Powerwall2 App errors

Powerwall2 App errors

I had a Powerwall 2 installed in my office in December 2019 and have noticed that the data on the different charts / displays on the app do not match.

As an Example On Mon 3rd Feb, the 'Energy Usage' line graph shows that only a small amount of power was consumed from the grid. The office was powered by solar and battery from all the way through the previous evening, through the day until 11pm on Mon 3rd. At 11pm the battery was fully discharged and the office drew power from the grid. However on the 'Performance' Self-powered pie/wheel chart, it said that only 39% was solar, 2% was battery and 59% was grid.

Both charts were from the same day, but show different values as to solar, battery and grid consumption.

Has anyone else seen this and can the help?