Post Autopilot Trial cost and its Sales Tax

Post Autopilot Trial cost and its Sales Tax

Has anynone bought Autopilot during 30 day trial and paid taxes on $5500? Per Tesla support link, it doesn't say taxes would be levid on $5500 or $7000.

dmaini | December 17, 2018

Yes.. I did pay takes.. the total cost in CA was $5995. $5500 + 495 taxes

skstesla | February 12, 2019

Mine is showing $5500 + $522.50 in CA for some reason. Couldn't pull the trigger. I wish that part of autopilot should be included in the base price. I understand its not the exact same comparison but my friend just bought new Honda accord that has honda sense as standard option and has ACC and LKAS among other things in a $26k car. I have nothing to say when he makes that argument with me about tesla.

Rt002k | February 12, 2019

Honda has been amortizing the development cost of that feature over many years and millions of vehicle sales.

burdogg | February 12, 2019

Have him drive a tesla with autopilot and then ask him why he thinks it is not included... sorry, they are not comparable

jim | February 12, 2019

I deliberately waited to purchase EAP until after I got the car. Based on my flawed interpretation of California law, I thought this would avoid having to pay sales tax as it was a software-only purchase. I ended up paying $500 more than if I bought it with the car, and still got charged sales tax.