Powerwall $500 and SGIP Questions

Powerwall $500 and SGIP Questions

Hi everyone,

I just had my Tesla panel and PowerWall 2 installed... after 7 months waiting. System is running and still need to monitor its generation.

Had questions about the incentives.
1. On Tesla proposal, there is a $500 incentive/rebate. Is it provided by Tesla? How long can I receive it with check?
2. Does Tesla apply for CA SGIP on behalf of you? If so, how long can get the money.


karlmitchell | March 12, 2018

Isn't the $500 just your deposit? If not, it's probably something to do with your utility.

Famman49 | March 13, 2018

Mine is supposed to be installed this Friday. So I can't speak from experience about how long it will take to get your money. My understanding is that Tesla will apply for SGIP for you. But there are no guarantees you will be selected in the lottery. So you or I may not get the money at all. And Tesla has already used up their allotment of the first 2 or 3 tiers, so they have to wait until another tier opens up before submitting more applications.

bolson | April 7, 2018

My solar panels were installed on Feb 16 and my PW 2 on March 19th. I got my $500 rebate check in the mail on April 6.

dstjohn | April 9, 2018

@Famman49, will you elaborate on this please? My research shows SGIP tier1 rebates are still available, and that the application process is direct per project, not a lottery. I'm just getting started so clearly I am missing something.

cwied | April 10, 2018

@dstjohn - it's probably a question of location. It sounds like Famman49 is in PG&E territory, same as me. In this area, Tesla has used up their Step 2 developer cap and won't be able to submit more applications until Step 3 opens up. Depending on which rep you talk to, some tell you there is a lottery and others say that it will be first come, first served when Step 3 opens up. I believe it will be either the latter or ordered by reservation date. Apparently there are enough reservations in this area that all steps will be used up, so new customers can't get SGIP any more.