Pricing on Model X?

Pricing on Model X?

For the Model S, those that have a reservation prior to year-end will not be subject to the price increase that takes effect on Jan 1. Is there any similar advantage to making a Model X reservation before year-end? Or is the only advantage, at this point, that you get a spot earlier in line?

Brian H | March 7, 2014

Elon has estimated 10% more.

NumberOne | March 8, 2014

That was an early estimate, which did not include several variables such as more battery suppliers etc. The battery remains the single most expensive component. My comments are literally more wishful thinking rather than speculation. We will find out the price only once the car is actually ready for production.

AlMc | March 9, 2014

The model X will probably be within single percentage increase over an AWD model S. Expect starting price of 95-100K and fully loaded one 130kish.

As previously discussed, the model S and X price leads to gross margins that help fund a more affordable model ES and EX. While TM has stated the 35K price goal that would be for a base model.
I would think a fully loaded one to be 50K.

Red Sage ca us | March 30, 2014

XMikeX wrote, "If gasoline was FREE, I would buy a Tesla."

You know, this is SO true! Before I took the time to actually pay close attention to the performance capabilities of the Tesla Model S, I longed after the Chevrolet Corvette. I could never justify buying one, even after it was capable of about 25 miles per gallon, because at the cost of fuel, it was just not economical. I would imagine aloud that, "If gas were back to the prices of the Good Ol' Days, around 25 cents per gallon, I could drive a 'Vette every day!"

Keep in mind... I don't like sedans, minivans, trucks, or SUVs. They do not fit my personality. I prefer front/mid-engine, rear wheel drive, two seater, convertibles -- that's how I define 'car'. Hence, my adoration for the Chevrolet Corvette. I typically ignore any sedan that does not offer a coupe or convertible version.

Oh, but I absolutely LOVE the Tesla Model S and Model X! I actually expect that Tesla Motors will do the unexpected regarding pricing... I don't think anyone has mentioned the possibility, that perhaps the Model S will go DOWN in price (by the estimated 5-10%), with the Model X moving into the price point it previously occupied. The Model S will probably be the lower volume vehicle of the two for a while. So it doesn't need to be the top dog in pricing across the board. That will give the perception that the Model X is worth more at each trim/option level -- because it is.

Honestly, the recent situation in New Jersey made me decide that I'm not buying a new car again, ever, unless it is from Tesla Motors. I don't care if the states that banned or limited Tesla Motors' sales fix their laws or not at this point. The fact that they caved in to dealership groups by using franchise laws that should NOT apply to this new company was the absolute last straw. I'm done giving dealers a chance.

Brian H | March 30, 2014

If you wait long enough you will likely see an MS convertible and a ME Roadster.

ppmpastor | April 3, 2014

I really love the concept and the car but it's just too rich for my blood. I presently drive a 2008 Hyundai Santa Fe, bought for $23,000 and get 25mpg hwy. It would take a WHOLE lot of gas, even though I drive 100 hwy miles daily, to make it worth the effort. Perhaps in the distant future it will be priced for the average working guy :) Also I'm not sure of the mileage warranty on the Tesla. I really like my Hyundai because I have 177,000 miles and have only had to do the normal maintenance with no major repairs, body or engine.

carlgo | April 3, 2014

Affordable cars are vastly more difficult to engineer, produce profitably and sell in volume than luxury or exotic cars. In Tesla's case they will also have to attend to a charging infrastructure that dwarfs the Supercharger system we see now.

It is going to take Tesla some time to get this right because they cannot afford to fail at this.

I am pessimistic in thinking that affordable Teslas will be a long time acomin...

And, Sam, you are right. Teslas are purchased for reasons other than pure practicality. No expensive car is worth it in an age when even the cheapest cars are almost perfectly reliable and really quite good as well. But, who is entirely practical when they have options...!

Red Sage ca us | April 5, 2014

To me 'affordable' was a 1990 Honda CR-X Si for $13,000. I doubt any vehicle from Tesla Motors will ever fit that mold, at least not in the United States of America. The Model E, Generation III car, will likely be 'attainable' as a new car. The Model X will be 'accessible', as a used vehicle, eventually. When an electric car manages to outsell perennial favorites such as the Accord, Camry, Maxima, Taurus, etc. -- then they might be readily and reasonably called 'affordable'.

