles out of the 250 on a fully charged battery, I have ran the schematics to do so. If all you idiots want to lol up history about the oil companies and one in particular SHELL. You would find that they have bought up all patents on how to better the cars mileage on gas and electric. The only reason tesla is on the market is because they have given him a few of Nikola Teslas patents. You won't find that because the government took his work. I can only say this and can't give you where to find this other wise it would put my family in jeopardy. Any way, kuevo keep on using your brain.

DTsea | June 21, 2015

Board ridersocal you have swallowed too much salt water. It is cruel to encourage the OP in such an obviously silly 'idea.'

DTsea | June 21, 2015

You do know patenta enter public domain after 17 years right?

Boardridersocal | June 21, 2015

You obviously work for some outside or inside company. Why don't you spend some time researching history and study up your laws of physics. Oh wait your still on this planet hahaha. Do you really think that we haven't figured it out? Are you stupid or just ignorant?? Here is a brain buster, how do you create Anti GRAVITY?? Here is a hint, Mercury, magnetic and kinetic energy, sound, crystals (quarts) and oh yes Motion. Don't believe me study up the Coral Castle in Florida. Here is another one for ya, what software do you have to hack after converting your gas car to bio. Why do the car industry program the system to run poorly after you do that.

Red Sage ca us | June 21, 2015

Seawater flavored Kool-Aide must be... Interesting. Anyway...

Dude. Seriously? OK. Benefit of the doubt granted. Just explain how there is no reduction in forward motion due to energy transfer to the 'empty' battery through the alternator.

I do not work for the government. I'm just some guy on the internet.

Explain to me how no one has bothered to make flashlights with two batteries, one empty, one full, to get everlasting light. Go ahead. Explain.

See, I may not be the smartest guy in the world... But I do have the uncanny ability to understand things when smart people explain them to me. This, combined with the ability to spy [BOLSHEVIK] makes me a rather inciteful guy.

I figured out when I was eight years old that there was no need for me to become a research scientist. I realized that there are people in this world who are immensely smarter than I ever will be. I realized that anything than can be conceived may be achieved. And thus, probably already has been.

I don't know the secrets. But I'm ready to learn them. If you know, find an anonymous internet connection, and tell us.

Don't be coy. Don't be mysterious. Just tell us. Then we'll know.

DTsea | June 21, 2015

I am just a guy with a couple engineering degrees and 35 years in industry but hey i am a lousy surfer so what do i know.

Boardridersocal | June 21, 2015

Man your retarded I have a flashlight you crank to generate power and light. Next question!! You can go and find it Home Depot. To the government guy and D, you can prob find out where I live and what I have been up to the last three years. I will NEVER work for the government and my lets say knowledge would best serve humanity without big corp. here is another one you can ponder on. Nikola Tesla said " if you understand the magnificence of the numbers 3,6,9 you would have the key to the universe". Well I figured that out and now to share it to the world, free energy and the truth be told by our government. One more thing you might want to look up is project Pegasus and Barry Soetoro. After that contemplate what REALITY means to you.

DTsea | June 21, 2015

Does it cost you effort to crank your flashlight silly boy?

Boardridersocal | June 21, 2015

Done with your ignorant foolishness. Keep living in that false sense of reality buddy. Have a nice life.

Grinnin'.VA | June 22, 2015

OP: Yes your idea is "STUPID".
(You asked; I answer.)

Red Sage ca us | June 22, 2015

Waitasec... Project PEGASUS...?

Dude. That was a top secret underground base in upstate New York run by S.H.I.E.L.D. in Marvel Comics. I first learned of it when reading Marvel Team-Up featuring the ever-lovin' blue-eyed THING. I read those back in Junior High School and was introduced to characters named Quasar and Deathlok for the first time.


Oh... And it takes three to make a family. I learned that during commercial breaks for Saturday morning cartoons on ABC television. Courtesy of School House Rock, circa 1974... In case you missed it.

DTsea | June 22, 2015

Thanks for the kind words board rider. Yes life is good here in the real world.

Project pegasus. That was a belly slapper! Now i get that you were kidding around.

vperl | June 22, 2015

More of a "moronic" question

Brian, please source the word, " moronic" . | June 23, 2015

Drive only downhill. Don't stop.

