Price on ModelS

Price on ModelS

Is there a price negotiation like other cars?
What is the best price for a basic with no options (without sales tax)

Electron | March 31, 2013

No negotiation. You are ordering direct from the factory, build to order. Check this website for pricing in various configuratioons.

ghillair | March 31, 2013

You can make Tesla any offer you like. If it above list price they might take it. Otherwise you pay list price.

Go to the Model S page of this web site, then go to design studio. It will show you all the configurations and their prices.

hsadler | March 31, 2013

Guess that's why they're called 'dealers'.

They can negotiate the price because they mark the factory price up.

So, you're not really negotiating price of the car - you're negotiating the dealer's profit.

mcx-sea | March 31, 2013

Here in Western Washington at least three Model S's have recently been advertised for sale by "dealers." These all had very low miles. The asking prices were all at least several thousand higher than Tesla factory prices for the same models and options.

Buyers would not receive the $7500 Federal tax credit. And as used cars they would have to pay another eight or nine thousand in WA sales tax. Penciling these out, the bottom line was usually $20K to $30K more than Tesla prices! No doubt these dealers would eventually accept offers somewhat below their asking prices. But the cars have remained advertised week after week.

With an ever shorter waiting time for models being delivered with most colors, batteries, and options of the buyer's choice, these used Teslas may remain unwanted and unloved for months to come!