DutchieN | April 6, 2014


It is not always solely about the money. People buy a Tesla for different reasons. I hear people who intend to keep the car for the next 20-25 years. There are very few moving parts to wear down. Tesla has tested the battery up to 500,000 miles and still going strong and through various software updates the car gets better with time. Remember, this car is different.
Further, the car is the safest money can buy at the moment. For some people this is a very important issue and well worth the money. Others have a more noble cause for buying the car like reducing the CO2 footprint. Others still just hate to go to the gas station every couple of days or just don't like the "surprises" when they take the car in for service. They rather pay more upfront knowing they don't have to deal with this issues again. You like the gas guzzler, so be it....

f3rretus | April 7, 2014


The economic advantage is in not having to put fuel in your car EVER again. You will no longer be a slave to the oil companies and their price gouging. You'll NEVER have to go to an auto dealer for overpriced service and maintenance.

Unless you own a Tesla you can't fully appreciate the value of these things. I for one, don't miss going to the gasoline station. This past weekend I had to replace the power steering pump in my daughters BMW and let me tell you I cursed the entire time. I love my Model S and wouldn't trade it for anything. Yes, I could have gotten an eff load of gasoline for what I paid for the car. But, certain things in life are simply PRICELESS. For everyone else there are ICE autos.

rdburton | July 16, 2014

I have owned an Aston, Maserati (3), Corvette (3), and a Lexus. I now own a Model S and have just reserved and Model X. No maintenance in the S other than tires. I am done with exotics and Tesla invented sliced bread. If you cannot afford it, work harder, get more education, quit your bitchen, and move to America or China. Also, quit smoking, drinking those sugary drinks and cut down on the alcohol during the week. Save your money, invest and quit complaining. Also, if you work for a non-profit, state government, or if your wages are paid by tax dollars, exactions, or public contributions you will not be able to afford a Tesla until 2050 when you will be probably dead (or not) since you are overweight, overdosed on sugary drinks or bad food, or you are just mad that somehow you suck but blame everyone else (mom, dad,, boss, society, etc.).

dloewy | March 17, 2015

Since when is the buying of cars always driven by economic considerations? How would you justify a $200,000 sports car? Or a Maybach? Hello? Teslas are gorgeous vehicles, aesthetically pleasing, high performing, AND generally good for the environment. What's there not to like? Yes, it would be nice if Tesla built a model that will be able to compete with the BMW i3, for example, but there just may be such a vehicle. The original Model E was supposed to be the "Tesla for the people," no? If Tesla survives, it will built a lower-priced car for sure. Bet on it.

vperl | March 28, 2015

cloroxbb | MARCH 3, 2013
When I started driving, in 1998, I remember filling up for $0.79/gallon. So that is more than quadrupled in 15 years.


Clorox. 1998 price of gas......

You are silly boy/girl

Try 1973. But you were not here were you!

Some of us know actual facts .. Gas one day was 49-59 cents a gallon the over the next several days it doubled and tripled.

Then the gas lines started. Yes, 1973

It is a pity, any one can post.

In my state you could only get gas every other day, last digit on plate odd or even.

Still the lines and waiting times were very long.

Some of us lived many things and saw many things you have no knowledge.

Keep going for it.

Good fortune

My parents paid 15 cents a gallon, price is the price you pay.

Go electric, still is a price.

If your about the cost,get a KIA .

Red Sage ca us | March 28, 2015

1998? 79 cents...? Geez... No one in California has seen prices that low since before the Shock and Awe of the first Gulf War.

vperl | March 29, 2015

Clorox, must be damaged in some way, pitty the cloxox | March 29, 2015

I vote for using less oil and spewing less crap out of tailpipes. Buying a Tesla is a vote for that, regardless of price and it sure is fun to drive.

Big oil has had a stranglehold on US politics for over a century. An awful lot of strife has been caused by sucking oil out of the middle eastern countries and paying dearly for the resulting product, spending our country into semi-infinite deficits.

Let's turn that around. Time for solar guys to control our politics. At least we won't have to import sunshine or fight wars over it.

jjs | March 29, 2015

OK george, this is your fault. You put a quarter in me.

Regardless of your politics solar is a good thing politically because it democratizes energy generation. This Reduces the amount of power (pun intended) held by those individuals and corporations who control our sources of energy and the vast wealth it creates.

Too much power in the hands of ANY individual or institution eventually becomes a very bad thing. Our founding fathers where keenly aware of this hence our system of checks and balances, states rights and a small federal govt.

