Powering down the Model 3

Powering down the Model 3

Is locking the doors and walking away the only way to shut off the Model 3? Normally I think that would be fine, but I can imagine times when I would want to shut it off, but leave the doors unlocked. It doesn’t seem to have a power button inside, so is using the app the only way to achieve this?

andy.connor.e | January 9, 2018

The only thing you would be shutting down is the main display. There is nothing to "power down" so to speak.

Xerogas | January 9, 2018

If you don't want the A/C running, you can tap the main A/C button the bottom center of the display.

Yodrak. | January 9, 2018

What do you mean by "shut off"? Do you mean no one can open your unlocked door, get in, and drive off?

Some functions of the car are never off.

JAD | January 9, 2018

Opening the door and getting out of the seat and closing the door shuts off the S. You need to touch the brake to turn it back on. I assume the 3 will be the same. After about 20 minutes in park, the car also shuts off. Locking has no effect as it won't lock until the door closes anyway.

So turn off walk away locking, and the car will stay unlocked and off whenever you get out.

johnmann | January 9, 2018

andy.connor.e - "The only thing you would be shutting down is the main display. There is nothing to "power down" so to speak."

No, andy.connor.e, that is not correct. Powering down the car involves a lot more than turning the display off. When the car is in a "ready to drive" state it has many systems running so that it is ready to go when you tell it to. Most electric cars have the same three states as ICE vehicles; off, accessories on, full power on. Tesla has a few more possibilities in regards to just how much is off when it is in the off mode.

I know that some functions of the car are never off. Just as in an ICE there are some systems that are always running. When you approach and unlock the car it is not powered up for driving yet, that happens by stepping on the brake (if other criteria are met). I was wondering how you return it to that powered down state without locking the doors (since that seems to do it from what I've read).

Thank you, JAD, for answering the question. Just the act of getting out and closing the door will shut it down, at least for the S. Does it do the same if there are passengers still inside?

andy.connor.e | January 9, 2018

I was assuming we were all on the same page with not needing to explain that there are electronics that are "on" so to speak, or perhaps in a state to accept more power if the peddle is pressed. But there is nothing "running" in the sense of what you would expect an ICE vehicle to be "running". And that appears to have been answered.

purplegobi | August 4, 2018

In Model 3 there is a power down option to shut down things to save batteries. Not sure why M3 doesn't have it. It seems that M3 uses a lot of power for non-driving purposes.

purplegobi | August 4, 2018

I meant a Model s has a power down option but M3 dosn't.

CST | August 4, 2018

It does.

TeslaLandShark | August 4, 2018

Model 3 also has a power down option. Can't remember which sub menu its under, but I've used it before, just to experiment.

FirstBlueTesla | August 4, 2018

On the Model 3: Car Icon > Safety and Security > Vehicle Power > POWER OFF

purplegobi | August 5, 2018

thank you FirstBlueTesla and everyone else who responded.

kmazzone | August 6, 2018

Tesla Roadside had me reboot the car. Roll down the windows, power off, don’t open a door or touch the screen or even move, wait 3 minutes, touch the break, and then both steering wheel buttons to reboot the screen.

ebmcs03 | August 6, 2018

I tried using this: Car Icon > Safety and Security > Vehicle Power > POWER OFF

While I was Sitting inside. It automatically turns back on after a minute or so. It was quite annoying. I can’t get it to stay off.

EVRider | August 6, 2018

The car shouldn’t power on by itself if you’re just sitting in the car. It will power on if you touch the screen or the brake. I’m not sure about this, but I think it might power on if you open the door too, which means you can’t use the feature to save energy while you’re not in the car.

