Pre-Order the Model Y

Pre-Order the Model Y


I would like to get in line for my model Y. When would you say the gates are going to open?

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hoffmannjames | May 5, 2018

We have no idea when Model Y will even start production. We just got a vague timeline of maybe 2020 for production.

Remnant | May 6, 2018

@Drusse14 (OP, May 5, 2018)

<< Pre-Order the Model Y ... I would like to get in line for my model Y. >>

So would I.

However, I would not order it, unless it is the mirrorless version I've been looking for since 2013. To achieve this, aside from the required tech, Tesla would have to overcome the NHTSA stupidity and inertia, by submitting the camera+display substitute for the mirror system, along with the MY schematics itself.

Yet, the mirrorless feature could be further enhanced by:

(1) Jatech "Disappearing Doors"

(2) Quad PM Motor AWD, with 100% Electronic Torque Vectoring

(3) Active (Bose?) suspension that would allow for additional cargo space and the space the Quad Motor topography would require for proper engineering.

EVRider | May 6, 2018

The gates won't open before they actual unveil the Model Y, and you'll certainly know when that happens.

lmheinz | March 4, 2019

How can I preorder the Tesla Y | March 4, 2019

Wait until March 14th. You may be able to make a reservation online that night.

reed_lewis | March 4, 2019

I seriously doubt that anything on @Remnant's wish list is going to be in there, It is an evolutionary product.

Torque vectoring does NOT work in a car. If you had it, the tires would last about 500 miles if that.

Disappearing doors will not be in there either. Too expensive.

TabascoGuy | March 5, 2019

Also, would't those disappearing doors interfere with the battery pack.

sbeggs | March 9, 2019


keithndeborah | March 9, 2019

Waiting to reserve with $1000 deposit. Happy I did 3 years ago for the Model 3.

Orthopod | March 10, 2019

1000$ deposit will be taken March 31st 2019. Delivery will start March 1st 2022.
This is going to give me a 3 years off from the forums again

Madatgascar | March 10, 2019

EV is speculating. Tesla's MO is to start collecting deposit $ as soon as possible (probably March 14, even before they pull the curtain off the first Y). They are projecting deliveries late 2020, so EV's March 2022 prediction is probably pretty close. I would make it late 2021 given the number of parts and processes shared with the 3.

carlk | March 10, 2019

Model 3 reservation started early in the day of the actual unveiling. There is no mention of that this time around. If reservation starts at the time of the event, or after it, then good luck if you want to get online the first few hours.

Perhaps Tesla should experiment with giving priority to highest bidders. Just like how dealerships would handle situations like this. | March 10, 2019

@carlk - Nooooo! Let's hope Tesla does not do the typical dealer scam of inflating the price for hot cars. Tesla can still sell the high-end versions for the first 6 months or so and then offer the cheaper ones later.

carlk | March 10, 2019

TeslaTap Hehe that was sarcasm. People complaining about Tesla's reservation system but they forget how it is trying to be among the first to buy a hot new model from the dealers. | March 10, 2019

Realize that now - you're always level headed :)

N8778204151 | March 14, 2019

I placed an 7 seat black long range Y at 9:15 pm PT tonight.
Price before tax and fee is 53k.
Cheaper than my Tesla 3.
Website says delivery in 2021.

srinivas.rachamallu | March 14, 2019

I placed my reservation and hour ago no email confirmation yet, amount on card is show as pending auth. How long it will take to get an email confirmation, also not showing in my account too.

EVGuy2018 | March 15, 2019

Anyone know if Tesla prior or current owners will get preference on the Model Y list?

Orthopod | March 15, 2019


oddbjorn.vage | April 14, 2019

I reserved Model Y 17th of March and have still not got a order conformation by 14th of April. Seems like I paid 1500 dollars for an animated picture of a hedgehog. Calling Tesla motors they can't find my name nor reservation though my bank connection confirmes my money have gone to Tesla Motors. Very disappointing. Seems like I have thrown my money out the window.

JustSaying | April 14, 2019

Did they drop the Model Y reservation amount? I paid $2,500

oddbjorn.vage | April 14, 2019

No, the reservation amount they claimed me was 1.500 which I paid. But the only order confirmation I received was a RN reference number and picture of a hedgehog. Logging into my Tesla account does not show anything of my order... And calling Tesla motors does not help.. Terrible custom service

donnyb | April 23, 2019

Does the deposit go towards the price of the car?

reed_lewis | April 24, 2019

Of course the deposit goes to the price of the car.

reed_lewis | April 24, 2019

The most interesting thing about the Y ordering is that unlike all other Tesla cars now, the Y is still not being configured with Autopilot standard.