More solar. Less government. That will really let the sunshine in.

vperl | March 30, 2015

When the states notice less money for state, county, city gas tax guess what?

A nice meter in your car that records your mileage.

$200 to install and 6.75 ¢ents a mile. Yearly meter renewal $75 . | March 31, 2015

Oh, @vperl: I thought we had agreed not to let the government know about that idea. :-((

vperl | April 3, 2015

Georgie, me bad, push ignore button again.

Scrith | April 4, 2015

@ Red Sage. Cheapest gas I have ever pumped was at Rotten Robbie's in Santa Cruz, CA in summer 1986: 57.9 cents per gallon.

ernie | April 4, 2015

In early 50's the Mobile station in Walla Walla sold gas for $0.10 but by the time I was in college in 61 it had risen 50% to $0.15, but a fillup was $1-1.50.

I am having anxiety attacks waiting for the X...and can charge at work for $0.08....But the main thing is not the savings to my pocket book...just anxious to support the technology and have a blast doing it. | April 6, 2015

Hard to believe, @ernie, but you are younger than me. However, your memory may not be any better than mine.
Now, don't get me wrong. I didn't buy any gas in Walla Walla but I did own a car as early as 1957, a goat vomit green Oldsmobile 88 that I had to fill with regular in the Chicago area. I don't seem to remember those prices. I do remember buying gas at the Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base in 1961 at $.279/gallon, a discount compared to the price in neighboring Oceanside, CA.

Googlicious reminder: "A gallon of (leaded) gas in the United States in 1960 cost only 31 cents!"

That guy in Walla Walla must have drilled into a passing pipeline.

@Scrith: OK, kid, but I was pumping regular from Rotten Robbie's in Rohnert Park in 1987 and it was at least in the 60 cents plus per gallon by then. It was over 70 cents a gallon at the Shell station on Rte. 37 in Vallejo.

What does all this have to do with the price of the Model X? Beats the heck out if me.

ernie | April 6, 2015

@georgehawley!!! Hard to believe…yes indeed. We gassed up in Seattle on Roosevelt Way just a few blocks from the U. of W. at $.15 a gallon in ‘61...don't think it was that price long, but I remember it vividly so maybe $15.9. The Walla Walla price was from dimmer memories from the late 40’s and early 50’s. All gas was service at the time and of course TB&A made or broke the stations. Do remember that in those days there was an even greater variance in energy prices...greater than those today ... some prices make no sense. The most expensive fuel in Washington State is almost always the stations near the largest fuel refinery in the area in Anacortes. Nobody gets that.

At the same time in the early 50’s to put prices into perspective, our family owned grocery store in Walla Walla [the valley they liked so well they named it twice] put out ground beef on sale sometimes as low as 8 lbs. for $1.00 and a hot dog on a bun with mustard and ketchup for $05. I would bone beef plates [ribs] and grind all day on weekends at the age of 15.

But wages were $.80-.90 per hour for grocery clerks. Not for me…I worked for room, board and water skiing. Heck I did not have the nerve to ask to get paid. “Allowances”…a Communist concept I surmise. Work ethic was drilled into more of us who harken back to the “good old days”.

Now "What does all this have to do with the price of the Model X?" It means I worked hard, succeeded and can buy one over a Leaf...and I am as excited as if I were a kid getting his first car. | April 6, 2015

This is beginning to sound like a Monty Python skit: "We lived in a paper bag in the middle of a road..."
Every Tesla owner has a story. May the car be worthy of yours.

ernie | April 6, 2015

May I be worthy of the X. Loved Monty P and the skits.

For me...the "price will be right". Hope you get over the ramblings...georgehawley...I try to stay on the light side as some of these threads are demonstratively bereft of civility. Hence the boring and tedious rehash of ancient history.

jjs | April 7, 2015

@george and @ernie
You guys make me feel young! :)
I enjoyed the ancient history rehash. Funny how you guys are looking back and at the same time looking forward. Looks like the X causes whiplash. | April 7, 2015

@ernie: you caused me to recall my first job at $.85/hour in a greenhouse, wheeling loads of cow manure up into raised planting beds during hot summer days but I decided not to share the lurid details...

@jjs: my ultimate vocation was planning TELECOMM products, having satisfied myself that I had mastered the cow manure field. Looking ahead is my thing.

