Plugging in alexa device in Cigarette Lighter

Plugging in alexa device in Cigarette Lighter

Does plugging in an alexa device ( - Anker Roav VIVA) in the 12V socket (Cigarette Lighter) drain the battery? I had a 12V battery replaced after a 12V battery replacement warning. I am wondering if this is related.

sfbriancl | May 26, 2019

Looks like no answer, did you try this?

Silver2K | May 26, 2019

That device is crappy.

I used it for a week and was giving me many issues with bluetooth. Whenever I get a call the roav unit would pick it up before the car and had to constantly switch to speaker phone. The charge ports are slow chargers also due to old IQ tech.

Return it and save yourself lots of headaches

redacted | May 26, 2019

Per the original question, (and speaking from first principles rather than experimentation, so you can take it with a grain of salt), if it runs continuously it will contribute to the number of cycles your 12v goes through and in that sense will contribute to the degradation of your 12v. However, it will probably use a minuscule amount of energy vs. the other hardware in the car (think about the energy requirements of sentry mode) and thus is likely to have a negligible effect.

Silver2K | May 26, 2019

It does not run continuously. You can verify this by getting of the car and see if the ring stays on and it does not. | May 26, 2019

Not sure which Alexa you are using. The mini uses an average of 2.2W. This means if your S100 was fully charged, and had no other loads, and the Alexa was powered 24/7, it would take 5 years to drain the battery. Most third party dashcams use between 2-5W, and they are left on 24/7 (through a different power connection), and cause no problems. Anyway, not to worry, the Alexa is not going to cause any battery issues (12v or main battery).

Silver2K | May 27, 2019


Roav Viva by Anker, Alexa-Enabled 2-Port USB Car Charger in-Car Navigation, Compatible with Android and iOS Smart Devices | May 27, 2019

@Silver2K - Thanks. I couldn't' find the power draw, but when nothing is connected to the USB ports, I suspect it's less than the Alexa mini.

kerryglittle | May 28, 2019

My wife bought Alexa a couple of months ago. Dumb as a stump and I put her in the basement. Alexa not my wife. LOL.