Power off?

Power off?

How does the "Power Off" button under "Controls>E-Brake and Power Off" differ from sleep mode? If I power off, all of the screens go dark and the car stops making any sounds, etc. But I suspect that's different than "sleep mode" since so many people seem to be asking for that feature.

I just found this so I haven't been able to tell yet whether it reduces vampire drain or not. But frankly I can't tell what purpose it would have otherwise. Surprisingly the app still works, so the computer isn't completely shut off. | April 14, 2013

In Power Off, the car's computers are still running, and taping on the display brings it back immediately. Actually I'm not sure it saves any power.

With sleep mode, the main displays are shut down, which conserves power if the car will be off for a long time (i.e. sitting at the airport). The downside is it takes 30 seconds to boot up, so you don't get that instant on and music playing when you enter the car.

The door handles/fob remain active in all modes.

stevenmaifert | April 14, 2013

I'm still running 4.1 so I could retain the sleep mode and will continue to ignore the update available prompt until Tesla restores the sleep mode in a future update. Yes, it does take 30 seconds or so for the touch screen to become fully functional but I don't see that as a downside when I'm only losing 2 miles of rated range per day as opposed to the 8-10 miles others are reporting on this forum. The car is drivable immediately and if I have to wait a moment or two for the touch screen features to wake up... no biggie.

Brian H | April 14, 2013

smarter than the average bear.

Robert22 | April 14, 2013

4.1 was no picnic, Steven must be very tolerant of unexpected functional deficits or be very lucky.

N8Tyler | April 15, 2013

In the walk through video it showed the employee turning off the brake and then using power off so the brake stays off; to be used in car washes. In sleep mode the brake must stay on, not sure if this is the only difference.

stevenmaifert | April 15, 2013

@Robert22 - I have a non-Tech without the pano roof. I consider myself lucky that everything is working on 4.1.

mdtaylor69 | April 15, 2013

Power off changed for me this weekend on 4.3. If I press the power off button now, the car goes into deep sleep and may or may not wake up touching the panel or pressing the brake pedal. If the car responds to brake pedal pressing, the instrument panel says 'Waking up' for a few minutes, then the instrument panel boots up followed by the center console. If it does not respond, I have to hold the two steering wheel buttons until the instrument panel starts to boot up. Thought I was going to need a tow this weekend while out running errands.

July10Models | April 15, 2013

If you look closely at the 17" screen after powering off, you'll see the display is still there and just the backlight is actually off.