Powerwall charging

Powerwall charging

Will the Powerwall charge if it's put into "Backup only" mode and it's not fully charged?

steveturner | January 14, 2019


Tesla-David | January 15, 2019

yes, it will charge up to what you set the backup limit to. I use our PW2’s in self powered mode, sliding the backup setting up each day to direct solar to battery, and slide it back to 5% in afternoon to access batteries after sun goes down.

Patrick | January 21, 2019

@Tesla-David - do you have to do this manually every day?

Tesla-David | January 31, 2019

@Patrick, I have only been doing it during the Winter, as our solar is so limited up here in Edmonds WA (we only averaged 8.4 kWh/day in December, but are averaging 12.2 kWh/day in January). The solar is ticking back up now, and I have not been sliding the backup every day now, especially when we get >20 kWh/day. Even with the limited solar and PW2 charging the PW2 batteries have been absolutely amazing in reducing our grid draws, and can hardly wait until we are back into 100 percent self powered mode. We should be doing much better in February getting to that goal.

SmithcmnsAnne | March 15, 2019

Yes absoultely.It will charge only upto the backup limit only that u have specified.For guide check here