Veplav | August 24, 2018

When I tap my Model 3 key card on the pillar (where I tap to unlock the car), the side mirrors fold in, which I am assuming is part of shutting the car off. This is my observation.

jvcesare | August 24, 2018

I was told by a Tesla Mobile Service tech that the Power Off button temporarily disconnects the voltage so it's the closest you can get to a cold boot without actually disconnecting all to power (12v and High Voltage). It is not intended in any way to be a power saver. He did a real cold boot on my car but he said he can't tell me how.

ksusweep | August 25, 2018

My one week old model 3 usually shutdown by itself as soon as I close the door and walk away.... Except in two occasions when I parked the car manually in my garage (I use summon now since it's much more convenient for me). After parked the car with the driver's side about a foot away from the wall, I pushed the seat all the way back and got out from the passenger side. Once I closed the door, the music continued to play. I had to shutdown the car manually via the touch screen. I suspect the car was confused since I didn't leave the car via the driver side door so never went through the auto shutdown sequence. Does Tesla have a bug report site where this type of issue can be reported?

TeslaFSD | September 24, 2018

My new M3 was in the garage overnight with one door ajar. Now the screen is blank, interior lights and break lights work. Tesla Mobile Service is on its way. Tesla thinks it might be the 12 v battery is dead. I'll let you know.

jvcesare | September 24, 2018

@ksusweep Bug reporting is done via the car's voice command "Report Bug"

wayne | September 24, 2018

@kenyandave Thanks for the warning.

On another note I tried the “power off” button. Screen went off but the lights stayed on. Opening the door brought everything back up. Except that the WiFi didn’t reconnect — had to do that manually. Odd. | September 24, 2018

While the car is powering down, if you move ur butt up and sit back down, the car will wake up.

RedPillSucks | September 24, 2018

Can poweroff be done from the App? Like if I leave the car at the airport parking garage, I want to power it off to reduce vampire drain. I can use the key card/fob to power back on once my trip is done.

donaldnoel | January 1, 2020

Does anyone know what power off does? If you haven't verified it don't bother to respond. I am having 12V battery problems indicated by alert. I have a software update to install but it won't install and message on car screen says can't install update because 12V too low. A video on installing a Lithium 12V battery, says to power off before doing the install. I assumed that this would turn off the charge voltage at the battery. Wrong, it has no effect. With a DVM I read 14.8V at the battery. This is the typical voltage an ICE alternator would provide to charge the battery. Powering off does not change this voltage and I monitored it for several hours and I see a constant 14.8V. It is possible that the 14.8V is there to charge because the battery is not indicating it is fully charged. Does anyone know if that is the case?

Tronguy | January 1, 2020

@donaldnoel: If you have an alert, "12 V Power Reduced", this isn't likely some power on/power off problem: It very likely means that the 12V battery is not charging.
There's been a number of problems along these lines recently. The more innocuous reasons are things like loose 12V battery straps, bad traction battery to 12V battery inverter, and/or a bad 12V battery itself. The more serious involve a blown fuse on the main traction battery which, natch, means your 12V battery's not going to be charging and you won't be going anywhere, either.
First step: Do a full reboot (power down on the safety menu) and/or the double-scroll-wheel reset. If the fault comes right back..
Second step: Call Tesla Service using the app. Immediately.

jrweiss98020 | January 1, 2020

I still don't know what the "power down" does...

I DID find out that you have to have the car unplugged from the charger, and sit in the seat with the doors closed. Things happen throughout the first 2 minutes, so give it a good 3 minutes (count to 200-Mississippi") to do its thing. A double-scroll-wheel reboot after you wake it up with the brake pedal can't hurt...

martin | January 1, 2020

what does "Power down" mean?

If you really want to shut down all systems, you can't do that. In my opinion you don't want to do that. Putting the car into "Sleep" mode (locking the car after parking and leaving it) is enough. If you don't use "sentry mode" the car will use very little power then but you can still "talk" to your car if you want or have to.
The cellular modem ist still on as is the GPS tracker (which you really want to stay on!).

matthias | January 9, 2020

Sure you can power down the car, from the Service menu. Not a good idea for parking though because you'll be unable to turn it back on (when the doors are closed, you need a 12V source to open the frunk … and proceed from there).

EVRider | January 9, 2020

@matthias: No, it doesn’t work that way. If you power off the car from the touchscreen, it will power on as soon as you open the door to get out.