Possible solution to Range Anxiety / Charging Availability?

Possible solution to Range Anxiety / Charging Availability?

For many people (myself included) the issue with buying an electric car is twofold:

First is a range anxiety - I sometimes drive more 200 miles per day and have to come back the next day (another 200 miles). Considering that the place I drive to has only 110V outlets, I would not be able to charge the car enough overnight to make it back.

Second (and much bigger) issue is that I live in a building and my parking lot/garage does not have any electrical infrastructure to charge cars. This is a huge problem for electric car adoption if big cities.

The solution I thought of might be as simple as requiring every gas station have 440V charging facility for electric cars. Considering that average gas-powered car spends about 5 min at gas station and brings about $1 in profit to gas station owner, then requiring electric car owner to pay maybe $10 plus actual electricity usage might come to the same profit margin. (in addition to whatever electric car owner might buy after spending much longer on gas station property)

This way both range anxiety and charging issues for big cities would be dealt with while also making sure present gas station owners have continuity to their business...

RanjitC | October 17, 2013

In the near future hopefully you may be able to buy gas at an electric charging station! Currently I think this is a good Idea, in fact I may have mentioned in a thread a few months ago, that if I had the money I would put up a pay supercharging station a few miles from a Tesla SC to make money off people who did not want to wait in line. Anybody in CA who knows how to get a proposition going to require gas stations to provide electric spots too? Also try calling your congressman/representative.

Bubba2000 | October 17, 2013

A cheaper solution would be to install pay HPWC with 240/100A dedicated circuits. There are no hi power chargers in the state where I live. I am thinking of getting together with people to install in residences HPWC/240V/100A for private use. Pay homeowner hourly rate that includes a profit.

Hanging around a 20A public charger is a waste of time.

neilmathieu | October 17, 2013

Bubba2000 is right, nice solution and electric community will have new friends with same interests.

Objective1 | October 18, 2013

I have another idea. (Tongue inserted in cheek.) Why not require all EV buyers to pay $1000 in gas costs to ICE drivers? ICE drivers would get a great benefit.

We should be brainstorming win-win ways of getting more charging infrastructure out there. Thinking you can rob other honest by forcing them to do something that just benefits you is wrong and counter-productive.

cloroxbb | October 18, 2013


thats odd, he mentions that the gas station owner would charge a higher profit rate on the EV commuter, not to mention what the commuter would buy by being stuck there longer to charge...

The original post does seem to be a win-win. Not a counter-productive idea that only benefits EV chargers...

Am I missing something here?

Brian H | October 18, 2013

No, it's a lose-lose.

grega | October 19, 2013

I don't think forcing gas stations to add electric charging is a solution, even if it's tied to a specific charge. The needs of electric cars are quite different - namely it needs to be plugged in 30 mins at least. As @cloroxbb says, there's an advantage to the shop - at least there is until chargers become common place, as EV drivers will seek out locations.

I can see 3 different ideal spots evolving - and none are gas stations - but I've never seen a charger "in the real world" (I know there are a few here in Sydney) and maybe this is obvious:

1) Food and Rest stops on major highways seem obvious. They're already geared for a 30 minute stop, and have long distance travellers. These would likely need a guaranteed 30 minute charge.

2) parking stations at commuter railway stations and in the city. These can be 8 hour chargers - cheaper to offer more broadly.

3) shopping mall special charging sections. Again quick charges. I wonder if you could have one charger between 4 spots (with 4 cables), such that you can plug your car in to a "queue" to start charging when its your turn.

As others have said, charging for stations makes sense - if only to avoid unnecessary charges and people trying for a 'free' parking spot. And superchargers for any EV makes sense too, has to happen in the long run.

RanjitC | October 19, 2013

Most average people do long drives once or twice a year and they are covered by the SC network,KOA and blink, etc. We try to stay at hotels which have charging facilities. Outliers like the OP are the ones who will drive improvement in infra structure. Eventually I would like to see most sidewalks have chargepoints, park plug in and have a full tank in the am.