Price increase in Norway

Price increase in Norway

The price of Tesla s in Norway is increased. What happens with us that we have already ordered the car?

robert | November 12, 2013

The price increase is about 3%, to conform with currency fluctuations. Was made clear in a mail from today to Tesla's European customers.

Just grin and bear it.

agisdaskalakis | November 12, 2013

My car got kr 70000 that is about 12% more expensive due to the equipment changes. Not easy to bear it and far away from the 3%.

agisdaskalakis | November 13, 2013

Got an answer from Tesla today. Everybody that ordered the car with the old price this is what's gonna pay.
Well done Tesla.

Lille Lance | November 14, 2013

My P85 (with all options unless rear facing seats) went up NOK 86.000 ... approx. $14.500