The stock jumped yesterday. Still have some. Price of X getting less important but I think it is hilarious that 20,000+ people with reservations only have random clues as to what we are getting and what we are paying beginning in about 3 months from now.

mbirnie51 | April 7, 2015

@rdburton...please lighten up! Some of us government workers are true Americans that do not live life as you described. I've worked hard to afford my MS, and thank you very much..MHB

jk | April 15, 2015

I am late to the party but just reserved my Model X. Some people seem to be bleating here just about comparing electricity costs to petrol costs but for me the decisions were also performance and space related. I like a car that accelerates when needed.

I have a Porsche Panamera 4S and was going to get another Cayenne (had a diesel one before) as I like the extra space for dogs, cats, skis, kids etc.

To get a Porsche Cayenne with a 0-60 time below 5 seconds you are looking at a Turbo for €130,000+ or the Turbo S for €167,000+ extras here in Europe.

Sounds like a Model X in 85Kw form could hit 3.5 seconds or even below AND will offer me the front bonnet for extra junk.

Plus I really like my music or chatting with other occupants, so actually a silent car (aside from tyre noise etc) also sounds perfect for me......I really don't need to hear an engine. Everyone tries to "sell" the evocative sounds of an engine, but actually it's just noise.

So compared to a fast Porsche Cayenne this thing is looking cheap. For me in order of priorities the decision was kinda like this:

1. Acceleration/performance when needed.
2. Extra carrying space in the front.
3. No engine noise.
4. Low servicing issues and no petrol station stops.
5. Styling.
6. Fuel running costs.

As you can see the running costs per mile were a vague #6 priority in the purchasing decision. I may save €1500 a year on fuel but it was just a small part of the equation.

Must admit I also like the idea that it will be a little unique for a year or two.

jjs | April 15, 2015

@jk Welcome to the Tesla psychosis.

Nice post. However I would like to make one suggestion. It really is not a front bonnet. It's a fronnet! :) Here (US) we call it a frunk. (Front trunk.)


Brian H | April 17, 2015

No, that's the frood. The space itself is the froot (front boot).

jjs | April 18, 2015

Fronnet, frood and froot. Me thinks the English has been Brodered.

jjs | April 18, 2015

...English language...that is. The English are still A-OKAY!

Brian H | April 19, 2015

Except they talk funny.

vperl | April 22, 2015

Brian, how natioanistic of you

Brazjion | August 13, 2015

Would love to buy this vehicle....and as I appreciate good quality.....the price takes away from the purpose. The company would sell triple the cars (making more money faster) by lowering the price so that average citizens could buy a good car....they would quickly surpass well as Honda Ford Dodge etc... Please rethink your strategy for the people....and for the name of TESLA!!!

vandacca | August 13, 2015

@Brazjion, you will need to be patient for the Model 蠁, likely sometime in 2018. More news to come next year.

vandacca | August 13, 2015

Sorry, that was meant to be the Model ≡

carlk | August 13, 2015

Yes they will. Model 3 in two years, hopefully.

vandacca | August 13, 2015

I was building in "Tesla delay" time on my 2018 year prediction. ;-)

gfb107 | August 13, 2015

Lowering the price won't increase the number sold because they're production constrained. They'll sell everything they can produce for the foreseeable future There's a reason they're not making any effort to increase demand: they can't produce faster, and they're selling as fast as they can produce them.

Red Sage ca us | August 13, 2015

Brazjion: If the Model X is as popular as I expect, Tesla Motors will be hard pressed to supply its current and near future demand. It's gonna be a long while before Tesla will be able to manage three times that amount. Premium priced cars are that way by necessity due to economies of scale. Not enough of them are built to offer profitably at a lower price on the same commodity.

If 50,000 Model S are built per year, and 40% of them are sold in the US, that's 20,000 units. If the Model X is three times as popular here, that's 60,000 units. If they sell at a 1:1 ratio everywhere else, that's 30,000 more of each. So, worldwide sales of 140,000 units combined four the Generation II vehicles. About 70% sales of what I project as a 200,000 unit maximum capacity for Generation II.

Red Sage ca us | August 13, 2015

By the way... Toyota, Ford, General Motors, and Volkswagen each manufacture on the order of 10,000,000 cars per year. Even if Tesla Motors doubles capacity every year, they won't be able to exceed that level of worldwide production until sometime in 2022 or 2023. They would need several more Gigafactories and probably a dozen our so factories as well. So, no... Simply lowering prices on today's cars won't get the job done.