Problem Summoning my 2015 Model S

Problem Summoning my 2015 Model S

Using the iPhone app to park the car into my garage works fine. It drives in, parks and closes the garage door. Trying to summon the car out of the garage fails unless I stand right next to the (closed) garage door with my key fob and use the summon command on my iPhone. It will then open the door, back the car out and wait. That's great but who is summoning who here? I should not have to be be within a few feet of the car to summon it. The iPhone app should work at any distance! Am I supposed to leave the key fob in the car for it to work???

Anyone else have this issue? Or am I missing something?


Kevin M | January 15, 2016

Some have reported that you can summon from a further distance if you start the car first with the app, .

Kevin | January 15, 2016

@charles: I had the same experience. In fact when I first tried to have it back out of the garage, I hot a message on my iPhone telling me that I had to get closer so the car could detect the fob. Safety feature?

The owner's manual says you have to be within 10 feet of the car when using the fob. Maybe they want people using the phone to watch the process for now to head off problems if the beta SW has a glitch??? | January 15, 2016

Got a message that is.

Kevin M | January 15, 2016

I just went out to driveway without fob (car is parked in a driveway, not in a garage). Tried to summon with iPhone app, and it failed. Then started car with app (had to enter my password), tried again and it failed, but tried one more time and it worked.

I was standing about 20-30 feet behind the car. The car backed up to within about 8 inches of the closed gate, then stopped. I then used summon to move the car forward back to its parking spot. All with no fob anywhere nearby.


rmiller | January 17, 2016

My experience with the summon feature has been spotty at best. I love the concept, but at this point I just can't trust it. I've used it several times and sometimes it works fine, and sometimes if I hadn't immediately hit the stop button it would've plowed through the garage door. For some reason, it doesn't seem to sense when the garage door is open or closed. Also, when entering the garage I have some problems as well. My car is set to automatically open my garage door when I drive into my driveway. That's a nice feature, however on two occasions when I attempted to have the car put itself in the garage, it triggers the garage door to close. I watched in horror as the garage slowly went down on my car that was entering the garage. Fortunately, I was able to stop the car and back it up before needing bodywork on the front hood.

When exiting the garage, I stood on my wife's side and carefully watched as I summoned it out of a closed garage door. The car slowly backed up, stopped, and then open the garage door. It worked just fine. However, the other missing feature that keeps this from being exceptionally valuable for me is the fact that the car will continue to back up past my 30 foot driveway and right into the street. It would be really nice if I could put a parameter that the car would know where my driveway ends and just pull it out of the garage and and park. For now, I stand next to it and watch it back out and hit stop when it is at the end of the driveway.

With all that being said, I couldn't be happier with my car and the new enhancements. Everything about this car is nearly perfect. If I have to buy new garage door someday, so be it. Well worth it.

Kevin M | January 17, 2016

@rmiller wrote: " the car will continue to back up past my 30 foot driveway and right into the street".

I have the opposite "problem". My driveway is much longer than 39 feet, and I park it in the driveway behind a closed gate. The maximum distance it can be summoned does not result in it being parked far enough into the driveway, nor in pulling out far enough beyond the gate for convenient entry.

I have found no way to get the car to go more than 39 feet--even if I move it in the opposite direction 5 or 10 feet after it stops, then try summon again in the original direction. So it's really not usable in my situation, other than to play with.

However, my fiancee likes it since she's not as comfortable driving through the gate opening as I am (about six inches of clearance on each side). She uses summon while in the car to drive through the gate opening.


buchholtz3 | January 17, 2016

My driveway has a moderate slope. The car will back out of the level garage onto the driveway, but will not pull forward once on the driveway. I am guessing from all I have read that the power needed to "climb" the driveway is in excess of safety parameters, just like the guy who had to put the shim to get his car over a one inch lip. I guess I should be happy I can use it in one direction.

Tropopause | January 17, 2016

It is BETA and likely will improve.

Jingbo_lou | January 17, 2016

I tried a few times to summon my tesla in and out the garage. It worked seamlessly. However, the latest try when I placed the car in front of the garage with a slight angle (less than 10 degrees), it almost hit the garage door frame, I stopped it just a few inches before the disaster occurred.

mcfarlaneje | March 29, 2016

I summoned my Model S out of the garage. About halfway out, the garage door started to close and crushed the front windshield. I will not be using this feature again.

amartin | April 13, 2016

What happened to your garage sensors? Should have detected your car and stopped the door? | April 13, 2016

Obviously a joke.

Haven't tried the iPhone app recently and got a new SW download this week with lots of Summon enhancements. Time to try it again.

murphyS90D | April 13, 2016

A garage door is supposed to be balanced. It is supposed to detect any obstruction due to back pressure and instantly reverse. Your opener was not adjusted correctly.

Haggy | April 13, 2016

That's funny because if I backed my car out halfway, it would hit my roof. Except the optical sensors would keep the door from closing. And the car wouldn't try to control the door once it's halfway out. If it did hit my windshield, at least the replacement wouldn't interfere with my transponder.

"My driveway has a moderate slope. The car will back out of the level garage onto the driveway, but will not pull forward once on the driveway."

If you have the latest software update (2.16.17) try it again.