poor service by Tesla

poor service by Tesla

I live in Louisville ,Ky and bought a new model S, 3 years ago. Ky does not have an in state dealership and hence I ordered the car in Indianapolis and picked up the car from a dealer in Cincinnati,ohio as advised by the company.
My experience with the service center and Tesla company in general has bordered on absolute benign neglect to non existent.There is no one who answers a telephone call and e-mails go unanswered for weeks or ignored completely.My region is served by mobile technicians who travel all over the state.
Over the last three years, there has not been one incident that I did not have to call the dealership in Cincinnati for more than a week till some human voice interacted with me.
Lately, I have had my car grounded for more than four weeks because of a noise arising from or around the right rear wheel when I accelerate beyond 45mph, that effectively renders my car useless.
I have tried every which way to get hold of the service department of the dealership I bought my car from , with no success in getting a return call from them. I have called the service line number in Oakland ,CA, staying awake beyond midnight so that my "hold time"would me humane,but I never got an opportunity to talk to anyone.
What is a customer to do with such horrible service?
I have in my lifetime bought and driven five different Mercedez Benz cars. They cost about as much as my ModelS did and the service has been excellent.
I hope someone in the Tesla hierarchy would look into this abysmal failure of the company to care for their customers and fix the problem.

Bighorn | December 6, 2018

Online service scheduling available

Silver2K | December 7, 2018

Go to your Tesla account, scroll down to support, hit the drop down and choose escalate concern for executive review, type in your issue, check spelling (I usually skip this part) and send.

ktslab | December 7, 2018

Hopefully, Tesla will expand its service center, sales shop, supercharger network as Elon stated in 2019.

jordanrichard | December 7, 2018

Tesla got caught off guard by the popularity of the Model 3. Trust me, they are aware of the problem and recognize the decline in service and are working on it, but that takes time. You have to hire a lot more people and then train them.

Bill_75D | December 8, 2018

How did Tesla get "caught off guard by the popularity of the Model 3"?

They had almost a half million reservations for them.

kerryglittle | December 8, 2018

Tesla's aren't for the faint of heart or if you don't have patience.

barrykmd | December 8, 2018

Bill_75D - excellent point. The problem is poor management, from Mr. Funding Secured on down. Their ongoing customer service issues (on-hold times close to an hour, endless delays for parts, terrible UI updates, etc.) is worse than Comcast's. It's going to bite them in the azz, once the (German) competition ramps up.

NoMoPetrol | December 8, 2018

I, too, have found the wait on the phone line to be impossible sometimes. And, whether it is due to poor planning, total inundation beyond all attempts at good planning, or whether this is the Achilles heel of having no independent dealer network, it's just something Tesla owners have to live with at present.

In my case, with online scheduling and securing the direct number to the service department at my local Service Center, I have managed to get very good to excellent service every time I've needed it. I try to avoid calling on Mondays or Fridays; too many pre- and post-weekend issues seem to clog up the system.

Though I've never used it, the person in charge of scheduling the mobile techs in my area even gave me her direct number to expedite any problems I might have. In short, the people who you actually get to talk to are extremely accommodating. Ask them for the best way to make contact.