Powerwall 2 not charging after 86%

Powerwall 2 not charging after 86%


My powerwall 2 stops charging when at 86% charged. Then all of my solar panel generation goes to the grid leaving the powerwall at 86% and not 100% fully charged. I have to cut the grid breaker for it to send the solar panels output to the battery instead of the grid, and then it begins to charge again until 100%. It does it every day at 86%. Any ideas? Thanks!

Jim_Donahue | April 6, 2018

My new Powerwall's charged to 59% today and now all solar power is going to the house. I'm not sure if I increase the power requirement in the house if the power flow will shift back to Grid to house and solar to powerwalls.

tesla | April 8, 2018

What is the temperature outside? If the batteries are in 32°F or less, they may not charge. I had to have mine moved inside to avoid this problem.