Remnant | June 24, 2015

A brilliantly absurd idea, purely unfathomable, way beyond reasonable.

Grinnin'.VA | June 24, 2015

OP: Yes. Your idea is still stupid.

vperl | June 25, 2015

Stupid, does not completely explain, define the question or this topic.

But, this topic is just one on a long list of subjects that are stupid, not about the TESLA vehicles.

But, no one seems to notice or care.

Shad_dash85 | June 25, 2015

There are no stupid questions and you are not a moron, but you are clueless, to use your words.

You obviously do not have a clear understanding of basic physics, but I believe if you think about the Conservation of Energy Law you can answer your question:

It goes something like this:

Energy can not be created, nor destroyed only altered from one form to another.

DTsea | June 25, 2015

Shad, the other piece is that every transformation loses energy (increases entropy).

vperl | June 25, 2015

Oh, yes there are "STUPID" questions. Some just naive, or blatantly obviously stupid.

The PC world we live in today gives awards to both teams, fearing to name a winner, it might hurt someones feelings.

So, "Stupid is as stupid does"...... Party on, Garth

Red Sage ca us | June 25, 2015

Indeed. Stupid is as stupid does. Questions, other than the open ended, leading, rhetorical type, tend to not actually be stupid. Stupidity is knowing exactly the difference between right and wrong then specifically choosing to do the wrong thing.

Red Sage ca us | June 25, 2015

Indeed. Stupid is as stupid does. Questions, other than the open ended, leading, rhetorical type, tend to not actually be stupid. Stupidity is knowing exactly the difference between right and wrong then specifically choosing to do the wrong thing.

Rocky_H | June 25, 2015

Why do people continue to respond to this? Plenty of people have already answered yes and are continuing to come up with more complex ways to say yes. You can leave it alone now.

Grinnin'.VA | June 26, 2015

OP: Yes this idea is still stupid.

lexc269 | September 20, 2015

To all the Forest Gump and Still Stupid type rude ass commentators that are lieing to the people that don't know any better

I feel compelled to belittle your intelligence and competence as engineers this regenerative power perpetual motion rules of physics has its limits of application!They do not apply to earth magnets because configured correctly they are source of energy of there own magnetic field in radial motion is a continuous source of energy! AC voltage is the result!!! Add a voltage drop/converter "rectifier" if needed this can be used to convert to DC voltage 12,24,36,48 these magnetic generators are easy to turn by hand. So torque is needed to turn this charging system. Wow maybe the the equivalent of an additional 30 lbs added to the weight of your car whats that like compared to two additional passengers.So what is the problem building this GUMP STUPID IS STUPID DIDN'T DO
Hummmmm Now lets say you have two separate battery banks with a simple performance monitoring system switching back and forth or using both banks and/or the magnetic generator if needed will add hundreds of miles to what i call bull feces that you are talking down at folks because what they don't know; further more posting about mileage/per charge. I just explained a system using earth magnet/ coil generator type application i was very vague on details and may not have used exact terms and/or definitions and so to was intentional. Because someone will do this in the future and bring back the true meaning of Tesla the intention of the great man Mr Tesla was to provide free Electricity for us all. You people are still trying to keep customers dependent on big power company thus part of the problem and not the solution, Concerning the fleecing of our pockets!!!...

DTsea | September 21, 2015

lexc- utter gibberish.

EcLectric | September 21, 2015

It was a dark and stormy night.

Lex Luthor sat in the penthouse on his private island, typing an entry for the Tesla Motors forum. He was very busy putting up all the giant high voltage towers that led from his island, where he was busy creating free energy in the form of electricity - out of nothing.

But he wasn't too busy to enlighten the members of the forum with the hard facts about how we all can generate our own free energy, using the obvious idea of the down converter magnetic charge coupling magnet coil turnips tractors elephant parboiled scrumptiousness field generator.

Yes, he could just sell the free electricity he was generating out of nothing and use the profits to control the world - but he was much too generous for that. Instead, he would continue on the Tesla Motors forum, enlightening the world so they would know about the evil conspiracy that was causing people to have to pay for energy.

Someday.... SOME... DAY.... people would listen. And then all people would be happy and thank Lex for his help and wisdom...

Red Sage ca us | September 21, 2015